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THE ———— WEST END TAILORS The Original and Only West End Tailoring Establishment out of London, FacinL- 19, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, Tohn's ik-are,) 19- BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATORS. LEADING SPECIALITIES FOR THIS SEASON. Royal flavy Black Vicuna Heal Scotch (Shrunk) Real Cashmere Indigo Twill, Suitings, to order, Trouserings to Serge Suitings, Coat & Vest to order 42/ 45/- order, to order, 30/ 35/ 40/- fyeal Harris Tweed, 10/6,13/ 18/ 39/6, 45/ 50/ and upwards 50/- 18/6, and upwards. LADIES D £ PJ\RTW1ENT. THE —- » s pn ■ | The Chesterfield Coat and Sl^irt W0Sl Ellti I S-llOTS, Overcoat to Order to order from 3 Guineas. 19, Dulie Street, CARDIFF. MEWMAfJKET COATS Telegraphic Address- Nat. Telephone834. from 35/- "REVOLUTION." CARDIFF. 35/ 42/6, »7/B, M/P. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. 4548 QUALITY. FRESHNESS. UNIFORMITY. These are the most important points considered by the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, and it enables them to boast of now being the Largest Manufacturers and Retailers of Pure Dairy Butter in the World. The Butter they sell is always of the best quality, and can be depended upon. You are requested to try this Butter to-day. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. For economy, the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, recommend their celebrated MARGARINE, at 4d., 6d. and 8d., per lb. Far superior to secondary butters. TEA 1/. 1/2, 1/4, and the Very Best 1/6 per lb, Pure, Rich, and Fragrant. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LTD., 83A, T AFF STREET, pONTYPRIDD, 4528 And at 62, Duffryn Street, Ferndale. Pontypridd Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. JONES & JONES' MONSTER CLEARANCE SALE. Our Warehouse is crammed, and must be cleared at any sacrifice. THE SALE COMMENCED ON SATURDAY, MARCH 4th, And will continue to the end of the Month. am COME AND LOOK AT OUR WINDOW THE PRICES WILL STAGGER YOU. Now is the opportunity for those who want Bargains. PIANOS, AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, VIOLINS, MELODEONS, MUSICAL BOXES, SEWING MACHINES, QLOCKS, WATCHES, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, FAMILY BIBLES, MUSICAL ALBUMS, &c., &c. EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD. NO RESERVE WHATEVER. DOAT DELAY, BUT COME EARLY AND SECURE THE BEST BARGAINS. L 45, Hannah Street, Porth. 4618 OYSTERS! ()YSTERS! OYSTEPSI The oldest establishment in town. H. ESSERY, Proprietor, 63. Taff Street, Pontypridd I (Opposite Fountain). 4561 THE GLAMORGAN Jj"1REE PREss IS TIm BEST FAMILY PAPER. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. PRICE—ONE PENNY. Public Notices. TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD. For Six Nights and One Day Performance only, COMMENCING MONDAY, MARCH 20th. Evening at 7.45. Doors open at 7.15. Grand Afternoon Performance on Saturday at 3; Doors open at 2 30. PRICES OF ADMISSION 2s, Is 6d„ls, and6d. Tickets and Plan at Heath & Son's. THE H. & F. POOLE'S UP-TO-DATE WAR M YRIORAMA. i (Established 1837). THE SOUDAN. KHARTOUM. LORD KITCHENER AT OMDURMAN. THE CHARGE OF THE 21st LANCERS. THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. The Bombardment of Santiago. Just added, BLOWING-UP OF THE U.S. CRUISER, MAINE." A Life-size Working Tableau of thn NEW" PRIMROSE" GOLD MINE, JOHANNESBURG. Splendid Tableaux of the INDIAN WAR. WEI-HAI-WEI. KLONDIKE. THE SPANISH ARMADA. Plymouth Hoe, 1588. Plymouth Hoe, 1899. POOLE'S Amazing Amusement Aggregation! The Largest, Best, and Most Costly that has ever toured. England's Topweight Knockabouts, THE CLIFTON BROTHERS. LITTLE CARLINA, Quick Change Nationality Dancer. OSMONDE, Guide and Vocalist. THE FAIRY TRIO, Graceful Speciality Dancers. MISS LILLIE POOLE, Soprano Vocalist. Great Britain's Premier Acrobatic Trio, THE THREE BELLS. MISS LIZZIE KEITH, In her Butterfly Dance on the Revolving Globe. JOHNNY O'ROUKE, Negro Comedian, Instrumentalist, &c. ATROY, The Juggler. VIOLI, in her Novel Musical Entertainment. Special Attraction THE MYRIOGRAPH, or Improved Cinematograph. The Splendid Orchestral Band of Solo Performers will perform Music of all Nations. 