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FISHING STOCKiNGS, Coats. Brogues, &c. GARDEN HOSE from 2fd. per foot. Hose Fittingg. CRICKET BATS, Balls, Leg Guards, Bags, and all Accessories Bats from 4/6. LAWN TENNIS, Racquets, Nets, Posts, Balls. ltc. TRAVELLING REQUISITES, Waterproof Garments, Holdalls "r -unksr. Portmanteaux, Hand Bags. FOR Skls -i Bathing Costumes, Bathing Caps, Swimming Collars, Water Wings.; < r > | SEND FQRPRICE LISTS- X c *W {§1 fs |Wlw| .1 •" i 18 1 h Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.a, Conductor Mertbyr and District Choral Society, Honorary Examiner and Local Representative Royal Academy of Music a.nd Royal College of Music, Mentber of Council of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. Local Secretary Trinity College, London; Musics. Master Merthyr County School, otc., etc., CJIVES LESSONS IN and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, &c. PUPILS .PREPARED FOR THE R.C.O., R.A.M., AND ALL RELIABLE EXAMINATIONS. Recent) suc(»s?es of Pupils include:—A.R.C.O., XJ.I1.A.M. (2), Advanced Honours Associated Board K.A.M., R.C.M; Senior and other Certificates Trinity College, London; First and Special Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, &e., &e, Organ Lessons FI 3 M" I 0 liven on a. ne j{ anua rgan. CARTREFLE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MR. W. J. WATKINS, F.R.C.O., LR A M. (PIANO (Organist St. John's Pariah Church, Conductor Dowlais Male Voice Pa.rty, Member Incorporated Society of Musicians, Solo Pianist and Accompanist), GIVES LESSONS IN- Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form, &c, Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, Eisteddfodau, &c. For Terms apply;— • 18, MORLAIS STREET, DOWLAIS or at BURR'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, MERTHYR. Abfflcynon visited Mondays—3, Mountain Ash-road. Burr's Music Warehonse, Merthyr, Tuesdays 1Urp tTT T IJIIITTQ (Organist and Choirmaster Market Square Church, ■ Local representative: London, College of Music. College 01 Violinists and late Conductor of the Merthyr Orchestral Society.) GIVES LESSONS IN Violin, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Theory, &c. PuB DmlS APPLT— —— Mr. W. Lewis, 35, Thomas Street, MEBTHYR. D. W. DAVIES, F.T.S.C., A.R.C.O. PIANIST, ORGANIST, CONDUCTOR AND ADJUDICATOR, ORGANIST OF BETHANIA, DOWLAIS (Successor to Mr. HARRY EVANS', TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, SOLO SINGING, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, INSTRUMENTATION, &c. Pupils Prepared for all Merthyr Vale, Mountain Ash and Reliable Exams. Rhymney visited Weekly. Address GLASF11YN, PENYDARREN, MERTHYR ¡'\ t Don't B ¡' r. H'8n,g on:'to the Get s Dr. Wetrs RAILIIIGS I Corn Silk., s and SAVE ||||J During I Pain and Trouble. 1909. | DON'T TREAD ON OTHER PEOPLE'S CORNS BUT, AT THE SAME TIME, S H DON'T HAVE CORNS FOR, OTHER PEOPLE TO TREAD ON | 1 DR. WELL'S CORN SILK is the GREATEST CORN REMOVER ever known. 1 fl oon't be put off, insist on having Or. WELL'S CORN SILK. 1 I 73& and 1/1J A PACKET. I 8 SOLE AGENT FOR MERTHYR AND DISTRICT- R I HENRY M. LLOYD, M.P.S., I 8 DISPENSING CHEMIST AND PHARMACIST, 9 8 VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. I tor every ci^s of cyclist, every want, every taste, every income, has been intelligently up",&o.ate cycledepots In thIs <hstrlct as belo\V-wber they Y t! ';A, COMPLETE AND UP-TO-DATE W <B themselves. t wnte us for the name and address of the nearest. SWtFT CYCLE CO., LM., COVENTRY, M JOHN LEWIS, 354, 355, High St., ||fui[ Penydarren, MERTHYR TYDFIL^^ !'J J ;¡' Cycles From &<S 6s. to «1 4 (Juveniles £ 5 5s.) -^r* ^foca, of 3, Kneller Villas, Hounslow, owns a Humber which he has ridden 70,000 miles in 8 years riding, for S&h business purposes every day, and it is still in excellent order, s6 that he writes Humbers cannot be equalled for w Humber which he has ridden 70,000 miles in 8 years riding, for S&h business purposes every day, and it is still in excellent order, s6 that he writes Humbers cannot be equalled for w hard wear, reliability and long iife." jgi&ii Send to-day for Illustrated Catalogue (with easy payment verms) post free. VSs. rg) THOMAS BROS., 130, High-street, MERTHYR. QT* ,#Slpf A. BUCHAN & CO., Lawn Shop, RHYMNEY. T- JENKINS, TREDEGAR. ..a. t"l"" r J.; "4_


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