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LLANDUDNO URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. LIBRARY CURIOS. ANL, BOOKS. THE; HAPPY YAXLEY LEASE. PROPOSED PURCHASE! OF GREAT ORME TRAMWAY. NEW SHELTER, FOR CLLUGYDOX. THE COUNCIL, AND THE TRAMWAY COMPANY. THE INSPECTION OF ROADS. TOWN BAND TO PLAY ON PROMENADE. The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Wednesday, Mr W. II. Jones pre- siding. The following members were present:—'Messrs W. Beaumont, Ef. E. Bone, S. Chantrey, D, Davies. H. Edwards, T. W. Griffith, P. Jones, J. McMaster, J. J. Marks, n. Roberts, F. J. Sarson, T. W. Smith, J. O. Thomas, W. Thomas, H. Wilson, W. O. Williams, G. Woodyatt. ROAD REPAIRS, The Works Committee reported having visited a number of roads at the West End of the town, at Conway Shore, and also in the vicinity of the railway station, and that they had given instructions to the Assistant Engineer for certain repairs to be carried out at an estimated cost of £149. The Committee also reported that they had decided to meet again and inspect the roads in the Craigydon district and also Conway Road. u. ROAD FOREMAN. The Council approved of the appoint- ment of James Thomas, mason, as fore- man of the works in connection with the construction of the new road to the Cemtery, and his salary as such was fixed at 6s. per day. DAMAGE TO SEA WALL. The Assistant Surveyor reported that further damage had been caused to the sea wall by the recent storms, and instructions were given for the same to be repaired temporarily, pending, their in- spection of the wall. HAPPY VALLEY IMPROVEMENT. The Works Committee reported that the question of acquiring land adjoining the Happy Valley for ornamental purposes had been considered, but that it was de- cided to leave the matter over for the present. The Assistant Surveyor was requested to submit to the Works Committee a sketch of the seats proposed to be placed in the Happy Valley in the positions de- cided upon when a recent inspection of the Valley was made. With regard to the request of the Gardener for a tool shed it was considered that when the Council Yard was covered provision could be made for a space for the gardener's use. NOT GRANTED. An application for one week's holiday was received from the Asphalte Works engine driver, but on the recommendation of the Works Committee the Council de- clined to grant the holiday. PUBLIC LIGHTING. The Gas, Water and Electricity Com- mittee reported having met, on the 19th November, and visited streets where addi- tional lighting was said to be required, including Back Madoc Street-, St, Mary's Road, the vicinity of Dyffryn Road School^ Church Walks, Upper Mostyn Street, Ty Is a Road, Back Mostyn Street, Bodafon R ow, Adelphi Street, Vaughan Street., Oxford Road, Maesdu Road, Hos- pital Road, Queen's Road, and Fferm Bach Ro ad. Certain suggestions were made and provisionally agreed to< for the betterment of the lighting; by the fixing of additional lamps and the conversion of existing flat flame burners to incandescent burners, the assistant engineer being re- quested to prepare and present a report as to the additional cost proposed and a com- parative statement of the cost of flat flame lights and incandescent. Owing to the heavy rain the committee then adjourned to the 24th November, when roads in the Craigydon and Bryny- bia districts were inspected, and. the assistant engineer was instructed to pre- pare a. report; on certain suggestions made to improve the lighting, together with an estimate of the cost. On the first of December the roads in the Great! Orme district were visited and the Assistant Engineer requested to re- port on the Council's powers in certain roads, while other suggestions as to bet- ter lighting were agreed to. QUALITY OF COAL COMPLAINED OF. Mr W. Thomas called attention to the report of the Gas Manager as to the quality of coal supplied by the Con- tractor, and asked if that was the cause of the decreased make of gas per ton of coal as compared with last year's results. The Gas Manager said it was. Mr Thomas, referring to the tabulated returns in the minutes, pointed out that the Council had therefore lost the value in gas of 50 tons of coal, The Ga,s Manager said that as compared with last year's returns that view was correct. Mr T. W. Griffith: The contract expires at the end of the month. Mr Sarson If the quality was inferior why on earth did the Committee receive it. Mr Griffith: Up to last month the quality was very satisfactory. The matter was referred to the special consideration of the Gas Committee, but at a later stage of the meeting when cheques were b-eiing; signed, Mr W. Thomas proposed, and it was agreed to, that the contractor be only paid (without prejudice) JE500 insead of the full amount of his bill, J5548. A TENDER ACCEPTED. The tender of Messrs Mobberly and Perry for the supply of fire clay goods was acicepted. ENGINE REPAIRS.. The Assistant Engineer reported that the gas engines at the Great Orme pump- ing station had been found to be sin need of repair, and that the makers