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THE GOLDSMITHS' AND SILVERSMITHS' STORES, 33 & 93, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Are now showing the choicest selection of Diamond and Gem Jewellery to be seen out of London, at 10 to 20 per cent. below the usual Metropolitan prices. The Stock includes an unusually Magnificent Burma Ruby Ring and Four of the finest Brazilian Diamonds, mounted as single stone rings, on the market at the present time. OF SPECIAL INTEREST is a collection of Beautiful and Unique Jewels bought at Auction at particularly advantageous prices, and which they are enabled to offer as Rare Bargains. As the Goldsmiths' nd Silversmiths' Stores consider their display worthy of a visit, they cordially invite inspection without importunity to purchase. t THE MOST WONDEBFUL MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. PYRAZINE HEADACHE OR NEURALGIA Absolutely and in less than twenty minutes certain, It has cured thousands of cases which no other medicine in the world would touch. X \M Oi PYRAZINE is the only Cure for Headache which does not depress the heart, and the m II JJ L 0 V Ml Sold in Llandudno by— V v is, CIBSOfl» Pharmacist, Madoc Street. 'Cfj Messrs. WINTER & CO., Pharmacists, Mostyn Street aqd Craig/don, | A at and 2s 9d per bottle.

- The Globe Bazaar