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t NTMITIKCKATIC T">WT>FT?K.—A C.tain PreT..nt..t¡. frw, In — Klektra Powdet Co., J{. Cfrvrtow-strget. N'wa^jg-.n-Tvr.«. » VSTHAMOWMKi .-pf••»'«>!nit. ,r?"' £ i J\ p.<:» tr«*. **■*>*>-■ -SiKiti; wCownial Omci-s, RraOinK. 7-T,Vs ott M.,r. CUeapSubstitute for Hav. Jh. I Th'tt-r Nw lib, &cr«*?w» H," Sire r' Fruit and V.t.- M"«Kf Htw Lay aU flip J'■ <nrsrt. Kcfn K:TL"fc yrtnih fur Ou*¥esr Any H 1ft, M. O'BRJEt, TCHOJ. <"OTTA i"RS. ABKRAMAN, fv WATJ'IS. TJRITIMH RIUirtT Cit'l KV to bt- welded and Omvrnel J) at. Folt«alrm^. pretty Ladies invited to conn et*. ValoAMe prim* ottered. All exiienses paid. pli.to.- $V>r*yO>. Pi«r. i GKNT." FETVATE CtTRTS'TMAS CAlil W. W: f~L A Whole or iptwtm*. Bf~t book. J-l#»tter.i a.—Triumph 5*1. Mark< HHlifnx. "'V^FWRITEK t awl RMwar*. nltrict Agent miitML'—L Parr. 48. Pev-ri -■<>*< S letKold. M 1SOLB CiWCWERS OR THOSE IT MAY CONCERN. 4yl in stall frajiug M«)( Skitm. Full Winter Fur and W Chn Prih, w per J«f; Spotted Felts, 10/6-12 6 pet (Cash «■ fk* lUli Stamp* for parcels allowed for.— ras, BritiA Par and Skin Company, 205, Cambridge- W1, Londoa, M. eOODS OB CBJBMT «B*wbnre. Br«>rj-thin* supplied. Rt*?« *ua-4!Milt«n(| W»reci<m«r. Eicliange-Mdgfc. Norwich. ■TIHTEST ASPABA@t?S. 2/e 120, carriage paid. Cash with fj Bgder.—Aiforii, Mortfcwn-h Hooae, Evesham. GREATEST GEOGRAPHICAL GAME OF THE AGE. Write aft once fat dawtip. MmL feve pamphlet •( a very interesting paatime, instne- • tive, constitutional, and of Mf j>\ J>* 1 absorbing interest. Can be | \f *>y '■wo or more I J jr' perilous at a tine. Train* g the eye, gteadiei the haada, 1 jbl develops the memory. Far- A\ nj ticuian of £ 50 offer on request. PLYCSONT, 120, Wanlow Street, London, W. 1!fDlQK9rnCOV«Ma waiPBPOZA17.—Free 8anple frm M>»«w» fc Ctt-, ftifctlwyfraw, West Norwood, Loriw. FiSiliSV <• UTeatern Australia to Farm Hands, X fiardenet*, Dakirym-T-. *r. Free passages to Domeaties. ^AppKoatioD forma free from. MACK AY BROS. A CO., Ha, vniou-skeet, IVCIKLZ Gudeairr Clogs, comfortable, any size, 411" peal. > paid. Designs waird>, Ltd., J;v-esham. INDIGESTION priaiaiy ea«u» «f moat of the ills to which we are mab- |mi WHBirrowa VEGETABLE PURIFYING FILLS aroswe ibe tomach to action. HeadadM flies HfH»— in. Kidney T>i*»"ierm, and Skin Complaints ditraT1r. ilk for WHELPTON S PURIFYING Pit LS, w rsmsihar tbom is NO PllL "JUST AS GOOD." la. lsd. of all Chemists. bee by Foit, 14 duiaIpI, 4, Crane-coart, Fleet-st., LcSl lon. "niOH CL ASS SWEF.l'1\1Ù< ï NO: (WOCoIaAtwi. ca-sdiks. v^«KH'r bonbons. \I} fully detail^.i M«v WW* Frii-e net, ]M«ta<n> 8d. Ind"* ff lwk ;m" pricf 'ist "r í)..li"1\- 0" hig O.MHilat'S F.'».tk'\t«, C"'¡"1Ir.. Clt,hte MmuI'I?, T!i»V-l.f-r J'o1"bnt M»tn. Nott,t f-'mrr.' s, l ,V It 0: Pal1f'J'. et- Jfecwi-Mw. Wbvl-. f s, rosd. BivVenliead. FREE RLOU ES. XLL aprtieaB'f) U-> '*■ V web-*d Mun^ftj moJTiinp are Tv.^ivinr >rr>r' f>! n -r Y'MT w it* for om if w n«rt miwl lot. sill <»r 1)KL.A IXKTTF rl<n; fSYEN AWAY FRKK. Send C O 1 to cover ^c. ^.gTfy H*Rn|jM5l«niwr Virgiwia-»tr»^t, OU-?ofr. P|P,CHASMS A COMfTAIlt USER SAYS 1SC<5LE, Norfolk. C«athf,—For years I took ■ tiaaa *i Malt Liquor before dinner to «re«fe sb appetite, as I was a poor feeder. S ate Einstki ago I heard of year Kiuaet fiw anaktnK Beer, eave it a trial and bave ever were iava it f a substitute for the ather, aad (he retrelt is natist iiisisfactory. After btiMt bottled a ilew days it is. s brifilit and sparMaa Nke ba-tted Ale. Since taking it I have keea fine from, tbw. crwri vains ef Indigestion, from wkicfe bad sofered a lone lime. Now iastead air game to the :Wic-hoose in the f¡œ my s«ui itlaw. 1180ke my pipe at home, ibiak my Herb tteverage and enjoy it, to in ked sitd stenp SMndfy. I have recommended ft t. wawy etkrars. who have tried it with like tetaft*. Tsar «<■> fcare thaoiht 1 evcht to give low a testiswseisl- f am Sin. yoors tmly. J. W. A 1Iet11e eaDeM. SeW «*etywhere, atmisla bottla pemf fne I saaga. NEWIALL m MASON. VfottintfhaM. E —I Cannot be Beaten THE i 'NEPTUNE' FouHtain Pens » Q AND THE I 'BRITISH' o Stylo Pens. {JCf Absolutely Reliable. | QJj Best British Make t [J "lens pritom 1/6 up to 10/6 i 14 Cant Gold NiiJ., j a) We stock them. ff Cag aiid seo- one. B. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. "1' "Vi^RTT KP *»>. H»i :'fon-r iiou-" of these pp.Airw j 1» ««i«r I 'ink P»«t" T'flwler, the Sore F.xter**ii».t"r, £ is. M. jm* » A BENTUSY, LTJX, 4si*LESHll-Lr B.RAJ»F«>IO#. |J V-ONO ri vfHBfi. -50 ats'wssary astifles. P V»*utifa:iT f»ll. IT-wr' work bv mother. ApproraL -Mia. Tms»»tl, Auoade, M»yl, Wales'. \J-o. +