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Boatmen's Benefit Regatta.


Boatmen's Benefit Regatta. On Wednesday afternoon, undeir the man- agement of the Commodores, Mr J. Roberts, and Councillor Hugh Edwards, the much-talk- ed of boatmen's regatta was held. The "officers included Messrs E. B.oo.t, A. Hewii ana R. T. Owen. Timekeeper, Mr Will Owen. ''The boatmen were represented in the by Messrs John Griffiths Oapt. J. Hughes; John (Hughes, Tom Jones; Th-cis. Parry, and H-ugh Williams, with Mr George E. Brookes, hon. secretary. Some fourteen events were scheduled 011 the programme, and our boatmen proved them- selves capable of putting in some excellent work in the rowing race-' In the-Open Sailing Boat Race "Nightingale," sailed by Captain Williams, came in first, the "Shamrock" taking, second place. ''Reliance" when leading by &ome minutes, in the first round carried away a top pJank a')¡d had to retire. The other events were: Pair Oar Sculling Race: 1, F. W. Parry; 2, Joseph Jones;1 3, Williani I-Iiughes. Rowing Race, two oarsmen and cox- 1, Jooes and Hughes; 2, Brookes .and Moss. Ladies' Sculling Race: 1, Rose Winstanley. Blindfold Sculling Race: 1. F. W. Parry. One-Oar Boat Race: 1, Tom Jones: 2. Win. Hughes. Obstacle Race: 1, J. Jones; 2. F. W. Party; 3, W. L. Joines. Tug of War, fOUJr üarsmen with cox.: Winner, W. L. Jones in the "Nellie." Four-Oared Boat Race with cox.. 1, W Jones's "Nellie." Walking Greasy Pole: 1. Jas. Hushes. Lifeboatmen's Race: 1, W. Parry:. 2, J. Edwards; 3, D. L. Jones; 4, Bob Williams. The finale was, as usual, the climbing of the greasy pole, and the .attempts were watched by a large crowd, who throughout the afternoioe.1, cheered the various winners from time to time, and thoroughly appreciated the boatmen's Carnival. The donors of prizes were.:—Messrs 7., Mostyn Street; P. S. Parr, tobacconist; Salzedo, optician and jeweller; E. Boot, hair- dresser: Felix, Tudn-o Hotel; J. Davies :and Son, Clothiers; Mr L. Wagstaff, tobacconist; H. Jones, gent's outfitter:" W. Jones, Great Olrme's Head; R. Travers. tobacconis": Stead and Simpson, Glo,ddaeth Street; G. F. and A. Brown and Sons, The Clock; Bra die v and Co., drapers: E. W. Williams, outfitter; Hewitt, Church Walks; and W. Owen, Oxford Hoteil.

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