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SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 18&9. LLANTWIT VARDRE SCHOOL BOARD. WE have again to criticise the doings of one of our small School Boards. The Report of the Llantwit Yardre School Board is not pleasant reading to the true educationalist. The debate reveals a pettifogging spirit, and a jealousy of the teacher which is very deplorable to read. Perhaps we may as well come to close quarters with the Rev. T. Richards —the Chairman of the Board. He refers to an article which appeared in this column some weeks back and accepts it as a truthful portrait of the Llantwit School Board. We are pleased to find that Little Peddlington" had a sting that went right home. We would remind the rev. gentleman that his sermons are equally open to the inference of direct individual application. And when they are taken as such, then, they reach the purpose of the delivety. He has also, with vulgar personality, dragged in the other occupation of the Editor. It is fortunate that we have in that direction to serve a higher type of intelligence than that at the command of the Chairman of the Llantwit School Board. We would like to ask the reverend gentlemen, if the action be is taking to weaken the authority at the School is for the best interest of educa- tion ? He ought to know that minis- terial authority is weakened by small mindedness among the members of our Free Churches. The Llan- twit Board ought to know that there are few Schools which have a better record of efficiency than the School taught by their head-master at Llantwit. We are quite certain, whatever Mr. Richards and the Vice-Chairman may say, that solid fact cannot be denied. There is no doubt that the bottom of all the present matter rests on the selection of Mr. Williams by the Parish to represen- tative honours. Mr Williams has been re- turned on the Guardians, the Llantwit Vardre District Council, and we believe the Parish Council. And by whom? Is it not by the same electorate which has given a representative duty to the Chairman on the School Board ? I suppose our reverend gentleman has heard the political maxim of "govern- ment of the people, for the people, and by the people." And yet, reading between the lines of all this uproar, one cannot help feeling that these favoured public commissions given Mr. Williams by the people is at the root of all the actions of the Chairman and Vice- Chairman. Mr. Williams has been granted leave by the Board, and if they did not grant the leave they would have shown rank disloyalty to their own masters-the people of Llantwit. Still they try to wriggle out by rnukin- In- n petty and u<uLgni!ied regulation* to ¡ defeat it. The Vice-Chairman said that the p<si'ion was untenable, ¡ at ttil, if the i-e^ple—the supiviue authority—will it. We wish this point,: diw tJii iioiiic. The icjii-, of c^iu&e, is not amenable to this kind of aigument. His appointment when once made means an absolute monarchy, but to democrats of the profession of the Chairman it ought to weigh, and weigh seriously. Mr. Williams has made the school an absolute success, and we venture the opinion that the Education Department would not com- mend the action of a Board which, by acts of petty demonstration of authority, damps the enthusiasm of a teacher who has such a remarkable series of reports. We trust, therefore, that, since the people wish Mr. Williams to serve them on a public body, and, furthermore, since there is no proof of the efficiency of the school being impaired thereby, that a better understanding will prevail.

tyustard and Cress.

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