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PUBLIC ifOTIJES. —— PONTYPRIDD. GREAT DRAPERY S A- L E AT gw E-V- kT, CJMMSNTCING Q TITT? 'T\ t\ "V w wrwfv Pill? 9.1 T\ A VQ 0¥T.V « £ «.»;«. »,v JI. JL :W -i- «SL. Jt^kL •&. EW/ JL^s ft Ji JL • *W3P3 0T^S *P "F ^R?? TF* X §*WB "W #FR^ «WL*| M X- v .;■> £ *■■ .t »* ^4, 'StasssJ »•' '< "<,?V •&&3A l^ssse# Jl&s «iMn alaVsi SSSSP* BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. V.1 Y I —: IUI Goods Marked in Plain Figures 3FC.3SS^k.l3 "W SSOEOWIS'Sr -053KF2L»rSr. EYSDblB CAYISS' Fruit Couyl) Jialsam! .J. l. 1 A of ali disorders of the Cheat, Luniis, Throat, viz :—Cough, Diflicaky of Biv&ihtia, Hooping Cough. Hoarseness, Los* oi Voice, laflaanza, AstLian., Broucbitis, 3hortm»a»i ot Braath,.Spitting ol Blcod. Its action en ehildiftu is direct s&ie, a.ud certain. o .1. ^iYHDDIN DAVI A.P.S., Consul.; ay H-cd Dispcjedug CliEMl.-lT (by £ &«a«foti.i.i.ii.) ( Qn*liiie«i Ditp«iss«r of Medicine of the HIltJJ, L.m¡ioH. 4, <X*JHD STRriET H 'tV' -1NSBA, To be obtAi^ed a nj^ eiwwisiss, iu Is 2.J<J 2s 13d, a»d 4a Cd « Any Ctt«ur»ist cf<»t having it i'& iltack 1% ill irtiitis.'liji'jjir »bcai» i; if r«o«s»UflJ to do London Ajor.ti: It^whe+ij Ad Bum* Tkosaps3ii Millard, & C, ijai Lltox PaUafc Medieiae Taadom. A#»at3. throagaoat tita ililONDDA. GALLEY. SILO AM, GYFEILLON. CY^ELIE, EISTE D Dr 0 D GADI-JIIIIOL ya y Capal ucbod DYDD i.i -A ;•■ i (ii;u(iLini, 1888. PSLF DDAKZ^:—Fr Car. bcb fod dau 30 o rhif, a. gaiio *n ore*, Y FiyLon ger fy -N,iwth," (Can Alaw Ddu ;) Gwoor £ o, a thadair t'r Attnewy Id. Bdriiioid— Hr D. Toratk (SMJ Hafod), Crtku a Air Cofslett < (.JtI"1.t., (Caxn "Elifca), Bard-iosiACitLi. PrcffrMMwai yu awr yn bf,r</ct. ya cyawyi yr holl 4P'.l tesSyuiin, yw cac.1 gan yr Ysgriieuydd, liOKUA>, MORGAN, Ty I.. ¡¡",¡ui!ch., Mepkisatowa. lo c'uM';^ A?n7~oTiIiri?sr » THE PONITPBIDD niaawAY BOARD is prepared tj rec;iv.- TiiNDiSUS for tnouo Mv>t«]iu^ aud the of the Highways iu tha parishes of £ 3^1 -vysilaii, L.autrisaat, aud-L'au- twit Fsiidie. 'J'«ndt*.r9 t > be in, on forms to be hid of the Sui veyor, i.y Xu'.sd»y, the 27 -U nsfir. a idre^so*! to li. G. Spick-tt, Esq., Court Hou-;e, Pontypridd. ThsJ Board for itsi.d ,.1, n: /im ;5d powjrof selectiou, aad does not biud met u accept the owtst or aDy Tender. By Order, t J. GRI FiTHS, Porta II e, r, li ghway Su veyor. •••M,-rcb, 188fc\ WILLIAMS' Ik ( (Puutardane) BS worm lozenges! 1 For aefcrlY Thirty Ymn this highly valuable Remedy Hj tuui m«t with Che giaat^it sczoee*&. Tb. & upon H Delicate Chiklr«D (often ap M txkcarabU) m like H Getting rid oi his tormenting pest* br Ukmg them K Loceayee, the thia, pale-fwjed, inanimate Cnild booomes Hj healthy, and lively, the prid«, ixutead oi the anxiety, Eg of hies gwudiADa. "Sir,—I have for some time need Tmu AnthalmlntJc, or Worui Loaeng<!8, Iii my family ani And th,!1II a nfl speed7 Eg efiA«^»cioa9 for asoaridee, and theIr agmeable and R oonveawnfc farm in a great recommendation for Children. w 11 W. flC3CBli(80Ji. Tiear of Howden." For aefcrlY Thirty Ymn this highly valuable Remedy Hj tuui m«t with Che giaat^it sczoee*&. Tb« upon H Delicate Chiklr«D (often ap M txkcarabU) m like H Getting rid oi his tormenting pest* br Ukmg them K Loceayee, the thia, pale-fwjed, inanimate Cnild booomes Hj healthy, and lively, the prid«, ixutead oi the anxiety, Eg of hies ffaardia&e. "Sir,—I have lor aome time need yom AnthalmlntJc, or Worui Loeeugee, in my family ani find them a rerj speed7 Eg %ad efiA«^»cioa9 cure for asoaridee, and their agreeable and R oonveawnfc farm U a great recommendation for Children. w W. flC3CBli(80Ji. Tiear of Howden." Sold ai 9±d.t 13$<1. and )«. 