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PREPAID SCALE FOR SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS. Words One I Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. s. d. s. d. s. d. 18 0 6 1 0 1 6 24 0 9 1 6 2 3 32 1 0 2 0 3 0 40 1 3 2 6 3 9 Each 8 Words 3d. 6d. 9d. RATE PER LIE PER INSERTION. Parliamentary Notices. 9d. Election Addresses, Public Companies 6d. Auctioneers, Public Announcements, &c. 4d. N.B.—The above Scale does not apply to Public Bodies. Cheques and Post Office Orders should be made payable to The Journal Company, Limited." If not paid in advance, the ordinary Credit rate will be charged. SHIPPING NOTICES. #4V ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO CANADA AND UNITED STATES. Saloon 10 to 18 Guineas, Intermediate £ 6 (is, Steerage k4. CHEAPEST AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the North West Territory, British Columbia, and the Western States of America. Special Emigrant and Tourist rates. Through Trains daily to the Pacific Coast, and Emigrant Sleeping Cars without extra charge. A liberal allowance of baggage free. Western bound Emigrants accompanied by a special conductor. Prof. Fream's new report and all the latest maps and pamphlets free on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Liverpool, or any authorised Agent of the Line. AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, EVERY WEDNESDAY. First-class, full powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers, equal to any European Line. Passengers and goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. THIS IS THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WEST. Apply to RICHARDSON. SPENCE & CO., 19 and 22, Water Street, LIVERPOOL. "6 ANCHOR LINE. LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK VIA QUEENSTOWN. EXPRESS SERVICE. S.S. CITY OF ROME. 8,144 Tons.12,500 Horse-power. This magnificent steamship will sail from LIVER- POOL to NEW YORK (via QUEENSTOWN) on SATURDAY v July 12. SATURDAY Aug. 9. SATURDAY Sept. 6. And every fourth Saturday thereafter. SALOON RATES, E12 to 25 Guineas, according to position, &c., of State-room. RETURN TICKETS at moderate rates. INTERMEDIATE and STEERAGE PASSAGES at Low Apply to HENDERSON BROS., Mersey Chambers, Old Church Yard, and 17. Water Street. Liverpool; or to W. FINCH, 16, Nott-square, Carmarthen. D OMINIOX LTNY" ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. S.S. SARNIA, OREGON AND VANCOUVER Have Saloons and State-rooms amidships. SHORTEST ROUTE TO CANADA AND WESTERN STATES. Lowest Inland Fares. Free Farms of 160 acres of fertile land. SAILING from LIVERPOOL WEEKLY, and from BRISTOL FORTNIGHTLY. The steamers of this line are replete with every modern comfort. Cabin Fares from 10 to 15 guineas Second Cabin CS Inter- mediate, 6 guineas; Steerage k4. Apply to Flinn, Main, and Montgomery, Liverpool and Bristol Wil- liam Finch, 16, Nott-square, Carmarthen W. J. Francis, Beaconsfield House, Haverfordwest Ellis Jones, High-street, Haverfordwest; W. Ho wells, St. George's-street, Tenby; H. Kelway & Son, Milford Haven Brown, Sons & Co., 10, Hamilton-terrace, Milford Haven; J. Teasdale, 2, Pembroke-street, Pembroke-Dock W. R. Jones, Myrddin House, Llandilo or to D. S. Thomas, British Schools, Llan- dovery. FEMALE DOMESTIC SERVANTS from 17 to 35 years of age obtain FREE PASSAGES BY STEAMER TO QUEENSLAND, where they are greatly in demand and receive good wages; only pay- ments— £ 1 for ship kit, and fare to depot in London. ASSISTED PASSAGES are also granted to labourers whose labour is connected with the land, such as FARM LABOURERS, GARDENERS, MINERS, QUARRYMEN, &c., and to approved females, such as DRESSMAKERS, TRAINED NURSES, &c. An experienced Surgeon and Matron accompany each steamer, and on arrival passengers are received into the Government