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LOCAL & DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE PONTYPRIDD. THE DOG SHow.-The Pontypridd and Rhonddi Valleys Dog, Poultry, Pigeon, Cage Bird, and Cat show was held at the M irket Hall, Pontypridd, on Thursday last, when entries to the number of over 1,500 were present. Tbe prize list amounted to S about £ 250. The show was a pronounced success in every respect, no less than 3,000 persons visit- ing the exhibition during the day. Great praise is due to the active and courteous hon. Becretarys, Mejsrs. J C. Spickett and R. A. Lewis, for the excellent manner in which they discharged their ardnojs duties. The pre:i.d'nt of the show was Dr. Lewis Wayne Morgan, The Hafod treasurer, Mr VT. Merchant, 7'ontypridd. LoCAL BOARD.—A meeting of this Board was held on Thursday last at the Board's Offices, Pon- typridd, when there were present :-Mr D. Leyshon piesidicg, Messrs D. Rowland, W. W. Phillips, G. .1. Pcnn, and J. J fimes.-Tbe business transacted w is cf a limited and routine character. It was re- solved to institute legal proceedings against Mr W. V. Rees, ironmonger, for causing an obstruction to the footpath it* Higi)-street. The enmmoas has t>«en i-aacd, and is returnable, we believe, for Wednesday week nfxt. WAXIED a Boy over 13 years of age, as appren- tice to the Printing trade, apply at the ofii^e of thia paper. SELLING OFF GREAT BOOT SALE. MEN^S I NAILED Boors FBOM 4s 6i.—Women's and Children's R.QUALLY AS R.HJSAP at G. OLIVER'S, SS, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. YSTRAD RHONDDA. INQUEST.—On Friday, at the Gellidawel Iar., be. f)r, Mr lihys, cororer, and a respectable j'Jry (' t which Mr Samuel Trrtman was foreman), an in- quest was held touching the death of Mr Levi homas. who di-d suddenly at his residence, Ty'n- tvla-read, on Wednesday morning, the 14-h inst. The j lIry, after hearing the necessary evidence, returned a verdict to ti e eff.-ct that, deceased died from n:itnr\l causes.—On Saturday the remains of the d^ceas^d were interred at the graveyard of the Nebo Baptist Chipel- The fu :erul was largely attended. The Itev. A. William? spoke encourag- ingly of the character which the de eased hadborne. He vss an excel' B' father, he had, coupled with the fff Irts of his wife, secured good positions for rcvera! of h:s children. ri Lough a collier he had noble n'tior.e about him. We say "collier," as many in such capac'ty think they cannot per?evare owing to various diffic'iltit-s. However, he was of a good stamp, and hw intentions attained success. 'f e was a member with the Baptist denomination, ■ rid hud been fiithful for upwards of fifty years.; lie was of P. quiet disposition, and was very much iiked for his grJod qu .1 i>ies- He leaves a highly jespectable family to mourn his loss. Harris, 75, Taff Street, Pontypridd. is agent for Harris' (of Calne) noted SMOKED WILTSHIRE BACON; also WILKINSON'S NOTED CAM- BRIDGE SAUSAGES. YSTRADYFODWG. BOARD OF HEALTH ELECTION.—Mr E. W. Lewis, mrveynr, Rhondda Ris< Yetrad, has consented to contest tbe ee#t in t e No. 2 Ward in this p irish. On Friday e. ening 1m influential meeting of his s-upporters was held at the Pertre Hotel. The lle^. T. H. Willi,im* was appointed chairman. iVir Thomas Llewelyn, Galli, wo* appointed vice-chair- man, and Mr F. W. Thomas, Pentre, secretary. The nominees are the Rev. Mv- Ed ivards, Congre- gational 2iin', Treoiky Messrs D. Williams, eoliiar, TyoyWdw; and D. Ware, boot ware- house, Ystr,.d Khoedda, and VV. Royal, Galli. Tin the committee have pledged themselves to act faithfully in securing the return of Mr L-wi s The election tikes pi ice on the 4t,b of April next.. BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER Best Canadian Butter, lOd per lb. Finest Irish ditto, la Choicest, from b¡.t dairies, Is 2rl Margarine (selected), 6d and 8d per lb.—HARKIB, Taff Street, Pontypridd. MOUNTAIN ASH. LOCAL BOARD.-This Board met on Mondav, Mr M. Morgan presiding. It was unanimously re- solved to oppose the clause in the Bute Docks Bill whi"h took -way the control of the rivers within t e jurisdiction of the Board. The D. p ity-Cierk (Air Kenshole) having explained that no reply had been received from Mr Nixon to the application of the Board for n site for a hospital on hio land near Cilhaul, the offer of the chairman, on behalf of Lord Aberdare, of a piece of land in that neigh- bourhood for the same purpose,it the rate of jE132 per acre, was accepted. It transpired that the Board would not be in a position to supply the highest part cf U1sk'D With water. It was re- solved tout the engineers be asked to orepiroplans for utilising the water of the Ffrwd Brook. A letter was read from Mr Robert Evans, the retir- ing member for the South WarJ, intimating that it w '.s not hia intention to seek re-election. It transpired that the following are the retiring meinbeis this year :—West Ward—Messrs T. Yeo and T. Edwards; the litter does net seek re- election. East ward--Messrs W. Lit:le find- Greenhow. South Ward—Mr R. Evans, who does not seek reflection. The medical offi cer's quar- terly report ending December, 1887, was read, from which it appeared that the total number of births in the'whole district was 121 (56 males and 69 females)., giving a biii: -rvte of 35'6 per 1,000 prr annum upon a population of 13,860; the total nnmber of deaths in the. entire diptrict was 51, g.ving a death-filte of 14'4 per 1,000 per annum UiOn an estimated population of 13,860. One Penny Packet of EDWARDS' DESSICATED SOUP will make a basinful, which for flavour is unequalled.—Agent, HARRIS, grocer, Taff Street, Pont- ypridd. CLYDACH VALE. CONCERT.—On Thursday a successful concert was held at Z 'ar Chipel, of this pitel, the Rev. D. Davies presiding. The following vocalists took partMisses E. Williams and Rachel Davies, Penygraig; Messrs Morris Williams, Wigley, Deri, James John, and William Evans. TLe Ciydach Vale party contributed pieces of music. Mr J John conducted The attendance was 1 U'GJB, and various tunes were received with approbation. Have yon tried HARRIS' NOTED TEA, at 2s PER POUND 1. Try a sample quarter pound, 6d, and you will always use it.—HARRIS, grocer, Taff Street, Pont- ypridd. TREHERBERT. CHURCH PASTORAL AID SOCIETY.-On Sunday last serm cson behalf of this society were pr eached in the Church. The preacher in the rti< ruiug wag tLe Rev. Moses Lewis, vicar of Lla-iwonno and in the evening, the esteemed vioar cf Ystrad, who delivered a. powerful "nd eloquent discourse on the words of St. Paul "Let no man trouble 010. for [ carry in rcy body the marks of the Lord Jogua." Collections wore made at the close of each service in aid of the society. — On Monday evening a. public meeting in aid of the same society wis held in the English Chyrcfc, when the vicar gave a very lucid, interesting, and stimulating sketch cf general Church work, especially ia reference to homf opt r- ations, and made an earnest appeal on beba:f of the Pastoral Aid Society. Last year the parish received aid from the society to tho amount cf .£180, and sent to the society by wiy of collec- tieD, and subscriptions j656. It is hop* d that this year the latter amount will be increased.




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