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I am allm OHS as N mum Robert VVilliai ii VA mS LTIX, SOLICIT YOUR ESTEEMED ORDERS FOR lit* Mowing Machines, Hay Makers, Side Rakes, Swath Turners, Horse Hakes, Hand Rakes, Hay Forks, Drag Rakes, Rick Covers, Ropes. Manure Drills, Turnip Drills, Horse Hoes, Spring Tyne Harrows, Disc Harrows. ww Binders, Reapers, Grain Lifters, Binder Twine, Binder Covers. W DAIRY -UTTENSILS. Chitri-.)s, Butter Workers and Separators. Fowl Houses, Farm Gates. Machinery Oils in all qualities. Agricultural Implements repaired and overhauled promptly. Please place your Orders with us for Winter Feeding Machines, Oil Engines, Chaff-cutters, Pulpers, Grinding Mills, Corn Drills, Rollers, Harrows, etc., II!8rr:" =- Note Address HEAD OFFICE: HIGH TOWN, HAY: ✓ DEPARTMENTS: C0A MATERIAL1 lG J STATION YARD, HAY. ENGLI™i&BERREIGN} SAW MILLS, H AY. NIBER I GR AND DAIRY1 GOODS^18 } LION STREET, HAY. I IRONMONGERY} HIGH TOWN, HAY. Telephone: 23 x. Telegrams: Williams Ltd. J