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¡ =- N Ir r lr( -=======-==-=-=-j, I A LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF I II aXED STATIONERY I AlaWATSS on band, neatly boxed, and at peices to suit everybody I Efoxet 3a., 6d., and 1/- I Xourning Mot* ;raimokor and lavelopei ■—. 1 I Foolsoup Itaper aad WZlqrelopeay Blotting Paper- | I THE BEST 1 I Id PACKET OF STATIONER Y j I IN THE DISTRICT. f. J œ-OLD MEDAL INKS- I MEMO BOOKS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, EXERCISE BOOKS, DAY BOOKS I L253>G3BRS, &c., in great variety. I R. MILLS AND SONS, Jjrkltrs, jitatioiwrs, oohsdhr5. Uttositgcnls. HEEALD OFFICE Illl OS i j 1I!.17'. V U .!oo. TTULRJ QI.t.1R JJ1T." íll JIh..JI.wIi :1 m poll I r. f -Mi.1111 11 1 I.UIÍI- i n i| i I IT Busmsss is ntru 11 I If BuiiaM is dull, that is the time to advertbe. Advertising ill turn the I I duMnww of to-day into the brisk trade of to-morrow. If bt)siiness i s g-04)d, that 1 I is the fine to advertise. Surely every merchant wishes biminehs to stay sond. I 1 ft and advertising is an assurance of this. No matter how much business » | I merchant if doing, he should not be averle to seeing it become better. Good II f — I advertising will accomplish thM. The. man who hms bad *n«-r £ _y enough to I I t I up a good trade usually has the ambition to wish to e it grow | I pow. Thta he showit use more and better advertising. j II' 'R4"Qri.=NiJM': '1 Att, iB M t THE HKOS HER AI, ..i t( t t_ I u r [_Æ I J" Ii