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A GRAND BAZAAR AT LLANSTEPHAN. A BAZAAR will be held at Llanstephan on Mon- day, August 4th, in aid of Llanybri Church Restoration Fund, under distinguished patronage. Stalls will be presided over by Mrs Morris, Coonibe Mrs Davies, The Vicarage and other ladies. Any contributions in money, or work, will lie most thankfully received and acknowledged by Mrs Davies, Vicarage, Llanybri, Llanstephan. On the. following evening, a most enjoyable Theatrical Entertainment will 1)f given at the same place, by an excellent party of ladies and gentlemen from Ferryside. As the sum of £ 200 is still wanted for the restoration work, the kind patronage and support of the friends of the Church is earnestly solicited. CARMARTHEN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE TWENTIETH EXHIBITION of the above Society will be held in the Market Place, Car- marthen, on Tuesday, the 29tli July, 1890. Entries of exhibits should be sent to THOMAS PARKINSON, Esq., Castle Piggin, near Carmarthen or to EDWARD VALUHAN, Esq., The Parade, Carmar- then, hon. sees. and Schedules may be obtained of either of the Hon. Sees., viz. :—Messrs. Thomas Parkinson, Castle Piggin; Edward Vauglian, The Parade: John Lewis, Guildhall-square Jaiiies Brig- stooke, King-street; Rowland Browne, Hall-street; Vincent Thomas, Starling Park all of Carmarthen. THE TIVYSIDE AGRICULTURAL SHOW WILL be held at Newcastle-Emlyn on Friday, the 29th day of August next. PRESIDENT J. VAUGHAN COLBY, Esq., Rliosygilwen. THOMAS EVANS, Secretary. Cefncwrt, Llangranog, May 30th, 1890. NOTICE. I DAVID DAVIES. of Esgerddedwydd, Llan- > dyssil, Cardiganshire, hereby give Notice that I will not be responsible for any debt or debts incurred by my wife Sarah Davies. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. PTIENDERS arc invited for building CHANCEL, 1 TRANSEPTS, &c., to St. Marys Church, Court Henry, Carmarthenshire. Plans and specification may be seen by appointment and application to me at Llandilo from the ltith to the 28th inst. Tenders endorsed" Court Henry Church," and delivered to my address by the 30th of June, 1890. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. D. JENKINS, A.R.I.B.A., M.S.H., Architect, Llandilo. TO HOT WATER ENGINEERS, Ac. rpENDERS are invited for heating the Shire Hall, X Carmarthen, by hot water. Plans and speci- fication may be seen at the Shire Hall between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., and further particulars can be had if required, from the County Surveyor, Mr Daniel Phillips, Carmarthen. Tenders to be sealed and marked Tender for heating Apparatus," are to be sent to the undersigned by July 5th next. The Joint Standing Committee do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any Tender. THOMAS JONES, Clerk of the Peace. Llandovery, June 12th, 1890. TO BE LET LLANGRANOG. rpo BE LET for the season, that desirable House X called PENTliE ARMS," lately been under Bxtensive repairs, containing Sitting, Dining, and 5 Bedrooms fronting the sea. For particulars apply to MR. EVAN JENKINS. TO HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTHER CAPITALISTS. rpO BE LET, and entered upon at Michaelmas I next, all that very Desirable and Old-established FAMILY and COMMERCIAL HOTEL called "THE BLACK LION ROYAL HOTEL," LAM- PETER, Cardiganshire. The House contains coffee, commercial, and private sitting-rooms, billiard-room, commodious bedrooms, and other conveniences, and has good stabling and coach-house accommodation, also a large garden. With the Hotel will also be let about 26 acres of excellent Meadow and Pasture Land. The Hotel is situate in the principal street, opposite the Town-hall, where the courts of assize, quarter sessions, county-court, and county council meetings arc held. Visitors and others staying at the Hotel have the right of fishing for five miles on the banks of the Teify, noted for its salmon and trout. For Further Particulars apply WILLIAM DORAN, Peterwell Estate Office, Lampeter. May 31st, 1890. TO -L, :P, -r WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE CROWN INN, JILANDYSSIL. The above Inn is situated in a good position for doing a large trade, and is a DOUBLE-LICENSED HOUSE, WITH BACK PREMISES, And has (t 1arye Garden in which extensive Stabling may be built. The extension of the Railway to Newcastle-Emlyn will also much improve the trade. APPLY TO D. E. LEWIS & SON, THE MERLIN BREWERY, May 9th, 1890. CARMARTHEN. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, TWO spleudid microscopes, cost £ 30 and £ 15 new cornet, cost £ 0 (nothing worse), fishing boots, patent leather slippers, overcoat (never worn) of West- End make, frock coat ditto, and other articles of apparel, including an ulster Escretoire, grand piano, old-fashioned clock, and a gold Albert chain. Will be sold at a great sacrifice.