9d. per bus. by *io*i Chemistt; or for U or U Hamps,/r(»n J. 0AVIE8, CHEMIST, 80, HIM STREET, 3WAN8EA. M A List f Te»tnnoni«li, Symptom*, Jtc. Gn Applill.11-. ;■ —- Freo. 'u t.i l. 'J. To ixitriAiuce it MUJ ot ttviu we wil for the next "ixty Days Jriv<- Kfr< e of ehavsf. ia nis n in OiCsil. ILI ^n, a Urrifced iir.m'^iT of ult Girti.1 U~l* KL- GTFf J G LVANIC CUf.^tiNiORY BCL TU. i.'ric* Oue I'ouji.i; u po-ti;,ive and imia-iliiig «ite for I».»rrou* J>: iUi.v Va.' icO 1- I r inbltv, htim of 4«i. ilmi Reward puLd if ewj-y Be;t. -W uuint U.^lui-b Cots* not mTi ■! ;< a wnui::o, fi> .W ci ci'.i-ii A iiiiw at <»!.•« KI .a( 'J. lJiiLT AOis-i'C V, P u Doy ii~b, 'u^O(jrci.\rs. s v., c.t>.A. ot' FITS In "VThca I siy iire I tio not rueon merely to stop them for a time aud tfcen iiave tlwza return again. I mean a radical cure. I have inaiiq the dioease of HT.S, EPILEPSY or i'ALLlN(j SICKNZSS life-Jong study. I warrant my remedy to cure tke worst casw, Because otho « have failed is no reason for not; now receiving a eure. Set id at once for a treat! and a Free Bottle of my infidlible rei ledy. Give Address in fUQ. ft c»-<tri you notiiing for a trial, »nd T will cure you. Addreg# Dr- H. 6 ROOT, 5, Plum Sa Ct4 iarringdon-st., j^oadow- 1 OS T, March 3rd, SCOTCH COLLIE, w:th long1: Ai grey aud vrtiito hair, small h',a.d, iittio black eput over oiie ty Auswer3 to :h■.» caftie cf "Spot." ^Vh^EVER will irtuzn the do^ to JAMU:S PAKF.'IR, liirw iloadj Biitannia, will ba rewarded. rpO LET, GOOD DWELLING HOUSES afc 1 Lwwio IViTucs, Gtai^wen Koad Rent 22 per Month, clear. Water laid iu.—Apply to Wif.- p LIAMS, P^IJLYJ, N'J. 1, Lewis' Tfeirace, Poatypridd. PJXTïPIUDD MUSICAL SOCIETY. TII; ABOVE SOCIETY Has been forased, and wil' bv worked on strictly NON-SEC i'AEIAN PRINCIPLES, And supported by tlae giving of frequent Couaerts, the First of which will tefee place On Thursday, April 12th prox, Practiees will be held in WESLEY SCHOOLROOM, On vVednrfad >yg, froui 8-15 to 9-30 p.ra. Thoss vriaking'to join will kindly attend Dé xt Wednesday Evening. j I he saralLng Fee of Sixpence per Member will cover all expenses. The Seeiety was formed on Wednesday, the 22nd of February, with a. nucleus of Forty-five menjbers. CAERPHILLY CASTLE. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD lyili be Kftld in the far-ftmei rnins of fcbe above CM,t:. (by th. hilU permission of Lord Btltrt), OY WniT-UOSDlY, MA Y 21 si, 18S8 PRESIDENT SIR MORGAN MORGAN. ADJUDICATORS:— Eos Morlais, Mr. Tom# Price, A.C., and Dyfed.' Chief Choral Competition: We never will bow «Uw»; £80. Male Party, jge; Juvenile Party, J3 Soloe, £1 each. Chair Prize Awdi on Stanley," ze5 and ohair, &e., &e.' Frttgrtumntfs by pest, I'd. from f). WlLIJAMS, Soretary. C^erphill v. ITREDETIATT CU.111BBR OF XKABB ATHLETIC SI ORTS. EASTER M O N DAY. The fallowing eveuts will ba coma ted for :— 1 20 YARDS ( -PEN HANDICAP. — First Prig?, £ 4 4?. 2:jd do., £ la.; 8rd do 10/6. L't;tiance Fee, 1/6. 410 YARDS OPEN HANDICAP.—First Priz-, £ 3 3s. • 2^d do., £ L Is.; 3d (1, 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. 250 YARDS HUlluU RACIS, (Eight Flights of Hurdles;.—First Pnz3, « £ .j 33.; 2 jd do., £1 JR. Entr.noe Fee, I/- QfJKMiLB HANDICAP (f!pe:n—First PriZe'. E4 4,s 2ud du., .£1 18; 3rd do. 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6, HIGll JOMP.—^61 Is. Entrance fse, 1/. 