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PENRHIWCEIBER. CONDOLENCE.—At a meeting of the "District Fire Brigade, held at the fire-station, on Friday evening, votes of sympathy were passed with P.Sergt. Bryer (brigade captain), and family, and with Sergt. David Davies, in their recent bereavements. OPITUARY.—The funeral took place, on Monday, of the late A IT. Henry Castle, aged 48, engineer, Cwm Cynon Colliery, 74, Woodiield- terrace. Deceased had been ailing for about four years. Previous to his illness he took a very active part in Friendly Society work, in connection with the Hearts of Oak- and the Messrs. Nixon's Surface Fund. The funeral was very largely attended, the interment taking place at Mountain Ash cemetery. The P.ev. J. J. Davies, B.A., curate of St. Winifred's, officiated. The mourners were :—Mrs. Castle (widow), Mr., and Mrs. Henry Castle (son and daughter-in-law), Master Ernest Castle (son), Misses Ethel and Elsie Castle (daughtea-s), Mr. and Mrs. Richards (sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Knight (mother-in-law), and Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor. There was a large number of wreaths sent by sympathetic friends and relatives. GEXHKIST LECOURSS.—A public meeting was held at the Public Institute, on Thursday uveiiing, under the auspices of the Pcnrhiw- Colliery Institute Committee. Mr. Wm. Gcen (secretary) stated that the meeting had been convened by the committee for the pur- pose of considering whether an application should be made to the Gilchrist Trust for a series of lectures for 1910. The committee had generously guaranteed tho sum of St3 for a series of six lectures, being £3 per- lecture (cheers). Mr. Win. Geen was unanimously elected chairman, and cx-Councillor J. P. Davies and MI. Ivor Davies (schoolmaster) were elected vice-chairmen. Mr. E. P. Williams, St. Winifred's Villa, read the correspondence which had been forwarded to the committee, which was discussed at some length. Eventually it was decided, on the proposition of the Rev. W. R. Jones, seconded by Mr. John Pieton, and supported by Air. E. T. Williams, that an application be mado to the Trust for a series of six lectures. Mr. Jones was elected treasurer, and Mr. Rees Morgan (assistant-schoolmaster) secretary. The following were elected on the committee :—Messrs. ObedCobley, Thos. Davies, Rees Rees, Morgan Rees, J. Pic ton (" Merthyr Express"), H. C. Roberts, J. Hall, E. Hall, J. P. Davies, E. Evans, J. John, Gomer Davies, D. Williams, Hy. Jones, E. Benbow, J. Davies (checkweigher), Rev. S. Hibbert. Messrs. Albert Bennett, S. Holly, Idwal Williams. It was decided that all the councillors and colliery officios be invited to serve on the committee.

.--Miners' Meeting at Abercynon.


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