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COLWYN BAY. NO MORE INKY FINGERS. SELF-FILL- ING FOUNTAIN PEN. Fills in a flash. Fitted with 14Ct. gold nib Iridium Tipped, and single feed. A real bargain sent per post for 7d. Obtainable at R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News" Office, Colwyn Bay. NOW ON SALE, in all bindings, Book of Common Prayer with Prayers amended for King George V. and Royal Family.—R. E. Jones & Bros., "Weekly News Office, Col- wya Bay. XMAS CARDS, XMAS CARDS.—Private greeting cards. Samples now ready, from per dozen. Book sent out to any ad- dress on receipt of a Postcard.—R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, 8, Sta- tion-road, Colwyn Bay. GUIDE TO WELSH. Part I. For use at the evening classes. Price is. 3d.-R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. TO ALL BOOK-LOVERS.—A branch of the Modern Circulating Library is now open. The only Central Library, with CHANGE OF BOOKS EVERY MONTH. ALWAYS SOMETHING FPESII TO READ by the best Authors.—K. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Hay. THE TERRITORIAL CONCERT.—We are pleased to understand that the sum of about £15 will be available from the con- cert held on Wednesday night last in the Church Room in aid of the funds of the local Territorials. THE RATEPAYERS MEETING.—A re- mark in our last week s report of the rate- pavers meeting should be explained because unfortunately, and much to our regret, it has been misunderstood bv some of our readers. We described Mr. R. Thomson, I. P., as being given "a mixed reception." It ought to be made quite clear that the nature of the reception was not due to any hostile feeling towards Mr. Thomson; it was due solely to the objection felt by a portion of the audience to the plan adopted of call- ing all the speakers in favour of the school first, thus delaying the speeches of Mr. Adamson, Mr. Johnstone, Rev. Peter Jones, and others who desired to express their views on th" other side. It is well known that Mr. Thomson is personally very popular and highly esteemed in the town, and but for the fact that he was called upon to speak for the motion at a time when a section of the audience was clamouring to hear the opposition, his reception would have been very cordial. DRUNKENNESS.—At the Colwyn Bay Police Court, on Saturday, Alfred Davies, Colwyn Bay, and William Griffiths, Llan- ddulas, were each fined is. and costs for drunkenness. DONKEY STRAYING.—At the Colwyn Bay Police Court, on Saturday, Thomas Huddleston Wharton, of Grange-road, was fined 5s. and costs for allowing his donkey to stray. WAIFS AND STRAYS—An interesting dramatic and musical recital for the benefit of the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society's Cripple Fund, is to be given on Friday, December 9th, at St. Paul's Church Room, by Mr. John Astley, who will be assited by Mr. Edgerley Taylor at the piano. THE UNITED TEMPERANCE MIS- SION.—The mission conducted by the noted temperance orator, Mrs. Jessie Walker, has proved a great success. Be- tween fifty and sixty total abstinence pledges were taken, and the lady's lectures have caused a stimulus amongst the various temperance societies in the town. Her lecture on Friday upon what she saw and heard in Canada was particularly inter- esting. EVANGELISTIC SERVICES.—On Sun- day evening a week of special services was inaugurated at the Nant-y-glyn English YVesleyan Church, conducted by the Rev. T. E. Freeman. The services will be con- tinued throughout the week at 7.30 p.m. The subjects treated were the relation exist- ing between religion and man. THE CAKE AND APRON SALE.—The Cake and Apron Sale held last Wednesday in the John's Church, realised £50, the amount required for Foreign Mission Work. BETHLEHEM M.C LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—On Monday even- ing, a paper, both interesting and instruc- tive, was given by Mr. Eryri Jones, Glen Dower, upon the Ancient Castles of Wales." A vote of thanks to Mr. Jones was proposed and seconded by Mr. Samuel Owen and Mr. John Davies. OXFORD UNIVERSITY EXTENSION LECTURE.—To-night (Thursday), the Rev. W. Hudson Shaw, M.A., will deliver a lec- ture upon Florence in the Church Room. The chair will be taken by Mr. C. P. Banks, M.A. The lecture will be illustrated with lime-light views. A TOUR THROUGH ITALIAN CITIES."—On Friday, the 2.sth instant another lecture under the auspices of the Extension Lecture Committee will be given at the Pier Pavilion by Mr. A. B. Mallden, F.R G.S., the subject being A Tour through the Italian Cities. PREACHING MEETINGS. — At the Bethlehem C.M. Chapel, Lawson-road, the annual preaching meetings were held this week and were a success as usual. The first meeting was on Tuesday evening, and yes- terday (Wednesday) three services were held. The preachers were the Rev. William Jones, Treforis, and the Rev. William Llewelyn Lloyd, Anglesea. ORGAN RECITAL. — On Wednesday afternoon last, Mr. T. J. Linekar, organist of St. John's English Wesleyan Church, gave a recital in that Church. There was a good attendance which much appreciated the recital, including selections from Molique, Tschaikowski, Bach, Batiste, Dvorak, Wely, and the Rydal Mount. March by Mr. Linekar. Short recitals are given by Mr. Linekar after every Wednesday evening ser- vice in St. John's Church. COLWYN BAY CHORAL SOCIETY.— Th.3 rehearsals of this choir {which is prac- tically the Eisteddfod Choir) are being well attended in view of the proposed perform- cinoc of The Messiah next month in the Pier Pavilion. A very successful rehearsal was held on Monday evening, and a good performance of Handel's masterpiece is assured. SUCCESS.—We are pleased to see from a notice in The Times of Monday that Mr. Hector W. Davies, the second son of Mr. and Mrs E. n. Davies, of Dolanog, has been successful at the first examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Eng- land for the diploma of Fellow. There were 117 candidates presented, of whom 39 were approved and i8 were rejected. Two years ago Mr. Davies won the Bucknill Scholarship of the value of 135 guineas at the University of London. THE SHOP'S BILL.—Copies of the reso- lution objecting to certain sections of the Shops (No. 2 Bill) passed by the Welsh Free Church Council were forwarded by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Edward Williams, Gwynllys, to the Home Secretary, the Chancellor of the Excheqeur, and the Member for the Division, from whom ack- nowledgements have been received. In his letter Sir Herbert Roberts, M.P., says: — The point to which the resolution refers has already claimed my attention, and having regard to the special attitude of Wales to Sunday closing I think that the amendment suggested should be pressed upon the Government." MUSICAL MATINEE.—What is de- scribed as a "classical miscellaneous and humorous musical matinee will be held on Tuesday next in the Victoria Pavilion under the direction of Madame Riviere, in aid of the local fund for the King Edward Memorial Ambulance. The presidient of that fund is the Hon. Mrs. Laurence Brod- rick; Councillor T. E. Purdy, Chairman (pro tern), and Mr. Herbert Bourne kindly acts as treasurer for the matinee. The di- rectors have generously allowed the use of the Pavilion free for the occasion. Artistes and friends are generously giving their ser- vices foi the above, and dainty teas are to be served in the lounge superintended by Ladies. The Pavilion will be comfortably warmed. Mr. Forrest-Hague has been pre- vailed upon to give a violin solo, and also