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Business Prospects, 1910.


Business Prospects, 1910. Business Prospects for 1910 is a pub- lication that ought to find a resting place in the office of every up-to-date business man. As its name implies, it has been brought out with the one idea that it is vital to the business man to correctly gauge the course of markets in the future. The editors have taken a bold line, and definite forecasts are made, based on a minute and careful .analysis of statistics and other- available data. For three years the book has been written in the autumn, giving forecasts of the various markets in the following year, and each following fear has found the fore- casts to have been uniformly correct. Since its first publication, the circulation has doubled itself every year, and so great was the ContinentaL demand last year, that this, the 1910 book, has been printed in two editions, one printed in English and one in French. There are exhaustive chapters on coal, iron, copper, tin, ship- ping, the money market, home and American rails, cotton, wheat, dairy pro- duce, &c., and the forecasts in each sec- tion cannot fail to interest and instruct. The published price is 5s., and the book may be obtained from the publishers, The Business Statistics Publishing Company, Ltd., 12, James Street. Cardiff.




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