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ŒlllDf.1Œ!t LOCAL NEWS. SUNSHINEI RE"CIOR,D,The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded at Llandudno for week ending December 13th was 10 hours 42 minutes. The rainfall for the same period being 0.930 inches. SUMMARY OF1 P A YME.N TS.—The Llandudno Finance Committee have sanc- tion the payment, of acountis: -General fund, £ 4220! 6s. ld. waiter and gas fund, JE5198 14s. 9d.; electric light fund, £ 1168 14s. 6d.; total, P,10,58,7 15s. 4d. CAMBRIDGE: OHEiSiSl PRESIDENT. Mr W. Humphreys., of Chester, brother of Mr G. A. Humphreys, Mostyn Estate Offices, Llandudno, has been appointed President of the Cambridge Chess Club. Mr W. Humphreys is past, champion of 'Cheshire, and has on several occasions met and made a draw game with the re- in owned World's Champion, Dr. Lasker. HAPPY VALLEY SECURITIES.— 'The Clerk read a letter from Mr Churchill -submitting another name as surety in place of the one who is desirous of retiring. He stated that he had made full enquiries as to the standing of the proposed surety and had received very satisfactory replies. It was resolved that the surety proposed be aclcepted. IRISH FAIRY SONGS, AND TALEIS. --This was the title of the third of the special series of lectures held under the auspices of the St Paul's Literacy Society, which took place on Monday evening at, St. Paul's Church House, before a large .and interested audience. Miss O'Connor i)rove,d herself a most entertaining lec- turer, and held her audience in rapt atten- tion from start to finish, her songs being particularly appreciated. Mr James Marks aclted as accompanist. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Miss O'Con- nor on the proposition of Mir L. H. Edminson. ORAIGYDO-N BOAT JETTY.—The members of the, Craigydon Mutual Im- provement, Association on Friday evening last discussed the suggested boat jetty at Craigydon and the best method of agitat- ing to obtain ilt. After a good deal of dis- cussion the subject Was referred to the Executive Commlittee with a view to a special committee being appointed to bring pressure on the Urban Council in order that the project may be carried into effect. Mr Peacock presided. ACCIDENT.—An old lady named Mrs Fairley, residing in C'wlach Road, was admitted to the Cottage Hospital, suffer- ing from a broken thigh. It, appears she was discovered in Cwlach Road on Wed- nesday afternoon, having apparently fallen over the wall of her garden to the road below, a distance of about ten feet. Dr. E. S. Gooddy was summoned and at- tended the old lady, who was in a serious condi/iion. It was considered advisable to remove her to the hospital. Inspector 'Owen, Sergt. Jones and P,Ô.'s Williams (29) and Williams (51) assisting in the ambulance work, and were heartily congratulated by the doctor on the excel- lent manner in which they carried out a difficult piece of ambulance work. CRAIGYDON RELIEF SEWER.- The Works Committee have had under consideration the question of laying; a re- lieving sewer to the Craigydon district. The Saniitary Inspector and the Assistant Surveyor (Mr Davies) attended the meet- ing and gave their experience of the re- quirements of the district, and also the adequacy or otherwise of the present sys- tem. They were of the opinion that pro- vided buildings are not allowed to be erected at too low a level below the kerb of the adjoining street, the present sewer is sufficient to meet the requirements, and normal development of the district for .some years to come. 'The Assistant Engineer states that in hrisopinion the present system was sufficient, for the area -it drains. After further considering the matter it was resolved that from the in- -formation received, this Committee is of the opinion that there iso. at present no -necessity to continue a relieving sewer to -Oraigydon. EXPENSES OF JOINT .SANITARY COMMITTEE.—A letter was read from the Clerk to the Carnarvonshire Joint San-itary Committee replying to the Llan- dudno Finance Committee's complaint of ,the expenses incurred by the ,Joint Committee, and stating that thei in- crease has mainly been caused by the extra number of meetings which were obliged to be held in consequence of the re- arrangement of the appointments of Medical Officers of Health, and that the necessary expenses of the members at- tending the meetings are authorised by the provisions of the order of the Local Government Board, and by the certificate .of the District Audiltor required under such order that the several expenses had been legally incurred. The Committee after fully considering the matter and having had pointed, out to them that ap- parently members of the Joint Committee .attending meetings in their own town are allowed 5s. per meeting, it was decided (that in the opinion of this Cbmmittee the payment of 5s. per day to a member of the Joint Sanitary Committee when at- tending a meeting of the said C'ommititee held within a district in which such mem- ber resides is not a necessary expense within the meaning! of the order of the Local Government Board, and that, there- fore the Council be recommended, to take 3steps to oppose any such payment in future either by a, representation to the Local Government Board or at, an audit .of the accounts of the Joint Authority, s ,and that a. copy of this resolution be for- warded to the Clerk to the, Carnarvon- slil;re Joint Saniitary Authority. At the monthly meeting of the Council on Wed- nesday Mr James Marks criticised the above recommendation in caustic terms, ,and proposed that it be deleted from the minutes of the committee.—Mr Robt. Roberts rose to reply, but, as there was no ,s,econder ito the motion he wa,s ruled out of order. I THE TOWN BAND.The, Clerk has reporyted that, the town hand commenced on the 26th November. It was decided to ask Mr Mohr to meet, Messrs Smith, H. Edwards and W. Beaumont, to see whether any, and if so, what better arrangements can be made with a view to meeting the wishes of the public. SALE OF GAS COOKERS.