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THE BUDGET. THE Budget continues to be the principal subject of public discussion, and it will very likely occupy that position for some weeks to come. There will be many serious debates upon general principles, and an infinite amount of disputation over details, when the principle of a tax has been disposed of. There is nothing unusual in the spectacle of persons and interests affected combining to protest against what they regard as injustice or hardship to them-, selves, and we think the Chancellor of the Exchequer is showing wisdom by the course which he is taking in receiving deputations competent to speak for the several trades concerned, and hearing from their own' lips their own views of the proposed alterations in taxes affecting themselves. Mr. Lloyd George showed the openness of his own mind when he stated that there were hundreds of points that could be presented by those actually engaged in the particular businesses alleged to be injured by Jiis proposals, that might not occur to the most experienced of his advisers, who could not know everything. His object was to hear all sides, and when he had the whole of the facts to put them before Parliament for consideration, and let Parliament decide, upon grounds of justice. Meanwhile it is interesting to note that such taxes or increments of taxes as can be passed on to the shoulders of the consumers of the articles of consumption taxed are being shifted from the sellers to the pur- chasers, and in the proems the aeil^»e, as \.suu>, are taking caje that there ekvli be an 6 i margin of profit to secure themselves from the I smallest loss. The outcome of it is that they are actually raising their normal profits.




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