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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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- Small Holdings in Denbighshire.


Small Holdings in Denbigh- shire. ATTITUDE OF THE LANDLORDS. Very interesting information respecting the progress of the Small Holdings movement in the county was given at a recent meeting of the Denbighshire County Council, presided over by Mr. A. O. Evans (Denbigh). With regard to the Abergele district, the Land Agent of the Council (Mr. R. Herbert Williams) reported that the Board of Agriculture approved of the County Council leasing the Tir Prince Land, Towyn, consisting of 50'122 acres, at an annual rental of 30s. per acre. "This," he added, "will enable the Council to satisfy the three under-mentioned persons, who have been recommended by the District Committee, to be- come tenants of the proposed three small holdings into which the land is to be sub-divided :—25 077 acres to be let to Edward Parry Jones, Pontydd Towyn 15'486 acres to be let to Richard Williams, Towyn, Abergele 9 559 acres to be let to Thomas Jones, Ty Newydd, Towyn." THE KINMEL ESTATE. I hope to be in a position to submit a definite satisfactory proposal respecting about 60 acres of land on the Kinmel Estate at the next meeting of the Local Committee." A LLANSANNAN DISPUTE. The proceedings of the Small Holdings Committee showed that negotiation* were in progress for the acquisition of various portions of pasture and arable land, and that since thi last meeting eleven fresh applications for holdings had been received. Approval had been obtained from the Board of Agriculture for the acquisition of a further area of 12S acres, which provides for six small holdings, while the district committees bad made provisional arrangements for the acquisition of other land consisting of 48 acres, suitable for sub-division, to meet the requirements of six of the council's applicants, Eight applicants had been supplied with 109 acres of land direct by. the landowners as a result of the intervention of the thoir behalf. Although the committee decided at their previous meeting to apply for a compulsory order to acquire land in the Wrexham and Ruabon districts, satisfactory terms were obtained before any preliminary steps had been taken. With regard to twenty-eight acres of land at Rossett,, the Wrexham Committee recommended an application for a com- pulsory order for acquisition, but the Small Holdings Committee deferred the application until a report and valuation of the Burton Tower Estate had been obtained and considered. The trustees of the Dyffryn Aled Estate, Llansannan, were prepared to entertain an offer of X95 per annum for the leasing of Ty Newydd, consisting of out-buildings, together with fifty-eight acres or thereabouts of arable and pasture land, whereas the council's land agent's valuation was X75 per annum. It was resolved that in the event of a lease been arranged on reasonable terms the Dyffryn Aled trustees be asked to accept the council as tenants at a rent to be fixed by a valuer to be appointed by the Board of Agriculture and, should the trustees not agree to that suggestion, that compulsory powers to obtain a lease of the farm be applied for. Mr. Gomer Roberts said the committee had tried every means to come to an agreement with regard to these fifty-eight acres. There were seven applicants for this land, and it it could be had they would be satisfied. The committee had been as slow as they possibly could in coining to the determination to seek compulsory powers. At the same time, they were bound to satisfy the reasonable demand of these seven applicants, and they very much regretted to be compelled to take this step. The committee also felt very much obliged to a great many landowners and agents, who up to now had helped the committee to a very great extent to bring this Act into a workable condition. COST OF COMPULSORY POWERS. Mr. D. MacNicoll (Colwyn Bay) moved a resolution against the delegation to the committee of powers to apply for compulsory purchase, and pointed out that most of the applicants for small holdings had other occupations, and were not, therefore, going to be entirely dependent upon these holdings. He urged that it was unwise to displace agriculturists merely in order to gratify the desires of these applicants. Mr. George Bevan (Colwyn Bay), in seconding the resolution, said he did not think it was right that a small committee like this should have power to embark upon these expensive proaeedings. Sir Watkin Wynn What is the cost of compulsory powers ? The Clerk: The cost is very trivial, because it simply means an inquiry by the Board of Agri- culture. Mr. Wilcoxon (Bersham) asserted that it cost nothing to the county. Sir Watkin Wynn I have my doubts upon that point. Mr. George Cromar (Rossett) declared that certain landowners had endeavoured to make the Act a farce by reason of the persistent obstacles which they had thrown in the way of the committee. The committee had been very lenient and forbearing in not taking active steps before now. While giving full credit to all the Landed proprietors in the county who had come to the aid of the Council, there were several who had shuffled out of their obligations, and raised as many obstacles as they possibly could in order to prevent the Act becoming a success. Colonel Cornwallis West controverted this state- ment, which, he submitted, was not borne out by the facts. He denied entirely that agricultural land- owners had opposed these small holdings lie did not think there had been a single case of opposition with the exception of the one at Llansannan. Sir Watkin Wynn, replying to an argument of Mr. Gomer Roberts's, that quite as much money was wanted for land without building upon it as for land with building upon it, said it was his experience that the expense with regard to the house was lost. You got m rent for the house, which was an adjunct of the farm, and it was presumed that land could not be farmed unless the farmer had the building. Ultimately Mr. MacNicoll withdrew his motion against delegation.

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