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Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O., Conductor Mertbyr and District Choral Society, Honorary Examiner and Local Representative Royal Academy of Mnsic and Royal College of Music, Member of Council of the Incorporated of Musicians.-Local Secretary Trinity College, London; Ivlcsi.' Master Merthyr 'cunty School, etc., etc., GIVE" LESJONS IN Sinking, Orgall and Pianoforte Playing Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, &c. PUPILS PREPARED FOR THE R.C.O., R.A.M.. AND ALL RELIABLE EXAMINATIONS. -itecelit successes of Pupils include:—A.RC.O., L.R.A.M. (2;, Advanced Honours Associated Board R. A.M., R.C.M. Senior and other Certificates Trimy College, London First and Special Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, &c., &c. Organ Lessons 'C'- 3" I 0 giveu on "aons j p.O'9J:US À RIII'OE'T::R: iESBTJ&Yr TYDFIL, ,p,)lJ 'lI. Jr.. ,.¿: 'i f f,n.1 n Jo" 60 iiLWTj.WATKIMS,' F.RTG'OTLKkJL m torganist St. -i,)rAduc!)r Dowlais Mtd-J Voice.PiSkrty, Member Incorporated 6f Mu-.ici»n»,V Soltf Piaoist and Accompanist), i GIVES LESSONS IN- Sln^Iiig, Organ &&<2 Pianoforte Playing, Harmony. £ *QHiiterporfittf Foms, &c» j Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, Eisteddfodau, &c. For Terms ;—» IS, MORLAIS STREET, DOWLAIS; or at BURR'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, MERTHYR. Abercynon visited Mondays—3, Mountain Ash-rosd. i i/uer'a-Musie Warehouse, Merthyr, Tuesdays -> Ml? W (Oxgssisfc aad Ciioinaaster Market Square Church, AR»SJU». W • JJQCZI reprs-eixtBtlvo: London, .College of Music. College of Violinists and Ms Conductor of the Merthyr Orchestral' Society.) GIVES I.5SS0NS 17 Violin, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Theory, &c. MIS nus AFFLY- ——-———————— Mr. W. Lewi:, 35, Thomas Street; IfIRRTHYR. O. W. ISMWJMS, W.W.S.a., A.R.G.O, PIANIST, ORGilKJST, CONDUCTOR AND ADJUDICATOR, -0EGANI.ST OF BXTHAXIA, DOWLAIS (Succoror to Mr. HARRY EVANS4, TEACHER OF THE FMNOFORTE, ORGAN, SOLO SINGING, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, INSTRUMENTATION, &c. Pnpils Prepared for all Mertbyr .Vale, Mountain. Ash and Exams. Rbyrnuey visited Weekly. Address GLASFBYK, P^NYDAMREN, MEKTHYJB Atf-axats" xor- ROVER AND HUMBEfi. .[ J HIRE :I PURCHASE it I I I 1, I i i -11- t I -? Or u GASH. runti a? mm ironwons"rs' I if UIII Ad OltUa., Merthyr Tydfil. SUMMER HOLIDAYS and CHEAP EXCURSIONS! Downmttowdate Alterations. SECTORE A COPY OF THE JUNE ISSUE, "t" uro-szsr ¿"5.. 1 "J (j. Ho. 58.-JTJ1. 1909. icir MERTHYR EXPRESS T \41 <1" u: >- Q. o o ABC: TIME TABLES RAILWAY CUlDE Devoted to the important Industrial District covered by the "MBRTHTR KxpRNM." including The Merthyr Akerdare. Rhondda, and West Menmouthehlre Velleye L HOOPING-COUHH. j—— CROUP I The Celebrated Effectual Cure without is Internal Medicine. || ROCHE'S II HERBAL EMBROCATION. 1 Will ft1*1 be found very efficacious in s| cases of$9 BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and gj RHEUMATISM. || Price te. per Bottle, of all Chemist*. jj|, W. EDWARDS & SON, 157, Queen Street. London. Brig. Eto ladies— arities, Suppressions, Ac., removed by •ely new and absolutely certain method t Medicine. No pills, mixtures, or LIS drugs to take. No useless injections, eatest discovery ot Modern Medical science. Guaranteed harmless. It is positive, safe certain, and speedy. Does not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with useless remedies. Send at once a stamped addressed envelope for full particulars and testimonials gU&r2LHv66<4. Genuine under a penalty of £ 1,000. Mrs. B S. Brookes, Ardgowan Road, Hither Green, LONDON. (Established over 16 years.) fullpartieulars and testimonials gnaranteed. Genuine under a penalty of £ 1,000. Mrs. B S. Brookes, Ardgowan Road, Hither Green, LONDON. (Established over 16 years.)

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Miners' Registration Agent.



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.. Merthyr Compensation Levy.

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Family's Skin Trouble