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will pw- dr£1 WA oll I 7 40 All past records of trading thrown to the winds. Sensational Increase in Burfnet*. ^J\ ^I W. L. EVANS & Co.'s Milliners have scored another big succesc, Daily crowds of Customers. VO\\ I Thousands of Hats Sold. ^a\ f-< £ 1 c!l I P vll I flll'i'l ^1^1 8 W. L. EVANS & Co. again reinforced with an IMMENSE j d^i.* A v 1. J. lL^u\H.l A 1^71 LI \J II. ||a B Wholesale Stock of Beautiful Hew Hats. Wf « • | u « 1 u J 1 u..„ af ^=LJI ful and energetic labours in the interests of public and \T\ /$M ,J j;- ft/W l\w 1 Our New Millinery makes a pleasing Show, and it also proves that clever hands have been at patrons alike. » \v N. Sui/ "•* 1 «f IV 1' 1 work, for more fascinating and becoming styles could not be wished for. If you want to follow the r 9 « ^fMS 1W t' I HU 11 i 1 fit -atest fashions in HATS, you can do so at little cost, if you choose it from our selection* EVERY DEPARTMENT is at the moment at the high- jy^y ? »| lj'4 ||. jl j 1 S 11 water mark of efficiency. For months preparations have Vk X^JjI) \ff%,y ';■ J i\ Sill jjlli I 1 '• g§ 1 W. L,. EVANS & Co. ]W 111 inafV Uof! H fi 11Q l»t PfQ nf Mpfthvr *8 been going on unseen, and to-day may be seen a Ware. -jfcjL& M\||lK||l'| I I is the Recognised l»IlIllH6Ijr noaul|UaI LI51 b U1 ifl^l tlljl ♦ e9 house stocked from floor to ceiling with all that is best in i II Ij l|| |1 jl R Business more brilliant than ever. The very best proof of the public the fashionab fj- hjj B 11 I appreciation of our untiring efforts and enterprise. J r V\T, L. EVANS & Co. are now overflowing with ||||i' Ia|.m|[j, i II jiW' jb** EVERY SUMMER NOVELTY. luMV^lpliwi \l\ 1 fik When you ask the question, where .n you are cordially invited to inspect the Magnificent Stocks of 'I V\l||»^/M|! "Wl III Hi Merthyr can I see the () (> the Prettiest and most Fashionable Coats, Costumes, Blouses, l\\111 'Iftjp |; JmM || Mil | 1 TTKTO t Blouse Robes, Princess Robes, Underskirts, and the large and .1. i l\|I || J Ifif if! fklS Hull <-y V jtvJu/X lilibl aIAXm varied Stocks in the Children's Section, &c., &c. 11 i ii ii ^#i 11 iw a nli fl Never before have Styles been so enticing, nor the materials in <their |\ \1 '111' I f/i f Hi I )// h *N k h exquisite colourings so charmingly beautiful, nor has so much thought H\lM|llK llullM MM H \l/B 1 j a ever been expended upon careful selection of only the most exclusive i\|rllf|\ 111 llSi I wm Km JIM | I B J Gf6&tcst V3fi6ty «{sa HIGH STREET, .f;L.. j. '}IV",



Bargoed May Day Show.

Bedwas Doctors Question.


-----Dishonest Abertysswg…


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