depot, free of charge. Forms of application, rates of passage, handbooks, and all other information may be obtained on applica- ) tion to THE AGENT-GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, Westminster Chambers, 1, Victoria Street, London, S.W. All persons who pay their own passages to the Colony, should apply for LAND ORDER WAR- RANTS before embarking. Forms and particulars to be obtained from the Shipping Firms booking the passengers, or from the Agent-General for Queensland. Warrants will not be issued to persons applying after they have left England. MONEY TO LEND. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY (without sureties) by the CHARING-CROSS BANK (Estab- lished 1870). 23, BEDFORD-ST., CHARING-CROSS, London, W.C. Capital £ 300,000. Reserve Fund £ 100,000. ADVANCES IMMEDIATELY MADE Upon Approved Promissory Notes as follows, without bill of sale. Advance 1:25-12 monthly repayments of 1:2 5 10 „ 50 „ „ 4 11 8 100 9 3 4 Larger amounts in the same proportion. ADVANCES of S30 to 1:2,000 granted at a few hours' notice in town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, &c., without removal, and to assist persons into business. Also. on deeds, policies, and reversions at 5 per cent. for one month to 14 years. NOTICE.—Any one requiring money will do well before applying elsewhere, or paying fees, to think of this-Surely I can do better with a Bank having large capital at command and devoting themselves to this class of business than I can with so-called private money lenders or agents with small means. Good borrowers can obtain money here on reasonable terms, quickly, privately, and without deductions, repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. Call per- sonally. or write. Special facilities to all requiring banking accounts. 4 per cent. interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances. Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received as under:— 5 per cent. per annum, subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal. 6 per cent. per annum, subject to 6 months' notice of withdrawal. 7 ptr cent. per annum, subject to 12 months' notice of withdrawal. Special terms for larger amounts. Interest paid quarterly. Write or call for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS, Manager. m ()NEY LENT PRIVATELY to Male or Female, in Town or country (distance no object). AT A FEW HOURS NOTICE on NOTE OF HAND ALONE, WITHOUT SURETIES, Publicity, or the usual OBJECTION- ABLE LOAN OFFICE OR AGENTS' ROUTINE AND DELAYS. Prompt Advances also made upon furniture, pianos, jewellery, plate, diamonds, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, farming implements, etc. (without re- muval) and TO ASSIST PERSONS INTO BUSINESS, also upon deeds, reversions, life policies, and private incomes, etc., at FIVE PER CENT. PER ANNUM. Repayments are made monthly, quarterly, half- yearly, or yearly, to suit the convenience of borrowers extending over any period not exceeding ten years, or as long as the interest is paid, the principal can remain. APPLICANTS IN TOWN OR COUNTRY ARE ATTENDED TO THE SAME DAY AS RECEIVED, and intending borrowers requiring prompt and private cash advances for any emergency or other I)tirl.,ses can rely upon their matter beinr conducted UPON FAIR AND UPRIGHT PRINCIPLES, and WITH THE STKKTKST SECRECY & DESPATCH. Before applying elsewhere, call or write in confidence for Prospectus (gratis) to the ACTUAL LENDER, MR. W. BARCLAY, 1, Cecil street, Strand, London, (Private gentleman). R.S,—No connection with Loan Offices. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. PEIRIANT AMERICANA IDD. LLADD G-WAIR. WALTEE A. W-OOD. ENNILLWR DROS 1,200 0 BRIF WOBRWYAU YN MHOB RHAN O'R BYD. C-1.Jê. Y MAE 792,5 29 WEDI EU GWERTHU ODDIAR Y FLWYDDYN 1853. ENNILLODD Y BRIF WOBR MEVVN CYSTADLEUAETH YN NGHAEAU ARDDANGOSFA PARIS, PRIF DDINAS FFRAINC, YN Y FLWYDDYN 1889. Mae'r Ystram Frame yn gyfansoddedig o un darn o haiam cau, felly mae yn ysgafn a chryf neillduol. Mae y rhanau mwyaf en traul wedi eu gwneud o bivs Sef (Bushes) y (Bearings). :Mae'r Gearings oil wedi ell cau i fewn. Map,'r Olwynion yn hynod uchel, ac yn mliell oddiwrth eu gilydd. y r, Mae'r Echel Axle wedi ei wneud o Ddur, ac yn fawr ei amgylcliedd. Mae yn ysgafn iawn ac yn bawdd ei dynu. Y mae'r gwneuthuriad o'r defynddiau goren. AE POB PEIRIANT YX WARAXTEDIG. HWN YDYW Y PEIRIANT LLADD-GWAIR GOREU YN Y FARCHNAD. THOMAS JONES, Priory Foundry, CARMARTHEN Yr unig Oruchwyliwr yn yr ardal hon. MOUNT HILL NURSERIES, CARMARTHEN. JOSEPH COYSH. FOREST TREES! FOREST TREES!! WHITE THORN QUICKS FOR HEDGES. CHOICE T It E E I AND SHRUBS, FRUIT TREES AND ROSES, AND ALL KINDS OF NURSERY STOCK. WREATHS, CROSSES, AND BOUQUETS TO ORDER PRICES ON APPLICATION. TYLER & CO. have gained the following Exhibition Awards for their vatious manufactures:— HIGHEST AWARDED MEDAL, LIVERPOOL, 1886. GOLD MEDAL, SYDNEY, 1888. HIGHEST AWARDED ORDER OF MERIT, ADELAIDE, 1887. FARMERS! SEND YOUR OWN WOOL TO BE MADE INTO CLOTH From Is. 3d. per Yard Blankets from Is. 2d. per Yard Stocking Yarn from 9d. per lb. CARRIAGE PAID BOTH WAYS ON ALL ORDERS OF OVER .£1. PATTERNS FORWARDED TO SELECT FROM. TYLER & CO., MAESLLYN MILLS, LLANDYSSIL, S. WALES. DRESSMAKING. JOHN LEWIS BEGS to state that he is NOW MAKING his FIRST SHOW OF SPRING & SUMMER FASHIONS, And rcspcctfully solicits the favour of a visit. THE MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENTS Are under the management of qualified and experienced hands, and orders are executed with skill and taste. MOURNING OUTFITS SUPPLIED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. PATTERNS BY POST are sent post free on request, with forms for self-measurement, enabling Ladies residing at a distance to select the Dresses at home. Estimates given for all orders, and the prices charged are the lowest, consistent with stylixh, goott, and reliable Kork. COMMERCE HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. fill, THE IMPROVEMENT OF LANDED ESTATES. _n_ THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY (Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament) ADVANCES MONEY to Landowners for Drainage, the Erection of Farm Buildings, Artizans' and Miners' Cottages, Water Supply, &c., and for the General Improvement of Landed Property, the amount borrowed being repaid by a terminable Rent-Charge. No investigation of title is necessary. Prospectus and forms of application will be furnished on request. 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. THE IMPROVEMENT OF MANSION HOUSES. THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY DVANCES MONEY to the owners of Settled Estates in England and Wales for the erection of, J' alterations and additions to, Estate Mansions, Stables and Outbuildings, for supplying Water thereto, and for their General Sanitary Improvement. The amount expended would be repaid by a Rent-Charge in 25 years. Further particulars will be supplied on application. 22. Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. MORTGAGE AND GROUND-RENT BRANCH OF THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY. THE COMPANY'S REGISTER contains various sums of trust, and other moneys awaiting invest- ment on Mortgage and for the purchase of Ground Rents. For further information apply to the Secretary, 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. HIGH CLASS MANUltESFOlt ALL CROPS. W. PILKINGTON AND SON", WIDNES, LANCASHIRE. MANUFACTURERS OF PURE DISSOLVED BONE. DISSOLVED BONE COMPOUNDS. SPECIAL MANURES. SUPERPHOSPHATES. A N ALYSIS GUARA XTERD AGENTS WANTED. For prices and terms apply to Mr J. M. READ, 41, Eastcheap, London. ;-c_ -0,ii ,I" WINNER OF THE MEDAL AT THK MELBOURNE CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION, 1889. This Mower has a new Patent Lever for cutting laid hay, and with all the latest improve- ments. THE NEW IMPROVED AMERICAN HAY TEDDER. This is the only Tedder with Forks outside the wheels, and the nay is thus left in far better con- dition than when tedded by the old style machine. Up to the times in every feature, the standard of modern perfection, the WORLD'S CHAMPION PORTABLE HORSE RAKE, Awarded over 3,000 Prizes. Speciality for Season 1890. W. T. has the laigest stock of Mowing Machines Haymakers, Horse Rakes, and other harvesting Machinery, in Wales. Prices very moderate. Chief Implement Depot at MARKET PLACE, CARMARTHEN; also STOCK kept at MARKET PLACE, LLANELLY, and at LLANYBYTHER. NOTE TIIE ADDRESS- W. THOMAS, LATE J. L. DAVIES, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS :—THOMAS, Ironmonger, Carmarthen. HENRY HARRIS, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER 41, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN. (ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF 40 YEARS). A LARGE STOCK OF WARDROBES, BOOK CASES, WRITING TABLES. CHAIRS, &c. All made on the Premises by Experienced Workmen. INSPECTION IN VITED. FEATHER BEDS DRESSED AND PURIFIED BY STEAM AND HOT AIR PRICES MODERATE—LIBERAL DISCOUNT FOR CASH. The Howe "PEGASUS," £24. EASY TERMS OF PURCHASE BY IS MONTHLY PAYMENTS (A longer period by Special Arrangement). 200 CYCLES or EVERY KIND AND MAKE IN STOCK FROM £4 10s. UPWARDS. I Please call, pay your first monthly instalment, and ride the selected Machine away. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT. BUYERS TAUGHT TO RIDE GRATUITOUSLY. JUVENILE SAFETIES AND CHILDREN'S CYCLETTES A SPECIALITY. PNEUMATIC AIR TYRES, ELECTRIC LAMPS AND BELLS, AND ALL CYCLING SADDLERY, &c., on view. Please state your wishes, and name the Machine you want, and we will deliver it same day if required. All Particulars from THE TENBY AND PEMBROKE CYCLE COMPANY, GEORGE ACE, Manager, TEN BY, Wholesale Ageiitsfoi- all best Makers. N.B.-All Cycles sold by us are GUARANTEED to the Rider. D. TITUS WILLIAMS, G E NERA L B 00 KBINDER, ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL HOUSE, Having taken over the Business lately carried on by his father (the late Thomas Williams), D. T. W. begs most respectfully to return thanks to the Public for the kind patronage hitherto accorded his predecessor, and hopes to be favoured with a continuance of their kind support. Bibles, Music, Albums, and Old Books Bound and Repaired with the greatest care. SEOOND-HAND BOOKS BOUGHT, SOLD, OR EXCHANGED IMPORTANT TO CASH BUYERS All Groceries and Provisions will in future be sold at Store Prices for Cash. Finest Smoked Bacon 8d per lb. Finest Ham lOd Sugar 2d Moist Sugar 1 d Fine Kaison Tea Is 4d to Is 8d Fine to finest Ceylon Tea 2s to 2s 6d All Confectionery and Cakes of finest qualities sold at remarkably low prices at T. SMITH'S, KING-STREET. ESTABLISHED 80 YEARS. THE OWEN DAVIES CELE- BRATED SCYTHES. EVERY SCYTHE All% /Kh;øv /0 1; I WARRANTED. These well-known Scythes have been before the public for a period of about 80 years, and during the whole of that time they have given universal satisfac- tion, and are acknowledged by all who have used them to be the best Scythes now sold. They are different in pattern to all other or ordinary Scythes, the blades wing extra thin and narrow, and considerably curved the rod or back unusually strong, and manufactured of highly refined steel, which is tempered with great care. They are, therefore, specially adapted for all kinds of land, and especially Rosland, which necessitates a fine and durable edge. May be had of ironmongers, shopkeepers, and black- smiths in all the principal towns and