4654 STOPS COLD I use a good deal in Winter, giving it to servants and others, and invariably hear of good results. My brother, who had Whooping Cough, and could not rest, found it the greatest relief."—E.M.D., The Elms, Faringdon, Berki, Juue, 1898. R.CUGH 044D R.ASH k,"c s 1 /6 A A I V Mrs A, S. BALLIN. Editress of Feb., 1898. says: Hnyman's B>\lsam has earned an excellent reputation. I have tried It myself, and found it give immediate relief. I had it carefully analysed, and it c*n be used safely for young children and infante." CURES COUGH 15 THE SOUTH WALES TOBACCO PIPE & STONEWARE, AND REDWARE MANUFACTORY. G. PRIEST, PROPRIETOR. ALL KINDS OF SPIRIT JARS. STONE GINGER-BEER BOTTLES, SPITTOONS, &c., Supplied at the Shortest Notice. ALL PATTERNS OF TOBACCO PIPES AND YLOWER POTS KEPT IN STOCK. Write for Price Lists and Illustrated Sheets. Note the Address- 15 & 27, WYNDHAM CRESCENT, CANTON, CARDIFF. 4550 JOHN CROCKETT & CO-. CABINEi7 MAKERS ANT) HOUSE FURNISHERS, 2 & 3, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. SELLING OFF: SELLING OFF! GREAT REDUCTIONS FOR CASH. IBM Tenders. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the erection of Ainon Baptist Chapel, Treorky. Plans and specifications to be seen at No. 3, Bute Street, Treorky. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders to be sent in not later than March 27th, 1899, to the Rev. S. Morgan, 3, Bute Street, Treorky. 4642 Public Appointments. PONTYPRIDD UNION. FOSTER MOTHER WANTED. THE Guardians of the Pontypridd Union invite applications for the appointment of a Foster Mother at the Cottage Homes, Llantwit Fardre. The Salary will be JE20 per annum, with washing, rations, and apartments. The appointment will be made subject to the provisions of the Poor Law Officers' Super- annuation Act, 1896. Applicants must not be under 25 years of age, and must be without encumbrance. Applications in Candidates' own handwriting, stating age and qualifications, and accompanied by not less than three original testimonials of recent date, to be sent to me not later than Tuesday, the 21st day of March, 1899. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. Pontypridd, 8th March, 1899. 4639 PONTYPRIDD SCHOOL BOARD. f T^HIS Board require the services of a carpenter I to devote the whole of his time to the duties of the Board. In addition to his work as a carpenter, he will be required to glaze, to do rough painting, and to make himself generally useful. The salary will be at the rate of 33a. per week. Applicants must be over 25 and under SO years of age. The selected applicant is to produce a copy of his certificate of birth. Applications stating age und experience, to- gether with the names of two persons to whom the Board can refer as to the condidate's abilities, must reach this office by the first post on Saturday, March 5: b, Canvassing either directly or indirectly will be considered a disqualification. D. MILTON JONES, Clerk. School Board Offices, Pontypridd, March 14th, 2893. 4919 YSrRADYFODWG SCHOOL BDAKD. • WANTFD.