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Colwyn Bay National Eisteddfod.


Colwyn Bay National Eisteddfod. SELECTION OF THE SITE. A meeting of the Colwyn Bay National Eis- teddfod Executive was held on; Wednesday ven- ing last, Mr. James Amphlett in the chair, when there was a good attendance. CONGRATULATIONS. The Chairman referred to the well-earned honour conferred upon Sir Vincent Evans, the General Secretary of the National Eisteddfod Association. He felt the knighthood conferred upon Sir Vincent was also reflecting upon the grand and ancient institution with which he was so closely and actively associated. (Hear, hear.) He moved that a message of congratulation be sent Sir Vincent Evans. (Hear. hear.1' Mr. George Bevan seconded and Mr. William Davies supported, and it was carried unani- mously. CONDUCTORS. Llew Tegid and Llifon, were engaged as con- ductors of the Eisteddfod proceedings. GOVERNMENT GRANT FOR THE CHOIR. Mr. D. Llewelyn Davies, Secretary to the Musical Committee, presented his report, in which Mr. Trebearn was reported to have brought the matter forward regarding the Gov- ernment grant to the choir, and it was resolved that the Chairman and Hon.. Secretary should see the Chairman of the Local Education, Auth- ority to state the choir's claim, and to have the anatter sent to the proper quarter for decision. The action of the 'Committee was confirmed. THE BATTLE OF THE SITES. The most important business of the Executive on this occasion was the selection of a site for the Eisteddfod buildings. When the subject was broached a lengthy discussion ensued. The report of the General Purposes Commit- tee was read by Mr. H. V. Do-ughty-Davies, re- commending that the Pendorlan site be taken at a rental of £75 from Mr. Thomas Lewis, of Bangor. The ground covers about two acres of land on1 what is known as the Pendorlan Fields. It is situated next to the railway line, about 400 yards on the Old Colwyn side of the railway station, and at an elevation of about 30ft. above ion e the level of the railway tracks. It is close to the principal business parts of the town. The Rev. William Hughes (Hon. General Sec- terary) strongly advocated the adoption of the Committee's recommendation and asked whether it would be open for a local syndicate, if uiic were formed;, to acquire the ground from the Committee for the purpose of erecting thereon a permanent structure, which might be leased at an, agreed rental to the Committee for the Eisteddfod meetings. The Chairman replied that there would be no objection to the Committee considering such a scheme if it were put before them. Mr. J. M. Porter reported that the sub-Com- mittee of which he was a member had inspected all the available sites, and they had come to the conclusion that Pendorlan was the site to recommend. All the members of that sub-Com- mittee declared that no other suitable piece 01 land' was obtainable upon tolerable conditions. Mr. William Davies dissented strongly from such a view as that entertained by the sub- committee that Pendorlan. was the best site, and mentioned a site off King's-road and another on the Cayley Estate near Brompton-avenue. He depreciated very much the talk that there had been with reference to the business in connec- tion with the Eisteddfod, and he pleaded with the Committee- to put business aside and work for the best interests of the national event. People who came to an Eisteddfod did not mind walking a little to the pavilion, and thev could at the same time see the beauties of Colwyn Ba.v as they passed through it. He hoped tine Executive Committee would not be too hasty in the selection of a. proper site. There was an objection in his mind to the Pendorlan Fields, because the ground was flat, and it would cost them a deal of money to raise the floor at one end. Llanidludno<'s Eisteddfod was a failure ow- to that defect. The Rev. William Hughes gave seven reasons in favorur of Pendorlan, and only admitted two against it. He stated that to go, to the Cayley Estate would be to send the people halt wAy to' Llandudno and to induce them to go there in the evenings instead of staving at Colwyn Bay for the evening concerts. The two objections to Pendbrlan were not, he said, really serious. One was the sound of the trains, which could be minimised by the sit-Liation, and construction of the building on the site, and the other was the. distance from the Gorsedd circle at Y Fan- erig. As to this, it was practically settled that the bards would only open the Gorsedd once at Y Fanerig, and on the subsequent mornings a smaller circle nearer the pavilion should be used. The Rev. W. E. Jones' (Penllyn) was much against the selection of the site at Pendorlan, which would be troubled with the noise of the trains, &c. He did not know what authority the Rev. William Hughes had for stating that the bards had decided to abandon the meetings at Y Fanerig Gorsedd circle after the first- morn- ing. He (the speaker) had heard of nothing of the kind, and: had it been so-, he was of opinion that he would know something about it. He strongly recommended the Committee not to ac- cept the Pendorlan site. Mr. Tos. H. Roberts, the Deputy Clerk to the Council, stated that the Council were now nego- tiating for a lease of a portion of the Cayley Estate at Bryn Euryn, where; the Agricultural Show was held last summer, and he strongly urged the Committee to defer the question until ,the scheme was decided "on, when a perma- nent building might probably be erected at Bryn Euryn, which was at the western end of the town, where it was developing most rapidly, I and in the most promising way. Mr. J. Kvffin Jones did not see why they should anmoint a sub-committee to go and select I a site, and when they had) done so, to try and put the result of their deliberations on; one side. I He' strongly supported the recommendation of the sub-Committee. Mr. D. Trebearn asked if the £7.5 charged by Mr Lewis for the Pendorlan site was the lowest the sub-Committee could obtain from Mr. Lewis. The Rev. Thomas Parry replied that it was. Mr. Lewis had come down in his price from £ I25 to -r75, and considering the length of time it had been on his hands and the risk he ran of losing purchase, £75 was a very reasonable sum indeed. Mr. J. M. Porter replied to those who had complained about the site recommended. Could those who- complained find a better one? The Committee had done its best in the matter. After further discussion, which lasted alto- gether over two and a half hours, a vote was taken, and the Pen-dorlan site was selected by 22 votes to 13.

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