villages; and should farmers be unable to obtain these Scythes in their own locality, they are requested to apply to the Proprietors, DAVIES AND DAVIES (late Owen Davies), Llanidloes, Mont. N.B. -See that every Scythe bears the name of O. DAVIES," also a Red Label with our Name and Address. Beware of spurious imitations, and insist on having the Owen Davies' Seythes. Persons intending to sell or become Agents for these Scythes are requested to make early application, when Price Lists will be furnished. { A CARD. C. MORGAN, M.R.C.V.S., L., VETERINARY SURGEON, 13, King-street, Carmarthen. MESSIS. I. P. REES, OF CARMARTHEN, AND J. F. REES, OF LLANDOIDY, VETERINARY SURGEONS, Having purchased the goodwill and surgery of tin* late Mr Morgan Rees, of Carmarthen, hoj)e they will receive the same support hitherto accorded the late Mr Rees by the gentlemen and fanners of the neighbour- hood. PUBLIC NOTICES. THE PROVINCIAL ADVERTISING, PRINTING AND PUBLISHING OFFICES, LYDNEY, GLO'STERSHIRE. ADVERTISERS should send for Prospectus to the Provincial Advertising Offices, Lydney. Glo'6tershire. 1890. STUD HORSE, "ROYAL," By "KINGCRAFT" out of FREAK," WILL travel the District of South Pembrokeshire, TV weekly, as follows.- Leave Stackpole on Monday, via Castlemartin, for Pembroke (King's Arms). Leave Pembroke for Trefloyne on Tuesday, a.m. From there to Wiston on Wednesday. Put up on Thursday at the Black Horse, Haverford- west. Return on Friday to Pembroke (via Neyland), where lie will stand till 3 p.m. on Saturday. K s, d. TEItMS.-Earl Cawdor's Tenants 1 1 0 Groom's Fee 0 2 (j Other Owntrs of Mares H 0 Groom's Fee 0 5 0 For cara and further information apply to Stud Groom, Stackpole, Pembroke. GALVANIZED IRON. ADAPTED to all kinds of Buildings; it is cheap and can be immediately fixed by the most inex- perienced. A Large Stock kept; also TANKS, RICK COVERS, &c. All orders immediately executed. Æ PRICES ON APPLICATION. CORRUGATED IRON Co., WOLVERRAMPTON. j LLANDILO EISTEDDFOD, BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 4th, 1800. ADJCDICATOHS Music — MIT. JOHN THOMAS, Llanwrtyd, and EOS MORLAIS. Poetru— GLANFFIiWD. Ma.sic. 1. To the choir (numbering not fewer than 120 voices) that will best render '■ Rise up, Arise (Men- delssohn's St. Paul). Prize £-10, and 4:1 to the leader of every unsuccessful choir. 2. To the choir (numbering not fewer than GO nor over 120 voices) that will best render Ffarwel i ti, Gymru Fad"—in English or Welsh (Dr. Parry). First Prize, £1;j; Second Prize, £ 5. 3. To the Male Voice Party (numbering not fewer than 40 voices) that will best reader "Wyr Pliilistia," in English or Welsh (D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac.) Prize tio. Violin Solo Competition. Romance in G. by Saint George (published by Wool- house, London), open to competition without any restriction. First Prize, £2 2s second prize, £ 1 Is. Poetry. For the best Elegy in English or Welsh (not fewer than 100 lines) to the late Lady Dynevor. Prize tfo. Programmes containing complete list of subjects; price lAd. by post. D. MORGAN (Junior), Secretary. rpHE LLANDOVERY HORTICULTURAL. JL DOG, POULTRY, AND PIGEON SHOW and SHEEP DOG TRIALS, Tuesday, August l!Ith. Entries will close Saturday, August Dtli. Schedules, &c., from J. M. SINNETT, Hon. Sec. CARMARTHENSHIRE. MIDSUMMER QUARTER SESSIONS, 18O. "XTOTICE is hereby given, that the General Quarter -IM Sessions of the Peace for the County of Carmar- then will be holden at the Shire-hall, in the Town of Carmarthen, on Friday, the 4th day of July, lS'.Kt, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, when the Grand Jury will be sworn, and at 11.20 in the forenoon of the same day County Business will be transacted, on the conclusion of which the Trial of Prisoners and Defendants, the Hearing of Appeals and Motions will be proceeded Hearing of Appeals and Motions will be proceeded with and on the day and hour first above-mentioned all Grand and Petit Jurors are required to attend and answer to their names, and the Magistrates of the County are requested to cause all depositions relating to cases sent for trial at these Sessions to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 25th instant, and in all cases arising subsequently immediately after being taken. ° THOMAS JONES. Clerk of the Peace. Clerk of the Peace s Office, Llandovery, June !