—A Br.y Clerk for the office. Salary 7/- a Applications must be made on a form which will be supplied by by me on receipt of a stamped address^ envelope, and should reach me on or before Tuesday, the 28ch iflst. Only residents of the Parish need apply. W. G. HOWELL, Clerk. School Board Offices, Pentre, R.S.O., Pentre, R.S.O., 14tu March, 1899. 4650 REFUGE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. Chief Office: OXFORD STREET, MANCHESTER. EXTRACT FROM THE ANNUAL REPORT, for the Year ending 31st December, 1898. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of Policies issued during the year was 19,196, assuring the sum of 21,255,725, and producing a New Annual Premium Income of 268,727 19s. lOd. The Premium Income for the year was £ 257,884 17s. 9jd., being an increase of R44,252 10s. lid., as compared with the previous year. The amount paid in respect of Claims wis iC70 261 Os. 3d. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The Premium income for the year amounted to £ 981,051 17s. 10d., being an increase of 248,&30 10s. lljd. over the previous year. The amount paid in Claims was iCIO3,141 19s. 6d. These figures includ the corresponding transactions in respect of the Sickness Assurance Account. The aggregate Premium Income of both Branches for the ysar was zcl,198,936 15s. 7§d., showing an increase of 992,883 lB. Id. over the previous year. The total amount of Claims paid in both Branches since the establishment of the Company is £ 4,757,772 19s. Od. The total funds of the Company amount to 21,931,205 18s. 4d., representing an increase during the year of £ 218,106 75. 5d. General Balance Sheet of the Refuge Assurance Company, Limited, for the Year ending 31st December. 1898. LIABILITIES. A; a. d. ASSETS. £ s. d. Shareholders' Capital, paid un 100,000 0 0 *N»rK,PIKXTS „A, 1tl Ordinary Branch Assurance Fund 795,718 10 6 Mortgages on 1 roperty 148,104 12 1 Industrial Branch Assurance Fund 495,487 7 10 ans ™ Municipal and other Kates 308 Ibl 7 7 House Property and Land 137,345 13 6 House Property and Land 137,345 13 6 Colonial Government Securities 28,000 0 0 Foreign Government Securities 32,000 0 0 Railway and other Detentures and Debenture Stock 356,034 10 5 ■. j Do., do Stock and Shares, Prefer- ence and Ordinary 23,137 5 0 Chief Rents 2.169 7 6 Furniture and Fixtures 19,559 19 8 Superintendents' Balances 11,426 8 3 B Us of Exchange and Promissory Notes 328 2 6 Outstanding Premiums 72.398 0 8 Outstanding Interest and Rents 9,155 19 5 CASH • Cash on Deposit 156,491 0 0 Cash at Bankers 74,995 17 2 Cash in Hand 11,29,1 14 7 £ 1,391,205 18 4 91,391,205 18 4 JAMES PltOCTOR, t Joint General Managers. JAMES WILCOCK, Cairman. R. WM, GREEN, ) ROBERT MOS3, Secretary. THOMAS^SLFUTT, Directors. FKBRUAKY 20TH, 1899. AUDITORS' CERTIFICATE. We hereby certify the correctness of these Accounts, and we are well eatisisfied with the manner fn which the Books aad Accounts are kept. We have also examined the whole of the Securities, which w- find in perfect order. CHA5?, HADFTTRLD, ) SAMUEL HAYES. South Wales District Manager, ROBT. HOPEWHLL, f udltors« Rotunda Builaings, Ca.diff. Superintendents :-R. CASTLE, 73, Eerw Road, Pontypridd, and E. DAVIES, 81, Llewellyn Street 4658 Pentre, Rhondda. Sales by Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE LLANTWIT VARDRE NEAR LLANTRLSANF. SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPER IY. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the New Inn Hotel. Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1899, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY, situate in the parish of Llantwit Vardre, in the county of Glamorgan, and known as GLAN- MYDDLIN, The property consists of a small compact Farm with Farmhouse and Buildings, together with three Cottages and a piece of Garden Ground, containing in the whole 20A. OR. 15P. or thereabouts of Pasture Land enclosed in a ring fence, well watered, within a stone's throw of a convenient siding on the Llantrisant Branch of the Taff Vale Railway, and is distant about 1 mile from Cross Inn Station on the same line. The Farm and Farmhouse, together with the Garden Ground, are in the occupation of an excellent tenant, upon an annual tenancy at a rental of £22. The three cottages are lot on monthly tenancies at rentals of 8s. 6d.per m0^hpach THE COAL AND OTHER MINERALS UNDERLYING THE PROPERTY, A SMALL PORTION ONLY OF WHICH EAVE BEEN WORKED, WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. „ Also a Freehold Messuage or Dwelling-House, being No. 25, Upper Boat, near Pontypridd, until recently let to Mr Thomas Williams, at a monthly rent of 9s. Further particulars, with plan, may be had upon application tl"o Messrs Spickett and Sons, solicitors, Pontypridd, or to the Auctioneers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. 4629 GLAMORGANSHIRE. PARISH OF EGLWYSILAN. SALE OF VALUABLE MINERAL PROPERTIES. MESSRS STEPHENSOtf 'AND ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on Saturday, the 1st day of April, 1899, at 3 o'clock ia the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTIES known as GROES WBN" and" TYR TBEHABNE GWILYM Farms, situate at White-cross, near Caerphilly. Lot I.-All that Valuable Freehold Farm, with Outbuildings and Farm-house, known as Groeswen," situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan, containing in the whole 35a. 3r. 26p., or thereabouts. Lot 2.—All that valuable Freehold Farm, known as Tir Treharne Gwilym," containing in the whole 22a. 2r. 18p., or thereabouts, and situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan. „ THE VALUABLE MINERALS UNDERLYING THE ABOVE PROPERTIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Plans, particulars, and conditions of sale may be obtained from the Auctioneers, 5, High street, Cardiff, or from Mr W. H. Beddoe, solicitor, Pontypridd. 4628 TONYPANDY. BUSINESS PREMISES FOR SALE. MR. E. T. DAVIES has been instructed to Sell by Public Auction, at the White Hart Hotel, Tonvpandy, on Wednesday. March 22nd, 1899, at 7 30 o'clock in the Evening (subject to Conditions to be then and there read and produced), the following Valuable BUSINESS PREMISES. Lot I.-All that Messuage or Shop and Business Premises with the commodious Dwelling-House at the rear, situate and being No. 109, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy, now or late in in the occupation of Mr. William Davies, Ironmonger. The above Premises are held under a Lease from the Earl of Dunraven for a term of 99 years from 1st May, 1884 (except the last day thereof), anbject to an Annual Ground Rent of £ 6. Lot 2.—All that Comer House and Shop, situate in Maddox Street, Blaenclydach. let to "u Mr. William Davies, Greengrocer, at £1 8s. per lunar month. The above Premises are held with other Hereditaments under a Lease granted by the Owners of the DeWinton Estate for a term of 99 years from the 25th March, 1892, and is offered for Sale subject to an apportioned Yearly Ground Rant of El 41. ad. The Auctioneer begs to call too attention of Capitalist. and others to the above Sale, afford- ing as it does the exceptional opportunity of acquiring Valuable Business Premises in the most central position in the Rhondda Valley. The Dwelling-House at the rear of the Shop is fitted up with all modern requirements, and is most conveniently situated as a residence for tne occupier of the Shop. For further particulars to the Auctioneer, .Tonypandy, or to Mr. W. R. DAVIES, Solicitor, 4624 33, Mill Street, Pontypridd. ASSEMBLY ROOM, TOWN HALL, PORTH. SALE OF VALUABLE FURNITURE. MR MICHAEL DAVIES (Michael Davies & Llewellyn) has received instrvctions to Sell by Auction at tbe above hall on Monday, March 20th, 1899, a large quantity of SUPERIOR FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising Drawing, Dining and Bedroom Muites, Sideboards, Her Glasses, Overmantles, Iron and Brass bedsteads, Spring Mattresses, Wood Overlays, Telescope and other Tables, Leather Couches, Fenders and Irons, Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Mats. Kttchen Chairs and Tables, Mangles. aJe at two o'clock sharp. 