0"" Numerous other Events see Bills. < All enticed to be sent to Mr G. T. Hodge, Tre. degar, on or before Mnrch 28th. Admission to Field, 6d., Erc!o;nra. 1/- ONE BOX OF GLARIili'S H 41 PILLy is warrac ted to cure all discharges from the nriuary organs, in either sex (acquired or constitutional), gravel, and Eaina in the back. Guaranteed free from mercury old in boxes, 4b 64 eaob, all chemists and patent medieine vendors or sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lincoln and Midlaud Counties Drug Oo., IffMoibau Wholesale, Barslay nd 8ons, Lon^oa HOW TO MAKK MONEY! Ah There's the iub — HOW ? NEARLY every sphere of labour i., good, but 1. there are openings and l ere is one—Bny a bcttle of HAGON'S FLUID HERBS, make sparkling delicious Beer, and Sell it at Collieries, Vv orks, Railways, Foundries, Fetes, Fairs, Raoes, etc.% wherever thirsty men are to be' Land xixONEY may be made easily and honestly, givitj"- a-tisfaction alike to Buyer aud Seller. ° HAGON'S BEER yields a handsome profit even 80^ *ow price of a half-penny per One 6d. Bottle makes Four Gallons. One Is. „ „ Twelve do. HAtjrON S FLUID HERBS is a compound of Yarrow, Bnrdock, Comfrey, Sarsapariila, Hore- hound, Hops, etc., and is XON-IN TOXICATING h est em Mail, August 19 b, 1888,—"We can honestly say that the drink (HAGON'S BEER) is thoroughly refreshing and cooling, end supplier n w,irit, ia summer beverages. No boiling is re- qtii ed in its manufacture; the directions ar« simple and easily carried out, and when made tht drink will amply repay the trouble." I SOLE MAKER HAGOK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, j 39, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, Sold by all Grocers everywhere. Insist on-beim* aapp'i.jd with" 1J agon's ad n.te T; ade Man;, No. >3l*36u, wii/it Uu whiou none are genuine. GKOCERYI GROCERY! GROCERY! FOR GOOtJ QUALITY IS Groceries and Provisions At veiy Low >'riceg, go to the Town flipp y tetores. I Home Cared Bacon &. Hear Carmarthen Butter always in stock. Their Teas at Ilk, 1/6. & 2/- is unequalled. TilE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Taf-strevt, PÙlIlypryld, T. W. JuNES, Proprietor, A CAf(D. AN IMPHRTANT DIRC«viti v is announced In the Paris Figaro." of v.thjahU: ieiue ly for Df ryOus debility, pnysioal exi n^ti ,u, and early deiays. | !hti Qiscovety was m ifle hv a aaisgionaty in Old Mexico it saved Li a front a miserable existence "ndwu eaTy ¡{raVe. We i«li u tteat tne Kar*Joseph <*fol i. Blooiabb'jry ^aas^pns, F oomdmry Squa.e, London, \V.(J., will .^nd the pieser ptioris bee of charge, on rectijpfc of a self addressed atjaiEpe^ envelope. FOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."—CLARKE S WUKLD-FAMBD BLOOD MIXTURE is warranted to cleanso the blood from ttli impurities from what- sver canse arising. For .c'c.o.tila, Scurvy, Skin and Blood Diseases, and soree oi all kinds, its effects are marvellous. Tnousauds ot testimonials. Sold iu bottles, 2s9d or 33 stamps, and lis each,by Chemiste lud Patent Medicine Vendors everywhere. PUBLIC NOTICE PARISH OF LLANTRISANT. TO CONTRACTORS. Tj$E EURA.L SANITARY AUTHORITT of the Pontypridd Union invites TENDERS for SUP- PLYING and LAYING about 1,200 Yards of 3-in. CAST IRON SOCKET PIPES, along the Turn- pike Road from the Village 'of Brynsaddler to Llantrisant Junction. Specification inny be seen and form of tender obtained at the office of the undersigned, Teed ;rs to be in the h-mds of the clerk, Edward Colnett Spickett, E?q., not later than 10 o'clock on the morning of Wednesday the 28th instant The E.S.A. does not bind itself t) accept any tender. By order of the Rurnl Sanitary Authority, JOHN EVANS, Surveyor. Navigation, March 14th, 18SS. LEYSHON v. FONT YPRIDD LUCAL BOARD. A full report of Counsel's speeches and. Judge's bummitig up in ine case (,f Lttyshon v. the Ponty- pridd Local Board will sppear in our next is.-ue.

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