—The scale of charges prepared by the Gas Manager for the sale outright to consumers of gas cookers which have been in use during periods varying from one to ten years was under consideration of the Gas Cbmmittee, and it was decided to annex same to these minutes and to print copies thereof for circulation amongst consumers now using gas cookers. CHRISTMAS POIT POT.—This sea- sonable charity bids fair to outrival all previous records; about. 350 tickets have already been distributed, representing a dinner for over 1,000 persons. Anyone interested may view the preparation of the Hot Pots on Thursday next at the St. George's Hotel Kitchen, kindly lent by the proprietor. SEA ANGLING COMPETITION.—A sea angling competition, arranged by the Llandudno Club, took place at the Pier Head on Wednesday. Unfortunately the fish were not on the prowl for food, and although t,en members fished for over two ho iTs the results were poor. First prize was awarded rto Mr J. J. Knight of Craigydon, who secured a codling1 of lib. 7oz., the second going to E. Rowe, of the Washington Hotel, for two dabs weighing, lib. 5oz. LOCAL WEDDING.—An interesting' local wedding was solemnised at the Eng- lish Baptist Chapel on Monday, by the Rev. John Raymond, between Mr George Underwood, only son of Mrs Underwood, Plas Myrddin, Abbey Road, and Miss Gertrude Hems, of Birmingham. The wedding breakfast was served at Marsh- lands, and afterwards, Mr and Mrs Under- wood left, for London for the honeymoon. CHRISTMAS. CLOSING OF' SHOPS. -At, a general meeting of the Grocers and Fruiterers' Association, held on Tuesday last, the following1 arrangements were made for closing —Christmas and Boxing Day all day; Wednesday, 30th December, half-day; New Year's Day, all day. We understand that the Railway Company are runniing a special train to all parts at 2 o'clock on Xmas morning. REHOBOTH LITERARY SOCIETY. -.on Monday evening Mr W. S. Williams presided over the meeting, which had for consideration "Aire the Missionary Societies a success?" Miss Owen (Rtviera) argued well that they were, and Mr E!. J. Jones, of the Oraigydon School, argued in the negative. Speeches were made by Messrs Owen Parry, Robert Williams (Roiseniount)^ Robert Williams (Didsbury House), Thomas Griffiths, and J. T. Dor- kins. Upon a vote, there was a, large, majority in favour of the opinion that the missions had been a, success. GUESSING COMPETITION AT THE PIER. VAR,IEITIES,On Wednesday evening the Pier Theatre of Varieties was packed, their being no less than 415, gentlemen present. The first prize of £ 2 was gained by Robert. Hughes, Dinorwic Villa, Trinity Street, who guessed the actual number; second prize of JBl, Miss Annjie Clope, 141, Mostyn Street, who guessed 425; third prize of ten shillings was divided between H. Forrester., Mos- tyn Streti, and Pryse ML Williams, Fron Deg, Caroline IStreet, their guess being 397. LOCAL, PROPERTY SALE'On Fri- day evening, at the Marine Hotel, Mr T. W. Griffith submitted for competition, several freehold dwelling-houses situated in the village of Penrhynside, midway be- tween Llandudno and Oolwyn Bay, be- longing to the estate of the late Mr Peter Hughes. The first lot, Fair View, com- prising a dwelling-house, with, a gross rental of £ 13 13s. per annum, was sold to Mr Williams, of Bryn Ha,focl, for .€250. Nos. 1 and 2, Drillo View, being two semi- detached cottages, were sold to Mr O1. Roberts, Penrhyn Isa,, for £ 310'. Nos. 1 and 2, Penygroesfford Cottages, were sold to the same purchaser for JB210. Bella Vista, a small villa residence, was with- drawn at £300, and Nos. 1 and 2, T'any- fon Cottages, at, £230. Messrs Chamber- lain and Johnson were the solicitors for the vendors, the trustees to the estate. THE COUNCIL AND LOCAL CARTERS,-—At a meeting of the Llan- dudno Works Committee a, letter was. read from local carters requesting the Com- mittee to place the carting orders amongst the various carters in the town, who are prepared to do the work at the same rate as is paid to the Council's Con- tractor. After fully considering the mat- ter, the Committee instructed the Assist- ant Surveyor to' arrange for the applicants and other carters in the town, to have divided arnongjst them the carting work in connection with the new road to the Cemetery, the payment to be 6s. lid. per day for man, horse and cart,. The Assist- ant Elngineer was requested to inform the present contractor, Mr Davies, that the Committee have taken this course owing to the unusual quietness in the. carting busi- ness. The Committee gave instructions to the Assistant Surveyor as to ,the time the carters were to start work in the mornings, the practice of taking the time of starting as from, the time they leave the stable to be discontinued, and in future the carters will be required to be at the job at the same time ,as the other workmen.—When the above recommendation came before, the Council for confirmation a letter was read from Mr W. Davies stating that the pro- posal of the Works Committe.e was not fair- to him, and the agreement between him and the Council was called for, after the reading of which Mr Pierce Jones, pro- posed and Mr Miarks seconded a resolu- tion referring the. matter back for further Is consideration. After some discussion this I was agreed to. CAMERA HILiL TENANCY.—The I Clerk to the Council submitted draft agreement with Lord Mostyn for the tenancy of Camera Hill, which the Com- mittee approved of, and recommended the Council to authorise the Clerk to sign on their behalf. A LARGER ATTENDANCE WANT- ED.—The Llandudno Water and Gas Committee met. specially to consider the question of the Lighting of the Pro- menade, and after waiting a considerable time for a larger attendance of the mem- bers it was decided to defer the matter to a more convenient date.


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