4641 PRIZE DRAWING. Re Daniel Lewis, Garw Valley, late of Penygraig. DRAWING POSTPONED To April 12tb, 1899. BH7 On TUESDAY and THUBSDAY next, commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON will SELL -LTJL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute sale), including :— Valuable Pianofortes, Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side- boards, Boob-cases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmantels, &c., &c., in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to and morning of each day's sale. Ar- rangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. The Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. Complete or Part Houses of Furniture Bought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every descrip- tion undertaken. For Terms, apply at the Auction Rooms, as Above. Established I860. 4565 ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, 23rd, 24th, and 25th MARCH. 1899. A MOST IMPORTANT and HIGHLY ATTRAC- TIVE UNRESERVED SALE of the MAGNI- FICENT APPOINTMENTS, being THE CONTENTS OF A MANSION, Sold by Order of the Trustees under a Deed of Settlement. Furnished in the most lavish manner with exquisite taste, and for the greater part sup- plied by Messrs. SHOOLBRED and CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, LONDON, removed to Cardiff for immediate Sale, comprising the contents of twenty bedchambers, dining-room, ball-room, billiard-room, drawing-room, and boudoir. A 10ft. POLLARD OAK ENCLOSED BOOKCASE, A WRITING TABLE, formerly the property of the LATE CHARLES DICKENS. A FEW BOXES OF REAL HAVANA CIGARS. A SMALL CELLAR OF WINES. A VALUABLE PLATE SAFE. by MILNER. A NEARLY HEW MUSGRAVE'S HEATING STOVE. THREE GRAND AND COTTAGE PIANO- FORTES. A VALUABLE COLLECTION OF OLD CHINA, the whole of the family plate and plated articles, by Elkington and Co. and Mappin and Webb; paintings and water-colour drawings, massive bronzes, old and beautifully inlaid Sheraton furniture, the fittings of hall and vestibule in oak; also RARE OLD EMPIRE and OTHER FURNITURE, a LIBRARY of VALU- ABLE BOOK'< from a well-known CASTLE IN WALES. MESSRS. GOTTWALTZ, BOWRING, and PERRY have received instructions from the Trustees to Remove to their Sale-rooms, 1', High-street, Cardiff, acd Sell by Auction, on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, the 23rd, 24th, and 25th March, 1899, at Eleven o'clock Each Day. THE MAGNIFICENT APPOINTMENTS, Removed as above, and which were supplied to special order. regardless of cost. THE CONTENTS OF TWENTY-ONE BEDROOMS. A MAGNIFICENT BRASS TWIN BEDSTEAD with hangings and bedding complete, HAND- SOME SQUARE PILLAR BEDSTEADS of various designs, some with hangings, hair bedding, feather beds, blankets, and linen. THE APPOINTMENTS OF A SUITE OF DRAWING-ROOM AND BOUDOIR, FINE GILT CONSOLE TABLE AND GLASS, large Pier Glasses, FINELY-MADE INLAID BUREAUS AND CHESTS. Music Cabinets and Davenports, NKARLY NEW 7-OCTAVE COTTAGE GRAND PIANOFORTE by JOHN BROADWOOD AND SONS, a NEARLY NEW COTTAGE PIANO- FORTE, by JOHN HOPKINSON AND CO.. a VERYHANDSOME REAL ONYX GARNITURE, an ELABORATELY-CARVED JAPANESE CABINET superbly mounted in beautifully- carved