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ABERYSTWITH RACES. These races, which have, of late years, acquired a celebrity equal to that ofany in the principality, com- menced on Wednesday last, and by the splendid array of fashion that was assembled in the Grand Stand on each day, proved that their attractions are not dimi- nished. Before we notice the sports, it may be well to remark, that since last year, a new and very commodious Grand Stand has been erected by sub- scription, it is a stone elevation, and the site selected for it is certainly a most judicious one; a better view of the course cannot, by possibility, be had, than from this spot. It will be seen from our account of the sports that they we'e first rate, and those only who were present can form an opinion of the scene presented to the view of the spectators, by the joint combination of nature and art. Many of our readers are aware that these races take place at Gogerddan, about three miles from Aberystwith, im- mediately contiguous to the seat of Pryse Pryse, Esq., our worthy Member, where in a Valley surrounded by magnificent hills and enchanting prospects, the race course has been constructed it may be said to be of an oval shape, and the turf is very good, ex- cepting when a succession of rains tends to make it heavy. The distance of the course is exactly a mile in length, and a view of the greater part of it is commanded by the spectators. The visitors to the Grand Stand have a delightful panoramic view of the surrounding country, of great extent, embracing end- less varieties of hill and dale, woodlands, pastures, and corn fields, well cultivated, offering fair promise of an abundant harvest, while the beautiful sea terminates the western view of the picture. On Wednesday the weather was not so favorable as might have been wished: heavy rains descending in the morning, deterred many persons from coming to the course, still, although the numbers were, perhaps, not so great as on some former occasions, the company in the Stand was higl ly respectable. The races were announced to commence at 12 o'Clock precisely, and about that hour the course was cleared to contend for The JOHNNY RAW STAKES of 5 Sovereigns each, 3ft, for horses that have never started before the 1st of April, 1840. 13 Subscribers. 2 miles: when the following horses started :— IIIr. Pryse Pryse, Jun.'s ch. g. Brother to Confu- sionee, 3 years, 7st. 71b. (Shipway) 1. Karl of Lisburne na. b. c. by Saracen, dam by Orville 2 years, a feather (A lad) 2. Mr. Bowen Davies's b. f. the Hoax, 3 yrs. (Moon) 3. Won cleverly, by a length. MATCH for Twenty-five Sovereigns each. One mile. 12 st. each. Mr. Davies's bl. h. fVhalebone, 5 years (Mr. Parr) I. Mr. Boultbee's d. g. Paddy, aged (Owner) 2, Won easily. THE CARDIGANSHIRE STAKES of 20 Sovereigns each, 1 Oft. and only 5 if declared on or before the 15th of July. Two miles. Eight Subcribers. Mr. Pryse Pi-yse, Juti.'s ch. g. Brother to Confu- stovee, 3 years. (S.. -way) 1. Mr. Bowen Davies's b. m. Merry Lass, 6 years, M (Harris) 2. k- Gwynne na. b. g. Physician (C. Hardy) 6 yearg. 3. 6 yearg. 3. At starting, Merry Lass was decidedly the favourite:— went off at a gool pace, closely followed by Brother to Confnsionee and Physician until tliev came to the lower turn the last time round, \11('n Brother to Confnsionee went up to the Ma e, passe,i her without a struggle, and ivon easi1y by two lengths. HURDLE RACF; of 5 Sovereigns each, 3ft. for horses that have h"('1I hunted with the Gogerddan, Tivvside. or Pemhrokcshiie Hound-1. Four hurdles in the race. 12st. each. To he ridden by members of the above hunts. 2 miles. 17 Subscribers. Mr. Pryse Pryse, Jun.'s ch. g. Limner aged (Mr. J. P. Pry-to") 1. Mr. L!r>vd Philipps's gr. g. Evergreen aged. (Mr. Bonlthee) 2. The Limner made all the running, took his hurdles in a gallant style, was never headed, and won cleverly. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of One Sovereign each, with a purse added for horses that have been hunted with the Gogerddan hounds. Heats onece round and a distance. Gentlemen Riders. Mr. John Davies's bl. li. JVhnlebnne, 5 years, 1 l«t. 71b. (Mr. Parr.) 4. 1. 1. Mr. Alfred Stephens's ch. in. Cur adnata 4 years, 12 t. (Mr. Powell) 1. 3. 2. Mr. Lloyd Philipps's gr. g. Evergreen aged 12>t. (Mr. Boulthei") 3. 2. 3. Mr. James Rees'sgr. g. The Cripple, aged list. (VIi*. Webster) 2. 4. 4. Mr. J. Philipps's b. g. Antelope, aged list. 101b. 0. 