—"Lex," Journal, Carmar- then. CARMARTHENSHIRE. FREEHOLD FARM, in the Parish of Llanllwni, FOR HALE. FOR SALE uy PRIVATE CONTRACT, the Messuage Farm and Lands, called CORNEL," in in the Parish of of Llanllwni, Carmarthenshire, con- taining by admeasurement 77a. or. lip., or thereabouts, of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable, Land, on the banks of the river Teify. The Farm is situate about 2! miles from Llanybyther, and is bounded by the river Teify for about half-a-inile. Tenders to be suit to us on or before the 1st July next. i r Further particulars may also be obtained from us— DAVID LLOYD & SON, Solicitor, Lampeter. 18th June, 189o. SOUTH WALES.—PEMBROKESHIRE. PRELIMINARY ADVERTISEMENT of the highly important and exceedingly valuable Free- hold Residential Estate, called ROBESTON HALL" (in the parish of Robeston West, in the county of Pem- broke, distant about two miles from the far-famed harbour of Milford Haven, and about six miles distant from the market and post town of Haverfordwest), which will be shortly offered for SALE. It comprises an excellent Family Residence, with gardens, greenhouses, &c. also very large and com- modious farm buildings, and the estate, in a ring fence, extends to 354a. 3r. 15p. of rich and productive arable, pasture, and woodland, in a high state of cultivation some of the grass lands being considered the most fertile pastures in the county. There are several labourers' cottages on the farm. The estate will be offered as a whole in the first instance, and if not sold will then be put up in lots, as shown in the plan. Particulars with plans will shortly be issued, and in the meantime any further information may be obtained of Sir Owen H. p, Scourfield, Bart., Williamston, 1 Haverfordwest. ^AKMARTHENSIHRE. MAESYPWLL, in the PARISH of CONWILELVET. rpo BE SOLD, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the X above FREEHOLD FARM, comprising a good dwelling-house, barn, stable, cow-liouse, and piggeries, and 55 acres, or thereabouts, of highl" improvable, arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the occupation of Mr John Thomas. The farm is in a good state of cultivation, f.nd has an abundant supply of water. For particulars and to treat apply to Messrs J. Howell Thomas and Co., auctioneers, estate agents, and surveyors, Carmarthen, 0 SALES BY AUCTION. PAIUSH OF SAINT ISHMAEL, CAR- M ARTHEN SHIRE. MR D. T. MORRIS has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Car- marthen, on .Saturday, the 21st day of June, 1890, at 2 p.m., the following valuable FREEHOLD FIELDS, marthen, on Saturday, the 21st day of June, 1890, at 2 p.m., the following valuable FREEHOLD FIELDS, being part of the farm of Penalltfach, bounded by the farms of Penallt and Danlan, and comprising some of the most productive Pasture Land in the locality. A. u. P. LOT 1. Upper and Lower Parcmoor, Parey- diad, and The Moors 20 2 35 LOT 2. Parc-clover, Lower Llan, and Upper Llan 23 0 17 LOT 3. Parc-yr-allt 0 3 14 A 50 2 2(; Further information and particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer at Ferryside, or of MR. MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. PARISH OF LLANDYSSILIOGOGO, CAR- DIGANSHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. BEES THOMAS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Porth Hotel, Llandyssil, on Thursday, 26th June, 1890, at 2 o'clock in the after- noon, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there read, all that Farm, Lands, and Premises, called "PKHTHYHONWY," in the Parish of Llandyssiliogogo, with well-built Dwelling-house and requisite Outhouses, containing by admeasurement 73a. Or. 351)., or there- abouts, and now in the tenure or occupation of Mr Evan Lloyd. The Timber on the farm is valued at jE40, which sum will have to be paid by the Purchaser in addition to the Purchase Money. The river Clettwrfawr, which is celebrated for its trout fishing, runs through the estate, and the property is conveniently situated near the village of Talgarreg, and is intersected by the public road leading from Llandyssil to Newquay, distant from the former (Railway Station), six miles, and from the latter place, seven miles. The Farm Houses and Outbuildings are roofed with Carnarvon slates, having been put in repair by the landlord, and the whole of the land, which is meadow, arable, and pasture, is of the best quality. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or to J. H. EVANS, Solicitor, Newcastle-Emlyn. Green Park, Llandyssil, 12th May, 1890. T I RYD A I L, AMMANFORD, CARMARTHENSHIRE, CLOSE TO TIRYDAIL STATION, G.W.R. Importa at Sale of Superior MILCH CO WS, CARRIA «E MARE, valuable COLTS, Standimj HAY, tOc. MR. JOHN FRANCIS has received instructions from Mr W. N. Jones (who has terminated his milk contracts, and is giving up his dairy farming), to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on Tuesday 1st July, 1890, his valuable herd of Dairy Cows, Heifers and Calves, together with the following useful Horses and Colts, viz., 1 well-bred carriage mare, 16.2, rising 4 years 1 cart horse, 1 valuable Roan colt by ''Young Honesty," dam a well-known mare by "Sportsman"; 1 bay filly by "Young Honesty," dam by Mr Jones' fast trotting mare Bess 1 very promising colt, and 1 ditto filly by Mr Williams' (LIwynrhaf) well-known horse, and 6 pigs, together with 20 Acres of well-grown Horse Hay, in lots to suit purchasers. The Auctioneer confidently invites attention to this Sale the cows are cross-bred (Shorthorn and Ayrshire) have been carefully selected for their milking qualities, and are in full profit. Catalogues can be had at Tirydail, or from the Auctioneer, Carmarthen. Luncheon on the Table at 1 o'clock. Sale to cummcnce at JO. Credit on Conditions. Arrangements will be made for all trains to stop at Tirydail Station. Auction and Estate Agency Office, Carmarthen, June 13th, 1890. SALE THIS DAY! LLANELLY, CARMARTHENSHIRE. Important Sale of a Freehold Farm, Accommoda- tion Lands, Dwelling-houses, Building Sites and Ground Rents, as also of several Leasehold Dwelling-bouses and Ground Rents in the Parish of Llanelly, in the County of Carmarthen. MR. S. N. POWELL has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Athenieum Hall, Llanelly, on the 20th inst. (to-day) the Farm and extensive Plantation, known as Llwyn- celyn (otherwise Paxton's Allotment), a Freehold Field and large Open Quarry at Genwen (Cwm- felin), highly suitable for building purposes, several Freehold Dwelling-houses and Building Sites at the same place, a large number of Freehold Ground Rents and Lands at Felinfoel, Dafen, Llandafen Genwen, Cwmfelin, Dolau, New Dock and Seaside also numerous Leasehold Ground Rents, including Three Public Houses at Seaside, with a very Valuable Reversionary Interest, expectant on the determination of several of the Underleases also the Freehold Public House and Premises, known as the CORNISH ARMS," and the Dwelling-houses adjoining near the entrance to the Lead Works, Seaside. ALSO A NUMBER OF SHARES IN THE CARMARTHEN GAS COMPANY; the Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway Company, and the Llanelly Iron Shipping Company, Limited. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer, 3, Park-street, Llanelly, or of W. BUCKLEY RODERICK, Solicitor, Llanelly. 18th June, 1890. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. THE MAESLLAN ESTATE, Situate in the Parish of Llansawel, Carmarthenshire. MR. DAVID THOMAS is instructed to pre- pare for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, the above-mentioned Desirable and Valuable Freehold Property. Full particulars, with date of Sale, will shortly appear. Particulars, with Plans and Conditions of Sale, are in course of preparation, and may shortly be obtained of Messrs. Barker, Morris, and Barker, solicitors; and of Mr David Thomas, surveyor and land agent, all of Carmarthen. COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. Parishes of FISHGUARD, LLANWNDA, JORDAN- STONE, <0 ST. MARTIN'S, HAVERFORDWEST. Highly important Sale of Freehold Farms, Houses, and Accommodation Land, situate in the above Parishes, comprising several rich Pasture Fields and Houses, near the Towns of Fishguard and Haver- fordwest, the well-known Farms and small Holdings, called Castle-fartin, Llanfartin, Stop and Call, Peny- rallt, Ffynnon-clyn, Blaenrhos, Kille, Llanwnda, Tresinwen, and Clegyr, including extensive rights of Common in the Parish of Llanwnda. Most of the lots are within a short distance of the Town of Fishguard, while several are in close proximity to the growing and fashionable watering-place of Goodwick. MR. DAVID THOMAS is favoured with instruc- tions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the Commercial Hotel, Fishguard, at 2 o'clock sharp, on Thursday, the 31st day of July, in lots, the above-mentioned valuable and attractive FREEHOLD PROPERTY. Particulars, with Plans and Conditions of Sale, may be had of Mr David Thomas, Land Agent and Sur- veyor, Carmarthen or of MESSRS. EATON EVANS & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Haverfordwest. 4_- CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANDEFEILOV d- ST. PETER'S. Important Sale of a Valuable FREEHOLD FARM and Highly Valuable ACCOMMODATION LA ND, close to the Town of Carmarthen. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & CO. have 1.J.. been favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, in the month of July next, the valuable Freehold Farm and Lands known as BLAENYCWM and "CILWG," situate in the Parish of Llaiulefeilog, and containing about 50 acres (more or less) of Pasture and Arable Lands, now in the occupation of Mr Watts. Also that Freehold Field called MORFA," one of the richest in this fertile district, adjoining the Brick- works, and containing about 5 acres in the occupa- tion of Mr James Fontaine. Further particulars will duly appear, and in the meantime may be obtained of Mi ssrs Barker. Morris, and Barker, Holicitors, or of Messrs J. Howell Thomas and Co., auctioneers, estate agents, and surveyors, Carmarthen. PEMBROKESHIRE. HEADBOROUGH, IN THE PARISH OF WALWYNCASTLE, And distant about four miles from Haverfordwest, three-and-a-half miles from Milford Haven, and two- and a-half from Johnston Station on the Great Western Railway. IMPORTANT SALE OF A VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD 1 ARM. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. iVTEKSRS J. HOWELL THOMAS & Co. have IVJL been favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Castle Hotel, Haverfordwest, in the month of July next, the valuable Freehold Farm and Lands called HKADUOKOI:<;H," possessing a newly built Dwelling-house and capital outbuildings, and comprising about 103 acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land facing the South, and having a good supply of excellent water. On the estate is a valuable (Quarry of Building Stone. Further particulars will shortly appear, and in the meantime may be obtained of Messrs DavieS, George, & Co., Solicitors, Haverfordwest; W. Morgan Griffiths, Esq., Solicitor, Carmarthen or of Messrs J. Howell Thomas & Co., Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Car- marthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, 5th July next, that valuable Freehold Field, called "PAHKYCEGEK," adjoining the Parade, in the Town of Carmarthen, and those Freehold Farms and Small Holdings, known as GLYNSIW-ISSA," (I r.ou," CEURIG-YR-WYN (or "Lambstonc,") TALYFAN- UCHAE," and EISTEDDFA," all containing an area of nearly 750 acres, situate in the several Parishes of St. Peter's, Carmarthen, Llangunnock, Abernant, and Llannon. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Dudley W. Drummond, Esq., Portiss Cliff, Ferryside Mr John Francis, auctioneer, land agent, valuer and surveyor, Carmarthenshire; or of Messrs Pitts, Tucker & Sons, solicitors, Barnstaple, Devon. CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on SATURDAY, the 28th day of June, 1890, at 1 o'clock, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, the following FREEHOLD PRO: PERTY, viz. :-Borotiflh of Kidwelly: Holloway Farm Accommodation Fields, and several Build- ing Sites. Parishes of Penboyr and Cilrhedyn Penllwyncoch Farm, Danysmbbin Factory and Land, Godreffoesgelen, and another Common Allotment. Parishes of Ltaitflhaik(l(,t-ar-Arth Cross Inn Fawr, Cross Inn Fach, Bwlchnewydd, Cwrtygollen, several Building Sites and Accommodation Fields, an Allot- ment of Common, and a charge of £ 31 13s. annual rental from the Manchester and Milford Railway Company. Town of Carmarthen: Dwelling-houses and Shops, being Nos. 17, 18, li), and 20, Chapel- street, and Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, Jackson's-lane No. :J, St. Catherine-street; Garden in St. Catherine- street and two large Gardens near Peutrepotli. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mr John Francis, auctioneer, land agent, valuer, and surveyor, Carmarthen or of W. Hughes Jones, Esq., solicitor, Aberystwyth. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES OF MERTHYR & MYDRIM. MR. JOHN FRANCIS is favoured with instruc- tions to SELL by AUCTION, in July next, those two exceedingly valuable Freehold Farms, known as PARKYBERLLAN and" PLASPAHKE," containing about 280 acres, and held severally by Mr William Evans and Mr William Phillips. Further particulars will duly appear, and may be obtained of Mr John Francis, Auctioneer, Land Agent, Valuer and Surveyor, Carmarthen or of MR. W. MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. PARISHES OF LLANYBYTHER & PENCARREG CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS will offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Black Lion Hotel, Llanyby- ther, on Monday, July 7th, 1890, at 2 p.m., those two very desirable Farms and Lands, known as BLAENPADERNIN-UCHA and BLAENPADERNIN-ISSA," containing 141a. 2r. 26p., more or less, situate, and distant about 2 miles of Llanybyther and 3 miles of Lampeter. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mr John Francis, auctioneer, surveyor, land agent, and valuer, Carmarthen orof H. P. Cobb, Esq., solicitor, 53, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C. WANTED. WANTED, experienced GENERAL SERVANT, able to do plain cooking; good reference. Wages, £ 16.—Apply 23, High-street, Cardiff.



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