ivory and pearl and & noble screen to match, COSTLY MARQUERIE INLAID SECRETAIRE, and valuable Empire furniture. THE OLD CHINA. THE LIBRARY, FURNISHED in the GOTHIC STYLE in RICHLY CARVED OAK. A SUPERBLY-MADE 10ft. BOOKCASE, COST 300 GUINEAS, an EXCEPTIONALLY FINE i POLAR BEAR SKIN RUG, a FULL-TONED AMERICAN ORGAN by DYER and HUGHES, A MAGNIFICENT CLOCK, IN EBONY AND ORMULA CASE, FITTED WITH THE WEST- MINSTER AND CAMBRIDGE CHIMES. THE CONTENTS OF BILLIARD-ROOM, A FULL-SIZE MAHOGANY BILLIARD TABLE by GEORGE WRIGHT and CO., with thick slate bed and low cushions, sets of billiard and pool balls, cues, marking boards and cabinet rests, superior settees and chairs in mahogany, easy chairs and lounges, chimney glass, valuable hunting prints. 1.500 REAL HAVANA CIGARS, Namely Ramon Allones, Cartina, Mara Per- fectas, La Corona, &c. 200 DOZENS OK WINE. THE ANTIQUE SILVER AND SHEFFIELD PLATE, principally by Elkington and Co. and Mappin and Webb. A SPEOIALLY-MADE PLATE SAFE 56IN. HIGH, FITTED FOR SILVER, BY MILNER. The ENTRANCE and INNER HALL in CARVED OAK, landings, staircases, tattles, busts, brackets, oak chairs, Axminster Carpets, stair carpets, and rugs, FIVE DEER and OTHER HEADS, antlers, &c. a double barrel gun and case.. The contents of china p%ntries include a large dinner service of pieces by Sharpus and ,Co., Cockspur-street; tea services in Crown Derby and Swansea; finely cut-table glass. The contents of kitchens, a nearly new refri- gerator, lawn mowers, garden roller, several pairs of garden vases, frames, and lights. PRIVATE VIEW SATURDAY, 18th MARCH. Admission by Catalogue. ON VIEW MONDAY AND TUESDAY PRIOR fO HALE. Catalogues may he had ou application to the Auctioneers, price sixpence. N.B —The Auctioneer desires to tako the earliest opportunity of calling the attention of intending purchasers to this most important: Sale, as in will be found to consist of a Ctllec- tion of Appointments of the highest class, of great iiugniticdnce and elegance, the equal of whi, h 1 as rarely been submitted for Sale by A ue: ion in the Principality. It is intended that the goods ehali be on view at least Four Days Priür to the Sale, in order to afford spectators lull opportunities cf inspecting the same. 4645 f I RFStT THE WORLD rRDDUuEb. Standard Blends—1/ 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, &"2/per lb. ————— For Agencies apply direct to:- PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, Queen Street, C ARDIFF. 4445 WARMS THE CHEST! CUTS THE PHLEGM! EMRYS RICHARDS' CHERRY COUGH SYRUP THE POPULAR MID-RHONDDA REMEDY FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT, &C. Excellent for aged people and those with long standing Bronchial trouble. IN BOTTLES 1/ 2/9, & 4/e. By Post 3d. extra. Of the Sole Proprietor- EMRYS RICHARDS, DISPENSING CHEMIST, COEDYMEIBION, TONYPANDY 4*62 GARDEN SEEDS! FLOWED SERDS! FARM SEEDS. Seed Potatoes, Seed Oats, Barley, Vetches, Clover Seed, and Kye Grass. MANURES OF ALL KINDS. IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINERY BY ALL LEADING MAKERS. Seed Drills, Chain and Drag Harrows, Scufflers, Cultivators, Rollers. Ploughs, Lawn Mowers, Garden Rollers, Churns, Cheese Presses, Cheese Vats. TOOLS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Spades, Shovels, Forks, Axes, Grubbers, Hoes, Rakes, Garden Barrows, &c. CARTS, WAGONS, TROLLIES, by the Bristol Wagon Works. Catalogues free. JOHN HUBERT & gONS, THE "AGRICULTURAL HOUSE," 10 & 11, CASTLE ST., CARDIFF. 4606 MARVBLLO OINTMENT is THIC GREATEST REMEDY OF MODERN TIMES! It immediately relieves pain, either external or internal. It has no equal as a cure for Skin Diseases, Bad Legs and Breasts. A certain cure for Neuralgia, Rheumatism, &c. A list of testimonials of remarkable cures effected sent free by post by applying to the Sole Maker and Proprietor, B. E. BEARD, Dry- brook, Gloucestershire. LOCAL TESTIMONY. Bridge House, Blackwood, Mon., 21 it December, 1898. Dear Slr.