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A NEW DRAMATIC SKETCH. Tom Barrister in a striking pose. A representative of the K'ELT visited Tom Barrister, the well-known writer and enter- tainer, at his country address at Weston, and, in the course of an interesting chat, Barrister announced that he hoped to have his new dramatic sketch staged at one of the London halls in the course of the year. In spite of his wide experience and gratifying success in concert hall and drawing room work, he still considers that he will have a vast amount to learn and unlearn in this new and more advanced theatrical venture. But with his strong dramatic instinct and striking originality, there can be little doubt of his success. In this startling new play, Barrister will have every opportunity of proving his exceptional power. The story is thrillingly weird and creepy, without being in any way morbid and depressing. The scene between the religious maniac and his dead child in the death-chamber, the terrible mad experi- ment, the frenzied prayer, and the wild sobbing ecstacy of the concluding lines, make a picture to be remembered. Asked to give his views upon the dramatic world, he begged to be excused, remarking that he had neither experience nor pre- sumption enough to pass opinions at this early stage. He is greatly amused at the manner in which his script is already being attacked and dissected, and concluded the interview with the laughing remark that the play was certain to be a roaring success or a howling failure."





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