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EGLWYSILAN SCHOOL BOARD. ACCOMMODATION FOR TONGWYNLAIS CHILDREN. THE PROPOSED SCHOOLS AT LLAlf- BRADACH. SENGHEXYDD SCHOOLHOUSE. The monthly meeting of this Board was held at the Taff's Well Board School on Monday, Mr John Morgan (chairman), Caerphilly, presiding. There were also present Rev Tawetfryn Thomas (vice-chairman), Messrs E. Evans, David Wil- liams, and 0. P. Edmunds, with the clerk Mr Thomas Thomas. The following letter was received from Mr Joseph Henry Jones, clerk of tke Whitchurch School Board:- "I am directed by my Board to call the atten- tion of your Board to the fact that owingto there being no sobool in the Eglwysilan parish ,tear to Tongwynlais a large proportion of the children in that part of Tongwynlais which is in Eglwysilan parish now attend the Whitchurch Tongwynlais school; this is particularly so in the case of the infants. My Board, therefore, are of opinion that your Board should in some way contribute towards the expense which is now largely undertaken by my Board in educating the children of the parish of Eglwysilan. Of course, my Board are not under any liability t8 so supply accommodation for the Eglwysilan children, but they do not care to turn the child- ren away if some arrangement could be arrived at, amd they anticipate that your Board would prefer to come to some such arrangement. I am, therefore, directed to request you to place this letter before your Board for their con- sideration, and I shall be glad to hear from you in due course upon the matter." The Clerk: We had a letter on the same sub- ject before, and we coulS not do anything be- cause we have a school erected within a mile. The Chairman: And they can't compel us. A Member: But they can turn our children out. The Clerk: They can do as they like. If they turn the children out we have place for them here. The Chairman: We have a similar case at Caerphilly, where the children of another Board attend our school. The Clerk: We have a school within a mile, and they have the benefit because if the child- ren get the highest grant they get £1 Os 6d per child per annum. Mr Edward Evans said if they had a smffiienfc number of children at Tongwynlais, they should provide a school for them. He was afraid the "Whitchurch Board would turn their children adrift, and what were they going to do then? The Clerk- We have place to receive them here (Tiff's Well). Mr Evans: But it's so far away. The Olerk: Within two miles. Some time ago we intended building an infants' school at Tongwynlais, but an inspector who came donw said it was not too far to Taff's Well, and he selected this site because it would be convenient fo TaTs Well and Nantgarw. Mr Evan?: the parents say it is too far, and it is out of reason for the children to attend the school. The Clerk: I agree with you; it is too far for the infants to walk, but the Department say a school must be within two miles. Mr Evans: Are we obliged to do as the De- partment require? The Clerk: Then what are we to do with the letter? The Chairman: Simply acknowledge it. This was agreed to. Mr David Williams: Would it be any good to select a committee from this Board to meet them on this matter? Rev Tawelfryn Thomas: We have nothing whatever to do with them. The Clerk: No, quite right. Subsequently, Mr Edward Evans said the dis- tance from Tongwynlais to Taff's Well was un- reasonable to expect children to walk. This matter had been pressed very strongly on him, and he had promised the inhabitants of Ton- gwynlais to do what he could on their behalf. And he would do it, because he took an interest in the children, and sympathised with the pa- rents. The distance was too far to expect child- Ten to come to Taff's Well in all weathers. He moved that the Board consider the complaint ot Tongwynlais with a view, if possible, of meet- ing the wants of the place so far as an infants' school was concerned. The distance between Tongwynlais and Taff's Well was one and a quarter miles. The Clerk: A mile. Mr David Williams: If it had been over two miles there would be something for us to con- sider. Mr O. P. EcSmunds: How many infants are there here ? The Clerk: What if we were to have a census taken before we move? Mr Evans: Yes, I propose that Mr Milward take a census of the children from seven down- wards. This was agreed to. Rev Tawelfryn Thomas proposed the follow- ing regulations for the letting of schools: -"That all applications be made to the clerk or through the Board, but in cases of emergency one mem- ber (subject to the following regulations) may grant the use of any school. "That an undertaking be signed by some re- sponsible person in every case, to make good, the payments for any damage done to the pro- perty of the Board while the school, is in the charge of the party or parties to whom it is let, and to deliver up the key or keys to the safe cus- tody of the cleaner on or before 11 p.m. every night. "That the schools be let for the following purposes during hours not interfering with the day or evening schools work, and with satisfac- tory payment to the cleaner in addition- (a) "Philanthropic, benefit societies, workmen's committees or presentation meetings two shil- lings per evening. (b) "Lectures, concerts, literary and competi- tive meetings—three shillings per evening. (c) "Choir party practice—one shilling per evening. (d) "Eisteddfodau and tea parties—five shil- lings per evening. (e) "Religious Sunday services, with one even- ing' per week—ten shillings per month. (f) "Oral and written examinations for Sunday Schools—free. "That the schools be not granted for itinerant shows, and under no conditions will dancing or intoxicants be allowed on the premises. "That past arrears must be cleared before the use of the schools will be allowed to any party. These regulations were adopted. The following letter was received from Mr G. J. Maddocks with respect to the purchase of a piece of ground at Coedybrain for the erection of a school at Llanbradach —In reply to your favour of the 30th July re land for proposed 0$boQl at Ccedj-braU, I -eg to xforrc you that my client is unable to sell the freehold, but that he will be pleased to lease the land to your Board on favourable terms for 99 years." The Clerk: I didn't write to him afterwards until you had met, because I ditl not know whether the Board would be willing to build on leasehold terms. Mr David Williams: Are the rest freehold ? The (Jerk: Yes. The Chairman ^jCan we build an leasehold property, » Tào The Clerk Cfh, yes; but it's very inoonven- ient. The matter was left over until the arrival of the architect. When Mr Phillips came he pro- duced the following further letter on the same subject from Mr Maddocks: —"Your favour .to hand. I wrote to Mr Thomas about three weeks ago, and have been since expecting to hear from him. My client is prepared •> lease the land for the term of 99 years at €he reduced rental of ld. per square yard. I cannot reply as to the total of agent's fees, as I do net know how many cottages could be built upon the land in the ordinary course, but if you see Mr Evans (architect to the estate) he will tell you, and you can then see how much my fees will be at £1 Is per house ,and 92 2s for agreement. You had also better see Mr Evans with reference to the plans for the work (if carried out), as it is usual for all architects' work on the estate to be carried out by him, so you had better make some arrangement with him." The Chairman, Messrs David Williams, R. W. Sutherland, Evan Sherrah, and O. P. Ed- munds, were appointed a deputation to wait < c the representative of the De Winton estate with a view of obtaining better terms. The Education Department wrote approving of the plans of the proposed school house at Senghenydd, and sanctioning the borrowing of E565 for the purpose of erection.It was decided to apply to the Public Works Loan Board for this amouont. The fiducation Department wrote agreeing to the postponement of the separate girls' depart ment at Senghenydd until after the summer holidays of 1899. Mr Edward Evans, Aber, wrote ask:"g for a certificated assistant, and it was decided to ad verfLse the appoiontment.

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