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Rhondda District Council,


Rhondda District Council, Monthly Meeting- The monthly meeting of the Rhondda District Council was held at the Council Chamber, Pentre, on Friday. The atten- dance included Councillors Thos. Thomas, J.P. (chairman), Ben Davies (vice-chair- man). Thos. Grimths, W. D. Wight, Dd. Smith, W. P. Thomas. H. E. Maltby, Walter Williams, W. T. Davies, L. P. Grimths, Lewis Hopkins, W. H. Morgan, D. R. Jones, Dd. Williams, W. T. Jones, Danl. Evans, Tom George, Griffith Evans, R. S. Grimths, Dr. W. E. Thomas, Dr. A. G. Tribe, Wm. Thomas, Tom Harries, Tom Evans, Ed. Jones, D. 0. Evans and J. D. Williams, together with the Clerk (Mr. W. P. Nicholas), the Surveyor (Mr. W. J. Jones) and the Medical Onicer of Health (Dr. J. D. Jenkins), PANDY SQUARE CONVENIENCES. The Clerk reported the receipt of a letter from the Mid-Rhondda, Chamber of Trade, stating that at the last meeting of the Chamber it was resolved to approach the Council with a view of erecting con- veniences at Pandy Square, Tonypandy. The matter was referred to the Health Committee. CANDLES FOR SHOPS. A letter was also received from Mr. T. Morgan, Secretary of the Treorchy and C'wmparc Chamber of Trade, calling atten- tion to the inadequate supply of gas, espe- cially on Saturday evenings, many shop- keepers having to resort to the use of candles to provide extra illumination. The Chairman said that he believed steps were being at present taken in the matter, and the letter was referred to the Gas Committee. CHRISTMAS DAY PERFORMANCES. An application was received from Mr. Daniel Edwards for permission to open the Tudor Hall, Ferndale, on Christmas Day, and a similar application in respect of the Ferndale Hall and Institute was also received, the applicant pointing out that a. cantata was to be performed .on Christmas Day by the Trerhondda Chapel Choir. The Clerk said that the usual condition in granting permission to open on Christ- mas Day was that the proceeds of the matinee performance should he handed over to the Council to he distributed amongst local charities. Councillor W. H. Morgan: Does that apply to cantatas? Councillor Tom George doubted whether performances would be given at the Hall that day if half the proceeds were to be given to local charities. It was resolved to grant permission to the Tudor Hall on the usual conditions, and, on the motion of Councillor R. S. Grimths, it was agreed to make an excep- tion in the case of the Hall and Institute and grant permission without the accom- panying conditions. HIPPODROME LICENSE. A letter was received from Mr. D. W. James, solicitor, Tonypandy, applying, on behalf of Mr. W. Thomas, Pandy Inn, for a- renewal of the Hippodrome (Tonypandy,) license for another six months. This, said Mr. James, was his client's last applica- tion, as his lease of the. building ter- minated in April next. On the motion of Councillor R. S. Grimths. the application was granted. FORTH FLOODS. Mr. W. S. Williams, Secretary of the Perth. Cymmer and District Chamber of Trade, wrote stating that during the recent heavy floods the road between the Forth Post Omce and the Police Station was totally flooded. That such an impor- tant thoroughfare should be under four feet of water, all tramc held up, and the tramway service suspended, was, said Mr. .Williams, a reproach to any local govern- ing body. Moreover, if the retaining wall on the banks of the river had given way, the water would have swept the whole town, and property to the extent of thou- sands of pounds' worth would be destroyed. He appealed to the Council to give the matter their serious considera- tion and to take steps to avoid a recur- rence. Councillor Ben Davies moved that the matter be referred to the Health Com- mittee before relegating" it to the Roads Committee. Councillor W. T. Jones seconded. Councillor Maltby moved an amendment that the Roads Committee deal with the question raised in the letter. It had nothing to do with sanitation. Councillor W. T. Davies: It is a nuisance, and it is high time that the Council should do something 1% the mat- ter. Councillor R. S. Grimths said that the Health Committee were bringing forward certain recommendations in their report that day bearing upon this question. In his opinion, it was very undesirable that two Committees should deal with the same thing. Councillor W. T. Davies seconded Mr. Maltby'a amendment, and Councillor Davies having withdrawn his motion, the matter was unanimously referred to the Roads Committee. The further question as to subsidence caused by underground workings was also stated to be involved. The Roads Committee reported the receipt of complaints of flooding from several people from various places in the Rhondda, and making claims for damages, liability In respect of which was in all cases disclaimed. PARISH OF "RHONDDA." The Clerk said that it had been sug- gested that steps should be taken to sub- stitute the name of Rhondda" for Ystradyfodwg "—the present name of the parish. The view was expressed that such a change was most desirable, as the present duality of names was confusing. It was unanimously agreed that the suggestion made be acted