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Am Gymry Llundain.

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Ystyrid ewythr ein gwrthddrych y chwareu- wr goreu yn ei ddydd ar y clarionet. Yr oedd i hwn bump o blant-dau fab (y rhai ddaethant yn adnabyddus fel organwyr), a a thair merch, Louisa, Sophie, ac Eliza. Priododd y tair gerddorion. Mab i Louisa ydyw y tenor byd-adnabyddus Edward Lloyd. Yr oedd gan Dr. Hopkins ddau frawd—y ddau yn organwyr. Pan yn wyth oed aeth Edward John Hopkins i gor enwog y Capel Brenhinol; cor ym mha un y mae nifer mor fawr o brif gerddorion Lloegr wedi cymeryd rhan, drwy gwrs y canrifoedd. Wele hanesyn sydd yn dangos ei natur dda fel bachgen. When quite a young child Edward John undertook the care of some geraniums for his mother, who, how- ever, did not approve of the use he made of a valuable china tea-pot for the purpose of watering these flowers. In spite of a solemn promise not to repeat this offence, a very few days afterwards this article of virtu was again brought into similar requisition but hearing footsteps behind him, the boy in at- tempting to suddenly withdraw, acci- dentally dropped his forbidden watering- pot, which was dashed to the ground where it lay broken in small pieces. The little fellow was so grieved when he perceived his mother's sorrow and anger at the loss of her much-prized treasure, that as soon as he had received and got over the righteous punishment for his disobedience, he immediately empted the contents of his money-box into his pocket, went off to the nearest china- shop and purchased a brand new tea- pot, which, with its highly-coloured rose decoration, was-in his eyes-even more gorgeous than the one he had broken. He presented this peace-offering to his mother (who had just returned from an afternoon call) with an embrace so ardent that it had the effect of reducing her bonnet to almost as worth- less a condition as that of the misused tea-pot.