0. dr. Reckless, Paddy, and Moonlight paid. Two Subscribers did not name. In the first heat, the Cripple malle the running tothedis- tance, when Carairatna collared him, and won by a length. Whalebone did not go for the hpat. Second heat. The lot went off at a quick pace, and kept nearly together for about half the distance, when Whale- hone went away from his horses, and won cleverly by a lenath. Third heat won rather cleverly after a good race. TOWN PLATE of 25 Pounds, a ded to a Sweepstakes of each. Mares and Geldings allowed 31bs. Heats, one mile and a quarter. Mr. Parr's b. h. Arrian 4 years. 8st. 21b. (C- Hardy) 1. 1. Mr. Pryse Pryse, .Tun's gr. f. Fairy by Fungus, 4 years, 7st 131b. (Shipway,) 3. 2. Mr. Bowen Davies's b. m. Merry Lass, 6 years, Sst, I lib, (Harris) 2. 3. Both heats well contested. This closed the sports of the day, which were not termi- nated until 5 o'Clock. The Ordinarv, in the evening, took place at the Gogerddan Arms Hotel, at 6, when about 40 Gentlemen sat down to a most sumptuous dinner, A. L. Gwvnne, E.q.. one of the Stewards, in the Cliaii- the wines which the worthy host placed before his guests at this dinner were of the Ci-st and the arrangements altogether gave great satisfaction to the party, many of whom did not separate until a late hour. SECON3) 33ATi-Th,ersdiy, AvgustZOth, 1840. This morning, the town presented an unusual appearance of bustle, and the arrivals from the ne ghhouring towns conti- nued to increase until noon: the weather was more favor- able than yesterdav, and a much larger concourse of spectators assembled 011 the course. Too much credit cannot he given to the Stewards for their very efficient arrangements punctuality in the starts for every race was rigidly enforced, and we are happy to add that not a single accident took place at the hour appointed the sports of the day commenced with the race for THE GOGERDDAN STAKES of Five Sovereigns each, with Twenty-five Sovereigns added. Weight for age. The Winner of the Cardiganshire or Johnny Raw Stakes, Blb. extra. Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. Two miles. Mr. Uongh's b, g. lVaterdine, hy Tflmworth ont of Gorsebush's dam h. b. 3yrs. 6st. lllb. (Moon) 1. Mr. Marshall's b. g. Physician, 6 years. 9st. lib. (C- Hardy) 2. Mr. Pryse Pryse's gr. m. Fairy by Fungus 4 years, Sst 31h. (Shipway 3. Mi-. Bowen Davies's b. m. Creeping Ceres, 5 years, 8st. 101b. (Harris) dis. A good race. MATCH for 25 Sovereigns each. 12st. each. One mile. Mr. J. PtighPi-yse'sgi-. m. Zillah by the Malcolm Arabian (Owner) 1. Mr. Lloyd Philipps's br. g. The Stag, aged (Owner) 2. The Stag went away at a killing pace, which he maintained to the distance when the Mare collared him, and won after a good race. THE MEMBERS' PLATE of 50 Pounds, added to a Sweepstakes of 3 Sovereigns each. 2 Miles. Mr. Parr's b. h. Arrian, 4 years, Est. 21b. (C. Hardy) 1. 1. Mr. Pryse Pryse's ch. g. Bg-other to (JQn- fusionee, 3 years, 7st. 21b. (Shipway) 2. 2. First Heat. A very fine race which ended in Arrian's winning by only a head. Second Heat. Brother to Confusionee swerved, and Shipway fell, but immediately re-mounted; he was how- ever unable to catch Arrian, who won by half a distance. HUNTERS' STAKES of 10 Sovereigns each, 5ft. for horses that have been regularly hunted in the Counties of Hereford, Monmouth, Salop, and the principality of Wales. 4 miles, 12st. each. Gentlemen Riders Mr. Lloyd Philipps's b. g. Barclay, 6 vears (Mr. Powell) 1. Mr. Bowen Davies's b. m. Merry Lass, 6 years (Mr. Parr) 2. Mr. Pryse Pryse, Jun's ch. g. Limner, 6 years (Owner) 3. Mi-. Powell, 011 Barclay, made all the running, was never headed, and won cleverly by 2 or 3 lengths. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of 3 Sovereigns each, with a Purse added by the Ladies, forced for Winners and free for any other horse. Heats one mile. free for any other horse. Heats one mill', Mi-. Gough's b. g. JFaterdine, 3 years, 6st. 1111). (alad) 1. 1. Mr. J. Pugh Pryse's gr. m. Zillah. aged 7st. (Shipway) 2. 2. Both heats won easily. The Races were not concluded until nearly six o'Clock, soon after which the ordinary took place at the Belle-vue Hotel, A L. Gwynne, Esq. presiding; about oO Gentlemen dined at the Ordinary, and the catering of Mr. Marshall, the new Proprietor of Belle-vue, on the occasion, re- flected great credit on him. A very liberal Subscription was entered into for the next year's Races, when some new Stakes will be added to the Bill of Fare and when we state that the Stewards for 1841 are J. B. Lloyd Philipps, Esq., of Mahns, and John Colby, Esq. of Ffynnonau, we think our Readers may anticipate a very brilliant Meeting. jFasfjum fttototmcntg.



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