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(From the Morning Post.) It will be seen from the letter of our Correspon- dent at Windsor, that M. Guizot arrived at the Castle yesterday on a visit to her Majesty. We believe hi* Excellency will remain there for two days, and that Baron Bulow, the Prussian Minister, is expected to join the Koval party this day, in order to take leave of the Queen, previously to quitting England on tem- porary absence. Lord Palmerston does not depart from the Palace till to-morrow. If chance have brought about this diplomatic reunion, it is rather a singular accident that it should be about to take place at the moment when the King of the Belgians is also at Windsor. This Sovereign is reputed to be—with what truth we do not profess to know-a most influ- ential negotiator; and, looking to the deep interest that he must-have in the maintenance of tranquillity, pol tical people have hopes that some conciliatory arrangement may result from the present conference. What measures may be adopted itisqu te impossible, in the complicated state of our relations, even to surmise; but that pacific attempts will be made is the op'nion in the best-informed circles. It is ge- nerally thought that these endeavours will originate with King Leopold, because, in the event of a war. his sovereignty must cease to ex'st the moment the belligerent forces shall commence their march. Neu- trality would lie out of the question; and the only choice left to his Belgian Majesty would be between his heir-at-law on the one side, and on the other his niece and all the great Powers of Emope. In the first supposition, the acquisition of the Rhine as a frontier would be more inviting to the French than the theory of Belgian independence in the second, little forbearance could he expected from the van- guard of the confederacy—the forces of the King of the Netherlands. It is quite clear that the general state of political affairs renders it imperative that no- time should be lost if we are to preserve peace.

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