had made an examination, and offered to do all the necessary work for -2,17. The tender was accepted. PROPOSED GAS MAIN TO TOP' OF PENRHYN HILL. The Assistant Surveyor reported on the estimated cost of a proposal to extend the gas main from "Cliff-side" in Bodafon Road to the top of Penrhyn Hill, but after considering the same the Gas Committee decided to leave the matter in abeyance for the present. With regard to the gas and water mains in Tlalies,in Street, New Street, Deganwy Street., Cla,ch Road and Street, and James Street the Assistant Engineer re- ported that certain work was necessary, and it was decided to carry out the same at a total estimated cost of £ 178. THE BOOSTER AT THE ELECTRICITY WORKS. At a meeting of the Gas, Water and Electricity Committee, the Clerk read cor- respondence which had passed between himself and the British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, Ltd., with respect, to the booster at the Electric Light Works belonging to the Tramway Company, and in which the Westinghouse Company claimed to have patent rights. The Clerk was authorised to give the Westinghouse Company full particulars of the arrangement, subject to which the Tramway Company were allowed to instal the booster at the works. THE QUESTION OF METER RENTS. With regard to the question of meter rents charged upon small consumers of water for other than domestic purposes, it was decided to meet specially on a con- venient date to consider generally the scale of charges now in operation for water supplied for other than domestic purposes. Meanwhile the Accountant was asked to prepare statistics shewing the quantity of water used through meters and the sum paid per annum in respect, thereof. Also particulars of meter rents paid. ELECTRICAL. ENGINEER'S REPORT. The monthly report of the Electrical Engineer was presented and considered at a meeting of the Gas and Electricity Com- mittee on December 4th —(a) He stated that a fault had developed on the Oraig-y- don mains which he was using his best, en- deavours to discover. No consumers had been cut off. (b). He also reported that the Boiler Inspector had made an in- spection of all the st,eam pipes at the works together with the fittings and exten- sions of all the boilers. A full certificate of safety had been granted, (c) The Engineer also stated that the water main in Maesdu Road had burst twice during the last few months, and he suggested that a duplicate main should be put, in and run from Council Street, as a, serious burst in the main for a considerable time would mealnstoppage of the works. It was resolved that the assistant en- gineer (Mr Ward) be asked 'to report on the matter and present an estimate of the ,cost of extending a main from Oxford Road or in the alternative from Conway Road. REPORT WANTED. It was resolved that the Electrical En- gineer be asked to report on the question of putting down a turbine at the works- also on the feasibility of harnessing the water above Llanbedr. GREAT ORME SEWERS. The Health Committee reported that) they had considered the question of flush- ing the Great Orme sewers and given the following insftruciJions — "To flush the tank at M'a.esfacrell; daily at one o'clock, and to flush the other tanks every Monday at the same hour." tanks every Monday at the same hour." With regard to the automatic flushing tanks in the same district the Assistant Engineer wa,s asked to make an inspection thereof, and if he found they were faulty to communicate with the makers with re- gard thereto. As an amendment, Mr W. Thomas pro- posed that all the words after thereof be deleted and the following inserted :—"And of the sewers generally and report, to the Committee." Mr Hugh Edwards seconded, and the amendment was carried. THE VITAL STATISTICS, Mr Mc,Master asked the Chairman of the Health Committee (Mr J. 0. Thomas) whether the returns of births and deaths were correct, the same reading: "That for the month of November the births were 19.5 per 1000, of the population and the deaths 7.6." Ift that was correct there had been 233 births and 93 deaths in the town during November.—(Loud laughter.) It was pointed out that the words per annum should have been included in the paragraph. THE PROPOSED COTTAGE: AT THE 'SLAUGHER HOUSES. The Health Committee reported that further consideration of the question of erecting a residence for the Slaughter- house Superintendent had been deferred. NEW HARNESS. The tender of Mr E. Davies, Mostyn Street, for a new set of double harness for the fire brigade was accepted, the amount beiitog R17. THE TOWN BAND. Mr T. Smith, chairman of the Bye-laws C'ommittee, reported that Mr Mohr, con- ductor of the Town Band^ had agreed to gjive an hour's performance on four days a week opposite the Pier Gates, from 11-2-0 to 12-30 o'clock in the morning.— (Hear, hear.) Mr Bone: May I ask if they will also play in Great Orme's Road.