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RHOS TOWN TALK It is said That nearly a hundred Rhos people bought tickets in connection with the Lower Deep Pit's annual draw. N ,t one however succeeded in drawing a prize. That several Rhos people attended the Pageant on Wednesday last. Unfortun- ately what would have proved to be a brilliant spectacle was marred by the rain. That Rhos and Ponkey male voices are again hard at it practsiing for Caergwrle Eisteddfod on "The Martyrs." That nearly every boy and girl who have arrived at the age of articulation, have learned Great Cfesar by heart. The familiar strains are te be heard near- ly every night by juvenile basso profun- do's and piping young tenors. We are only daily expecting the birds to take up the refrain. II That Stryt y Plas has developed into Le Grand Boulevard of the nighbourhood lately. It has become the resort not on- ly of cooing couplets, but of innumerable go-carts and dozens of male voice parties. That baths would pay splendidly in Rhos is proved by the fondness for bath- ing exhibited by the boys of the district. One day last week, the mountain pool was literally packed with boys, looking quaintly picturesque in their birthday suits. So full was the pool that not an- other boy could by hook or by crook be stuck in. That the pool, being uncovered by either shady elms or any sort of leafy protection, becomes at times a source of great embarrassment to polite passers by. Boys, boys, you should save your pocket money and speculate in bathing suits. That the Parish Council have instruct- ed the Footpath Committee to prepare a scheme of how best to remedy the con- tinually breaking bridge on Cae Enion footpath. This bridge has been a source of great danger for some months, and on one occasion was the scene of a fatal ac- cident. That it is to be hoped the old bridge will be done away with altogether, and a suitable brick structure erected in its place. No one will rue the disappearance of the old bridge, except perhaps those who have their initials on it. These days, however, the picturesque must give place to the safe and serviceable. That the spectre of unemployment which seems to be stalking unchecked over the country, has even trodden on the teaching profession. Some half-doz- en Rhos teachers will after the holidays be 'out of a job.' That suitable ground for the Rhos Rangers' next season has not yet been se- cured. It is to he hoped that ground will be found somewhere in the neighbor- hood. A winter ur Rhos without the weekly excitement of the Rangers' is I unthinkable. That the group of speculators (of whom we have heard so much in the past) have again been seen in the neighborhood. Two years ago they were supposed to op- en a new china clay works, and last year they were to give us cheap electric light. This year it is said that they contemplate building a soap works. This decision was arrived at after seeing so many young hopeful's whose countenances were not exactly shining. That last week another instance of a dog's faithfulness, even unto death, hap- pened in this district. That a Penycae sheep drover was bring- ing some sheep home from Oswestry, and when near Newbridge, one of the flock- ran on to the viaduct. The drover sent his sheep dog after the errant sheep, and in endeavouring to save the sheep, the dog lost its life by falling over the bridge.




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