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Theatre Royal, Merthyr.


Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.


Death of the Rev. Joseph Evans.

Brecon-road Soup Kitchen.!


Brecon-road Soup Kitchen. MORE F-UINES REQUIRED. While the committee feel very thankful to all friends for their loyal support and con- tributions during the past six months, they now find that the feeding of over 200 hungry children daily must come to an end, unless lunds are tt costs about £10 per week to feed the children, independent of the labour, coal, lite-si's, etc., provided by the Council. The committee thought that by publishing the balance sLeet each month, as presented to them., friends of the poor children world 1) ave respor ded more readily. The committee point ont tl,,9.1 the names of a large number of r.ell-to do families are missing from the list. Friends arc ,èskecl to communicate villi the treasurer, Mr. T. A- Bowen, Brecon-road, or the secretary. Mr. P. Richards, 13. Hanover-street, Merthyr. The balance sheet for April is as follows:— Rec-eipts.—In bank, April 1st. £ 30 5s. Dowlais Miners' Federation, R5 Miss Harris, Eanybryn, ICs. a friend, per G. Trinder, Is. Steelworks, Cylarthia Lodge, El friend, per Alderman J. T: Evans, 10s. Mr. J. Withers (Theatre Royal), 5 for thin meats, 9d. total, £ 52 Cs. 9d. Expenses.—.One to treasurer, last account, 9s. 2d. T. R. Livsey, coal, ii 8s. J. H. John, grocer, S3 7s. W. Davies, grocer, £2 17s. 6d. F. Servis, grocer, £1 lis. J. L1. IJoyd. grocer; £1 4s. lid. John Levis, grocer, fi Ss. 8id. B. Jones, grocer, 5s. n. Jone?, grocer. 6s. LI. Harris, crocer, 9s. 5d. Jos. Horton. £ 5 4s. 8d. T. E. Joi es. baker. Ll 5s. 1 Ccl; John Roberts, El 14s. 1Cld.; Thos. Luxford, £ 2 4s. 5d. for baking, 1s. W. W. Price, milk, 16s. Callow Park, 3s. 3d. F. Maddockf. butcher, £2 8s. F. Sweet, £ 1 16s. T. A. Bov.-en, il 8s. 1CM. W. S. I vies, 18s. 3 £ d. secretary, postage. 4 months, 12s. Ed. rash at l'arJ" £20 3s. 4d. cash in hand, 9d. total, £ 52 6s. Sd. Gifts in kind:—Mr. Millvard. bulxber, Pont- morlais, meat for one day's soi.T) ore pound's worth of bread from a friend, per Mr. V Harris grocer; Mr. Howfield, High-street. 16 loaves of bread.

I Tabernacle, Merthyr.I

Wterihyr May Show.

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