>th, lS'.Kl. CARMARTHEN UNION. CONTRACTS. To Flour Dealers, Butchers, Milkmen, Grocers, Coal Merchants, 4-c. rpHE Guardians of the above Union will, at their X Meeting, to be held on the 21st day of June inst., receive TENDERS from such persons as are willing to Contract for supplying the Carmarthen Workhouse with the following articles from the 28th day of June, 1890, toO the 4th day of October, 1890, viz. The best Spiller's Plain Tie Flour, and the best Fresh Oatmeal. Rounds of good Fat Ox or Cow Beef (without the leg-bone), and the Sticking Piece, Leo-s of Mutton, good Beeves' Heads, and sides of Bacon (Cumberland cut of about 28lbs each). Best Welsh Cheese, best Welsh Butter Fresh and Skim Milk, and good Welsh Potatoes. Best Tea at 2s per lb., Epps' Cocoa, Sugar, best Split Peas, Rice, Treacle, Pepper, Starch" Soda Blue, best Pale Yellow Soap, and Candles. The best Stone and Soft Coal. The above to be delivered at the Work house a e such times and in such quantities as the Guardians may require. The Guardians reserve to themselves the power of contracting separately for each article, and do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. J Printed forms of Tender may be bad on applica- tion to the Clerk, who will also show the forms of Contract and Bond to be entered into by the Con- tractor. All proposals must be sealed (marked "Tenders for-) and delivered to the Clerk on or before 10 a.m. on Saturday, the 21st day of June inst. 3 Samples must be produced, as the quality of the articles will be most rigidly enforced, and no con- sideration as to price will at all weigh as an excuse for the same not being of the quality contracted for. The Tenders will be opened on the 2let inst. By Order of the Board, ROWLAND BROWNE, K rr n t i. Clerk to tbe Guardians. 5, Hall-street, Carmarthen, 13th June, 1889. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ON MONDAY, JUNE 23, CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to SHREWSBURY Uswestry, .Llangollen, Wrexham. Chester LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, Warrington, Rhyl' Llandudno, &c., from NEW MILFORD at S35 a.m., Milford 8.30, HAVERFORDWEST 00 Cardigan 7.45, Pembroke Dock 8.5, Pembroke S'LV Tenby 8.45, Narberth 9.15, Llandyssil 8.30, Cir- mart hen Town 7.15, Carmarthen Junction 7 25 re- turning June 30. Passengers mr.y return on subsequent dates on payment of a small additional charge. OTSXT M0nday> JUNE 23, a CHEAP EXCUR- SION to MALVERN, Worcester, Kidderminster Wolverhampton and Birmingham, for ei»ht divs' will leave NEW MILFORD at 8.35 a.m° Milford 8.30, Haverfordwest 9.0, Cardigan 7.45, Pembroke Dock 8.5 Pembroke 8.1.1, Tenby Narberth 9.1o, Llandyssil 8.30, Carmarthen Town 1.15, Car- marthen Junction 7.20. On SATURDAY, JUNE 28, a CHEAP DAY" EXCURSION toCARMAUTHKNand SWANSEA will leave NEW MILFOUD at 7.20 a.mMitford 7.15, Johnston 7.;i, HAVERFORDWEST 7.30. Clarbeston Road 8.5, Clynderwen 8.20, WhitIand 8.40, St. Clears 8.55, Sarinn j.5, CARMARTHEN 9.5, and Carmarthen Junction at 9,20 a.m For full particulars see bills. HY. LAMBERT, (.eiieril A li E R Y 8-T NV Y T II. A GUAND BAZAAR WILL BB MELD OX Jidy .1181, August 1st (l1-d 2ad, IN AID OF THE BUILDING FUND OF THE NEW PARISH CHURCH OF ST. AIICIIAEL, NOW TN COURSE OF ERECTION Further particulars shortly.