—(Laughter.) Mr Smith They will play anywhere they are invited to. r PROPOSED R,E'-ARJR,ANG EIME:Nr' OF TELEPHONE SERVICE. The Finance Committee reported having had under consideration the question of re-arranging the telephone system in the Town Hall, whereby direct communication with the exchange might be made to the office of the Clerk and Accountant re- spectively, in lieu of the present system, which does nat meet all the requirements. In reply to a question, the increased cost was given a,t, £ 6. Mr Pierce Jones proposed that the re- commendation of the Finance Committee he deleted until the next financial year, there being no provision for the expense in the estimates. The Finance Committee, he said, wa-s continually warning the other committees to keep within the estimate, and it, was only fair to ask them to do the same. Mr Marks seconded the resolution, stat- ing that the Finance Committee proposed to squander a sum which would take the members of the Joint Sanitary Committee ten years to save. -,(L;a,u ohter.) Mr Robert, Roberts supported the re- commendation. Mr Chantrey suggested that in view of the facilities granted the Telephone Com- pany the alterations should be made by them free of cost, and proposed a, resolu- tion to that effect, which was seconded by Mr Hugh Edwards. Mr McMaster, chairman of the Finance Committee, characterised the resolution as either a joke or an attempt to get at the committee. Mr Pierce Jones, he said, seemed to think the town was standing still, but he could inform him that the work of the officials was continually on the increase. Mr Jones was continually re- ferring to the estimates, and that led him to believe that he (Mr Jones) must spend all his leisure time on Sundays studying them.—(Laughter.) Mr Pierce Jones withdrew his amend- ment in favour of Mr Ohantrey's, which was carried. 3 Council. THE TEMPORARY ASSISTANT IN SURVEYOR'S OFFICE. With a view to placing a limit on the engagement of the temporary assistant in the Surveyor's office, Mr W. O. Williams moved that the period should not, be more than six weeks. Mr Sarson How long has he been there and what is he paid. The Assistant Surveyor (Mr W. T'. Ward): Since October 6th, at, JE2 10s. per week. Mr Chantrey seconded the motion, which was agreed to. PROPOSED PURCHASE OF GREAT ORiME: TRAMWAY. The Council in committee having re- ferred to the Finance Committee the ques- tion of purchasing the Great Orme Tram- way, that body considered the recom- mendation, and instructed the Clerk to communicate with the Secretary of the Company and obtain information and full particulars as to sale, etc., and also in- structed the Electrical Engineer to report whether it was practicable for the tram- way to be worked by electricity. The Chairman announced that a reply had been received from the Secretary and asked if it should be referred to the Coun- cil in Committee or to the Finance Com- mittee. MIr Bone said it would not be quite fair to the Company to give at, the present, stage publicity to the figures, and sug- gested that as the matteir, was being dealt with by the Finance Committee, the letter should be referred unread to them. Mr McMaster proposed that it should be referred to a committee of three who could be depended upon to keep their own counsel on the matter. Mr r. W. Griffith resented thaLi as a slur on the committee, and eventually it :0 was agreed that the Finance Committee should hold a special meeting to consider the question, CEMETERY ROAD LOAN. A letter was read from the Logal Gov- ernment Board with respect, to the appli- cation to borrow £2.550 for the purposes of the road, and stating that before grant- ing the application a local inquiry would be held at a, date to be fixed later. THE HAPPY VALLEY LEASE. A letter was read from Mr W. J. Churchill, tenant of the Happy Valley Minstrel plot asking for a renewal of his lease for a period of three years from 1910. A further letter was read from Mr Churchill stating that he noticed that the concerts in the Pavilion were to be ex- tended until October 31st, and that he would be willing to continue his per- formances until the same time and pay £ 20 per annum more providing he was allowed to give two performances a. day in the Valley. Both letters were referred to the Bye- laws Committee. SHEEiP DIPPING. A letter was read from North Wales Farmers asking the Council to support their agitation against the order of the Board of Agriculture making the dipping of sheep compulsory. T'he letter was re- ferred to the Health Committee. THE LIBRARY CURIOS AND BOOKS. A letter was read from Mr G. A. Hum- phreys, honorary secretary of the Old Newsroom and Library Committee with reference to the purchase of the books and curios now in the Library, the Council at the last meetiing having refused to buy them. The Council were asked to receive a deputation on the matter. After some discussion Mir J. O1. Thomas said he would be sorry to see the books and curios being put up by auction and sold at less than their real value. -.Nfr W. 0. Williams characterised the letter as an attempt to get the Council to eat its own and said that all along there had b under current trying to there had b under current trying to force the G n a certain direction. _i6 !2 Mr T. W. Griffith I have not known of any under current. The Chairman Nor I either. Mr Bone said if the Council had de- cided not to purchase the books they ought to eat their own words. As regards, the cunios he did not thing the. 