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--.-.----Markets and Fairs.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

Markets and Fairs. WELSH MARKETS. BANGOR, November nth.—Fresh butter, is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 7 for is. beef, 7d. to iod. lb. mutton, Sd. to iod. lb. veal, 8d. to i id. lb. lat pigs, 4Jd. to 41d. lb. chickens, 4s. to 5s. couple; ducks, 2S. 9d. to 3s. each. CARNARVON, November 12th.—Fresh butter, IS. 2d. per lb.; eggs, 7 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. lb. mutton, 7d. to 9d. lb. lamb, 8d. to 9d. lb.; du zks, 3s. to 3s. 3d. each; geese, 6s. 6d. to 7s. each; young pigs, 15s. to 2os. each. DENBIGH, November gth.-Fresh butter, is. to is. 2d. per lb; salt butter, is. id. to is. ijd. per lb. eggs, 6 and 7 for is. beef, 7d. to iod. lb mutton, Sd. to iod. lb. lamb, 8d. to 9d. lb. fat pigs, 4id. to 5d. lb. ducks, 4s. to 5s. couple; wool (Eng- lish), iid. to is. lb. wool (Welsh), 8d. to gid. lb. LLANGEFNI, November ioth.-Fresh butter, is. id. per lb. eggs, S for is. beef, 7d. to 9d. lb. mutton, 8d. to iod. lb. lamb, Sd. to icd. lb. veal, 7d. to gd. fat pigs, 4Jd. per lb. ducks, 2s. to 2S. 6d. each; young pigs, I is. to 2os. each. PWLLHELI, November 9th. Fresh butter, nd. to is. per lb.; eggs, 10s. 6d. per 120; beef, 7d. to icd. lb.; mutton, 6d. to 9d. lb. fat pigs, 4d. to 4id. lb. chickens, 3s. to 3s. 6d. couple; ducks, 3s. 6d. to 4S. GeL couple; young pigs, 15s. to 2os. each. CATTLE MARKETS. CHESTER, Thursday.—Moderate show of stock, with a fair attendance of buyers. Dairy cattle were in keen demand at high prices. Only a few sheep on offer Quota- tion, Milch cows [20 to £22, barren cattle 12 to ^15, and stirks £ g to £ 12 each. STOCKPORT, Friday.—Moderate busi- ness, and a fair supply of cattle. Dairy cows made from /^iS to £ 23 10s. each. LEICESTER, Saturday.—Large consign- ments of store stock. Trade irregular, and prices generally declined 10s. per head. Choice milch cows, best £ 25 to £ 26 10s. good lots ^20 to [23, secondary ^17 to Zio, Shorthorn cattle ^13 10s. to [16 ios., Irish cross-bred polled Angus £12 ios. to [q ios., three year olds [1510 r16, Welsh cattle [10 to ^13 ios., calves 25s. to 455. each. Sheep: Slow trade at late rates. SALFORD, Tuesday.—Cattle trade slow, and although prices were in favour of sellers th?N- were not quotably higher. Sheep trade dull and about is. per head lower. Calves 'n demand, and about d. per lb. higher. (,)uotations :-k:hoice small cattle, 6jd. good bullocks and heifers, 6d. 2 to 6 £ d. middling cattle and good young cows, 5|d. to 5fd. rough cattle, 4A". to 5d. choice small North Country sheep, 7jd. to Sd. heavy ditto, 6|d. to 7$d. small Iri<h, ;|d. heavy ditto, 6Jd. to 7d. ewes, 4|d. to 5^. calves, 6-Jd. to 8*d. per lb. At market:—Cattle, 2,031 (decrease 357); sheep, 9,748 (increase I034) calves, 81. BIRMINGHAM, Tuesday.—Very poor supply and business dull. Best Herefords sold at ¡1d. per lb. shorthorns, 7*d. bulls and cows, 41d. to 5}-d. wether sheep, 71d. to S'd. ewes and rams, 5d. to 61d. Pigs scarce and active demand, bacons realising ios. 9d cutters 11s. 3d. to ns. 6d., porkets T M jinH tinivs n, npr crnrp 7' '"t. r' PROVISION MARKETS. LIVERPOOL, Saturday.-Cheese held steadily for late figures, with a moderate consumptive demand. Butter: Market firm, with a fair demand running on finest classes, which bring full prices. Eggs firm but quiet. Cheese: Finest September, 55s. to 56s. 6d. earlier makes, 53s. to 55s. 6d. per 112 lb. Butter: Danish choicest, 118s. to 12CS. Irish creameries, 106s. to nos. ditto factories, 90s. to qSs. Canadian creameries, 106s. to nos. Siberian, 9SS. to io4s. Australian, 105s. to 108s. New Zealand, 1 ios. to 113s. per 112 lb. 'Eggs: Irish hen, 14s. to 15s. 6d. Russian, Ss. 6d. to ios. 6d. Danish, 14s. 6d. to 16s. per 120. CHESHIRE, Frid-av. Butter: Home dairy produce at Stockport, is. 3d. and is. 4d. per lb. Macclesfield, Crewe, and Knutsford, IS. 2d. and is. 3d. and Congle- ton, IS. 2d. New-laid eggs at Knutsford and Stockport 5 for is., Macclesfield 5 and 6, Crewe and Sandbach 6, and Congleton 6 or 7. CORK, Tuesday.—Quotations Seconds 87s. Mild cured Superfine 95s. Fresh butter 925 and S6s. CORN MARKETS. CHESTER, Saturday.—A steady demand. Mixed American corn 6d. to ge1. per sack dearer. Round corn the same as last week. Mill ofials firm to dearer. \heat slow. Oats quiet at recent prices. Barley neg- lected. Wheat. 4s to 4s. 4d. per i5 lb. grinding barley, 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. per 64 lb. oats, new, 2s. to 2S. 3d. per 46 lb. beans, new, 15s. to 15s. 6d. per 240 lb. Indian corn, 12S. 9d. to 13s. per 240 lb. round corn, ns. 9d. to iSs. per 240 lb. WOOL MARKETS. BRADFORD, Monday.—The trade in Colonial Wools of the finest grade is brighter although there is DO advance in prices. A cablegram from Adelaide during the day stated that wool sold well there- with prices slightly favouring the sellers. There was no change in Home wools, and the prices in the country continue higher than here, and therefore if any traders sold at i per lb. less for any grade he would find difficulty in stocking without loss. Trade is intermittent of very little signi- ficance. I

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