upon, and that powers be sought to this effect in the Parliamentary Bill which Is to be pro- moted In respect of road widenings, tram- way extensions, &c. IRISH PAVING STONES. Councillor Tom Harries asked the Chair- man of the Roads Committee whether it was on the ground of cheapness or quality that the Council accepted tenders of Irish paving stone. Councillor Thos. Grimths replied there were two reasons. In the first place, Irish paving stones were of a very good quality, and were cheaper at the time the tender was accepted. In the second place, there was a, dimculty in obtaining native stone. Irish paving stones were also larger and required less dressing. Dr. Tribe asked why was there a large portion of the footway near the Crown Hotel, Treorchy, still remaining unpaved. The Surveyor replied that it was due to a financial reason, which Dr. Tribe characterised as a very unsatisfactory answer. The present state of things, he added, was very inconvenient fp people who lived in the houses immediately abutting on this footway. Councillor Tom George: I had to pay for my paving on the roadside. The matter was referred to the Roads Committee. WHY NOT INCORPORATION? Councillor J. D. Williams moved that an application be made to the County Council for a contribution towards the maintenance of the roads In various parts of the Rhondaa. to the extent of about eight miles, which would represent about .El,000. the present contribution being jE2,465. The Rhondda at present contri- buted one-nfth of t"3 whole rate of the county, and they would, therefore, have a strong case for their present application. Councillor Wight contended that Coun- cillor Williams' motion was not a proper way to approach the County Council. He was of opinion that the matter should nrst be dealt with in committee, as there were many points to consider which would not be advisable to discuss in a public meeting. He moved as an amendment that the Roads Committee consider the matter. Councillor J. D. Williams said he was quite agreeable to this course. Councillor Tom Evans: I am In sym- pathy with having all we can from the County Council, but if I thought it would be used as a palliative not to get the In- corporation of the Rhondda, I would not support it. I want to go for the whole lot. Councillor Danl. Evans: Would it not be better to go in for Incorporation at once. instead of begging like this all the time ? The Chairman: That Is not the ques- tion now before the Council. The matter was then referred to the Roads Committee. FLOODING OF DR. JOYCE'S HOUSE. The Health Committee reported having considered the letter of Dr. R. C. Joyce, Glynrhondda Road, Perth, referred to it by the Council, complaining of the Hood- ing of his house by river water accom- panied by sewage matter, on the occa- sion of the recent heavy nood, and re- questing the Council to give the matter their serious consideration as he could not suffer any longer the great annoy- ance, inconvenience, and damage to pro- perty which he had time after time had to undergo. The Committee recommended that Dr. Joyce be informed that the Council could not admit any liability in respect of the matter complained of, as the Council were advised that the condition of things ob- taining at the point referred to was due to subsidence, and not to anything for which the Council could be held respon- sible. The Committee also recommended that the Clerk be supplied with all infor- mation necessary to enable him to advise the Council as to "whether they had any remedy in respect of the subsidence of the road in consenuence of underground work- ings, and that he be authorised, if he deemed it desirable to take counsel's opinion upon the matter. L.G.B.'S NEW PRECEDENT. The Committee also reported having received a. letter from the Local Govern- ment Board stating that before deciding upon the Council's application for sanction to borrow the sum of zC7,400 for works of sewerage the Board would direct a local inquiry to be held on the subject by one of their Inspectors, and that the inquiry would take place as soon as the other engagements of the Inspectors would per- mit, and that due notice of it would be given, and requesting that in the mean- time the Board be informed whether the Council had obtained all the necessary consents both from private owners and the railway company to enable them to construct the sewer in the manner pro- posed. The Clerk stated that it had not been the practice of the Council to seek con- sents of owners as suggested in the Board's letter, the practice hitherto having been to deal with any claims for damage or compensation as they arise. The Clerk wa-s instructed to reply to the Board accordingly, and the report was adopted. WATER CHARGES FOR, BATHS. &c. The Gas and Water Committee reported that in renly to an application made by the Pentre Ratepayers' Association for the reduction of the charges made in respect of the water-rates for baths, &c., it was explained that, in view of the proposed formation of a Joint Water Board for the Rhondda and Pontypridd areas, the. Coun- cil were not now in a position to bring about any variation of the charges.

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