'Council could legally buy them. By niine votes to seven it was eventually agreed to receive a deputation. LOCAL CHARITIES. With reference to Lewis Owen and Richard ap Robert Charities, Messrs McMaster and Win. Thomas were appoint- ed to apply for a scheme creating a trust from the Charity Commissioners- and take any further steps necessary in the matter. UNEMPLOYED WORKMEN. The Council agreed to support- a resolu- tion sent out by Tottenham Urban District, Council in respect to the need of legisla- tion to cope wit the unemployed problem. APPOINTMENT OF COUSTY SCHOOL GOVERNOR. Mr John Owen, Avallon, was unani- mously re-elected to represent the Coun- cil on the Governing Body of the County School for a period of three months. On the motion of M!r Bone, it- was unani- mously decided that future appointments be made out, of the members of the Coun- cil. WATER. CONNECTIONS OUTSIDE THE URBAN DISTRICT. Mr David Davies asked permission to withdraw the notice of motion in respect to water connections outside the Urban District standing in his name, and post- poned until the dispute with the Cowlyd Water Board, had been settled, and stated that he wished to propose one in a I different form: "!That, with regards: to the view taken and expressed by the Cow- l lyd Board, that they do not recognise the 1 agreement between the Council and the Board, dated 1st September, 1889, as to the mutual supply of water as binding, we give to the Cowlyd Board one month's notice to terminate that agreement, and that we seal the valves at Caerhun, Rhos- mynach, and Llandudno Junction, which valves are to remain intact, until an agree- ment is entered into between the two Boards, founded on reasonable and legal basis." The request was granted and the notiice handed to the Clerk. APPOINTMENT OF INSPECTOR! OF NUISANCES. The Chairman moved and it was unani- mously agreed to that Mr William little be re-appointed inspector of nuisances for a term of one year from the 24th December 1908 at a salary of P,150, subject to the approval of the Local Government Board, and that Mr Little be also re-appointed inspector of drains of new buildings for the same period at an annual salary of 26. NEW, SHELTER FOR: CRAIGYDON. Mr EI. E. Bone moved the following notice standing in his name :—"That it be referred to the Works Cioramittee to take steps to provide an additional shelter on the Promenade opposite the eastward end of Craigydon Parade." In doing so Mr Bone contended that it was time the Craigydon end of the parade was brought on a level with the other as regards the comfort of visitors. The district was growing in popularity with visitors on account of its bratcing air, and the shelter accommodation was quite inadequate. Mr Henry Wilson seconded the motion. Mr Hugh E'dwards said he would sup- port it if Mr Bone would include the two other shelters for the Invalid's Walk. The Chairman ruled that no addition could be made to the motion, whereupon Mr Edwards said he would support the proposal in any case. Mir McMaster said he would vote against the proposal until after the Works Com- mittee had reported on the proposed shel- ter in Gloddaeth Street and Invalid's Walk. At the present time he would oppose the erection of one in Gloddaeth Street. Although such would be of great advantage to him^ he challenged the mem- bers to say that he had ever asked for one.—(Chorus of "No's" and laughter.) In his opinion the lighting of Gloddaebh Street should first receive attention. At the same time it did him good to hear Mr Bone talk of the bracing air of Craigydon afrter what, he remembered him saying about the smoke and the smell in that nei,ghb,ourhoo,d.-(Loud 1 a.u gh ter.) The motion was eventually carried only Mr McMaster voting in opposition. THE COUNCIL AND THE: TRAMWAY COMPANY. Mr McMaster proposed the following re- solution of which he had given notice:- "That, the Council respectfully inform the Board of Trade that in contravention of the decision of the Commissioners who sat at Colwyn Bay in January 1907, the Llandudno and Clolwyn Bay Tramway Oompany make their terminus at Great Orme's Road and Gloddaeth Street instead of Dale Street, and request the Board to require the Company to run their cars direct to Dale Street. Mr Bone said he would second the pro- posal if Mr McMaster would agree to the Company being written to first, Mr Pierce Jones said that according! to the Chairman's ruling on the previous motion that was out of order. The Chairman said that, as a mode of procedure it was in order. Mr Pierce Jones entered a strong pro- test against that, course being adopted and the unfair ruling of the Chairman, but Mr McMaster agreed to the mode of procedure and the motion was thereupon carried. Seals were subsequently affixed to several documents and the Council ad- journed.

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