-Till a few weeks ago I w*a a gre*t sufferer from Piles, and oocA8ioualiy could not follow my employment, when I was recommenced to try your valuable Marvello Ointment. P after Jo,, and .• £ »"'TiEiftS usmg it a few times it effected gufreriB>? from strongly recommend » vj y*> v ish this troublesome complaint.-Your well wisner, HKN-RY CAPPER, Senr. AGENTS: T Harris, Grocer. Pontypridd. W H. Key, People's Chemist, Pontypridd. d'w Davie*. Chemist, Porth. K." Lloyd, Chemist. Penygraig. j. W. Rlohards, Chemist, Llwynypia. W George, Chemist, Clydach Vale. John Bdwards, Grocer, Blaengwynfi. Wholesale Loudon AgentsBARCLAY & Sous, 95 Fariiugdon Street. Sent by post for Is lid. 4364 •, WHITE T-IAUT H.OTKL,! PONTYPRIDD. GEORGE PARFITT, PROPRIETOR. Headquarters :— GLAMORGAN R.P.L. VONTYPJtlDD F.C. PONTYPRIDD RESBRVES F.C. PONTYPRIDD THURSDAY P C. PONTYPRIDD CYCLING CLUB. G. P. begs to inform his Numerous Friendq th", his Stabling is now Perfect, the Stables having been entirely lle-bullt. LOCK-UP LOOSE BOX FOR ENTRIES. SPACIOUS YARD SUITAIILB FOR SALBS BY AUCTION, &c. BEST SKITTLE ALLEY IN TOWN. [4549 SUFTERF.RS from Nervous Debility, Physical Exhaustion in Men, also loss of Vital Pnwpr.-Write to 6, Howns, M.P.S. (from ti e Birmingluim General Hospital), 68. Aston Road, Nnrth, Birmingham. State your case ully, replies sent free. 4567 l PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. PONTYPRIDD WTESLEYAN" METHODIST CIRCUIT. A SALE OF WORK will be held in the WESLEY SCHOOLROOM, PONTYPRIDD, on THURSDAY, 4th MAY, 1899. 4627 SALEM, LLANILLTYD FAERDREF. (GOOD FRIDAY MARCH 31st, 1899). A GRAND CONCERT will take place when the following artistes will take part. Soprano— Mrs A, EVANS (Morfydd Morganwg) Pontypridd (pupil of Miss Olive Grey, R.A.M.); Contralto- Miss OLIVE GREY (Medalist Royal Academy), Maesteg; Tenor- Mr DAVID EVANS, Abercynon Bass- Mr DAVID CHUBB (winner of the chief prixe at National Eisteddfod, Newport), Llantwit Faerdref Accompanist: Miss EDITH WILLIAMS, Church Village, Llantwit Faerdref. Chairman: Mr THOMAS DAVIES, "Chronicle" Office, Pontypridd. Admission to Eisteddfod and Concert Is. Od.. Concert only Is. Children under 15 half price. Doors open at 7 p.m., Concert to commence 7.30. Proceeds in aid of Chapel Funds. 4t33 GTW, MATTHEW & CO., ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS. QFFICES AND WORKSHOPS, WOMANDY STREET. ARDIFF. ELECTRICAL APPARATUS OF ALL KINDS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED. COLLIERY WORK A SPECIALITY. ESTIMATES FREE ON APPLICATION 4374 31EN BEWARE Of neglect, ng your health. Especially so. jf v™ suffer from any Nervous Disease You mav h* assured that your condition will nct improve ntui that you will go from bad to worse if you do not h >ve your oilments properU attended to. It yoil f:oin Losf|M-.nho'jd, Youthful Imprudence, Snernja- torrh«!(i, Exhausted Vitality, Desuondencv. Laas <t Energy, Premature » <i»y, Varicocele. WVak.-ess Briun F'm. Dimness of tfignt, Blotches on the skin. NerviuMieBS, LJSS of AJemory, Noises in the Ears' Melancholy, Liver Complaints, Madder und Kidne'; ,r anv form of disease affactinif thtt Ur nary O'gans. You have only to write to me ftw particu ant Of a Sure Cure for your malady. T'K MS- anda >>t Sufferers have be" efited by this means of cure aiH the "dvlee 1 have jjiven them. St:11d addn-sse » envelope, which must be plainly written, to H kxry- II DAVUM. Esq., Copford Lodge, Caichester Pisve. 1 B^hton, Suetiex, EnglAnd; and name this p&pe.\ [1621