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NEW GRAIG LEVEL HOUSE COAL A TRIAL ORDER SECURES YOUR CUSTOM. MR ISSI. won. „ DELIVERED. 8end Foetowd to— WATKIN MOSS, EASTFIELP TERRACE, PLYMOUTH STREET, MERTHYR. PRELIMINARY NOTICE I .-»- — ^EDffljELLTY PARK, "TREDEGAR. \7 t, G-J^LJUA MONDAY, 5th JULY, 1909. DCttTT FORGET that the ANNUAL FETE AND GALA will be held in BEDWELLTY. PARK, TREDEGAR, on the above date. RETURN VISIT of DON PEDRO, the Great High-Rope Walker OTHER ATTRACTIVE ARTISTES GRANDEST FIREWORK DISPLAY EVER SEEN IN TREDEGAR (By Messrs. BROCK, the famous Crystal Palace Pyrotechnists^ DAYLIGHT FIREWORKS FOR CHILDREN f MARATHON RACE Applications for j'uJ] •• «»»»»«. SiSrirted:rT' a?: 24th May, 1909. A. P. J. GOUGH, 13-arlwtllty House, Tredegar. TONG & C0B0N, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, GUAGERS BROKERS, &o. BIAn 0- Auction Chambers, Brynmawr. Tu. P.O. 18. SWas of every description arranged for with prompt settlement. Valuations for Transfer, Probate, or Mortgage expeditiously completed. LICENSING BUSINESS A SPECIALITY. THE TREDEGAR & DISTRICT Permanent Money Society Registered under che Friendly Societies' Act. TjAjine can be obtained by Tradesmen andothe JUUUMXU Persons in Regular Kmployuient upon a Promissory Note on Easy Terms, naniely — s. d. For a Els Sbaxe the Repayments are 1 2 weekly gm 22 £30 32 £40 •» m „ 4 2 m £ 60 „ „ 5 3 „ Applications for Leans received at any time by the ftaatw:- THOMAS JONES, 86, Commercial Street, Tredegar. Stanch Office: 25, BIUHOAB. Tuuaw. EBBW VALE LOANS ON PERSONAL SECURITY. INVESTMENTS WANTM.-Thow who require a Loan prompt and wT private, to apply to the SOUTH WALES EQUITABLE MONEY SOCIETY, Coder Friendly ]VI /1 \J" C' "V Co-operative, Societies' Act. 1*A U A I System. to lend at low Interest and exceptionally easy repay- ments. 1/2 pet week repays loan of £ 10. Share, etc. Don't be mWtod by those who say, "No ISTBUST ND 110 FIRM TO PAY." Apply for descriptive prospectus and last annual balance (beet to District Agent, E. HAB-RY BESS, Tredegar. 20, Islwyn Temceand Temperance Sail Mondays 7 to 9 p.m MERTHYR SWIMMING BATHS, GWAUNFARREN. The at)ove SWIMMING BATHS Artm NOW OPEN To the PUBLIC, after having been thoroughly Cleaned and Renovated. SEASO TioreTs: -Gentlemen, 51,; Ladies, 3/6; j Be ya' sad girls' under 16, 2/6. Those desirous of beoomin* Members, apply to the Secretaries:—J. C. PRAG, E. EDWARDS, or CIBT?TA83A» above Baths. ANEUififREYNQTDST iiate Jonathan Ileyuolds, Coachbtfilder and Wheelwright. Established 70 years. Heavy and Light Vehicle* Built and Repaired. Only- fiest Materials used. Waterproof Covers. Lamps, and Rubber Tyres of ail mzes and prices fitted, MOTOR OARS Repaired and Painted. t. Old Church Place, Merthyr Tydfil. Grocers', Furnishing Co.'e, Greengrocers' and Contrac, tors' Tipping Carts. I Pony Wr ron, and Hooded Cee I Spring Gir, and 2 Milk F otta for Sale cheap.

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-------Sudden Death at Merthyr

-._.----Merthyr Air Rifle…

on-----.,. Alterations at…



----_..._--FREE TO LADIES.


------LOST IN A FOG.


---------REVIEWS. __i


I Dowlais Whit-Monday -Eisteddfod.


[ No Fire Guard-i






. Rhymney Valley Miners ;…

Plans for Houses at Giffach.

. Caerphilly District Council.

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