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Mustard and Cress. ¥


Mustard and Cress. ¥ Salem Welsh Baptist Chapel, Porth, is now being rennovated, and in the meantime the ser- vices are being held" in the Town Hall. Mr Joseph M. Thomas, formerly a solicitor practising in Pontypridd, and brother of Mrs John Lewis, Tophill, was last week installed as minister of the Unitarian Church, Liscard. The Unitarians, who sometimes complain of the absence of the spirit of sweet reasonable- ness, of cEarity, and tolerance in Wales, have no reason to complain of the Pontypridd Non- ronformists (thinks "Welsh Gossip.") The llnglisb Congregationalists of that town have placed their chapel at the disposal of the Rev Stopford Brooke, who will preach there in Janu- ary. A local Calvinistic Methodist deacon, who is also a shopkeeper, gave out hymn 7J4, as "Saith pant tri swllt a grot." Seeing his mistake, he attempted to correct it by "Saith tri a-phedwar." London has recently been visited b ythe cele- brated Welsh Choir, that won the world's prize at the Chicago Exhibition. Among the party is Mr J. T. Price, an old West-Ender, who worked in Buckmaster's about 20 years ago,and from there went to cut in Davis's, Oxford street, .after which he returned to his natir, vallty, and has now two of the largest tailoring estab- lishments in Wales, one in Church road, Ton, Pentre, the other at Albion House, Tonypandy, In addition to his musical talents, Mr Price is the winner of a first prize, awarded by the Welsh National Festival Committee, for the "best black and white sketch of a living person, and is m large demand whenever presentation portraits are to be presented, Ono of his most recent works was a sketch of Mr Cross, the manager of the London and Provincial Bank, presented by the staff to that gentleman. The choir, which has been singing ia various halls and chapels in aid of the Welsh miners, are principally composed of miners; but a few ex- ceptions are made when the singer is of excep- tional merit. Mr Price is chairman and first tenor, which accounts for his presence among them. Miss Jessie Mary Llewelyn, daughter of Mr Bvan Llewelyn, collector to the Rhondda Urban District Council, has passed first class in French at the recent examination of the Glamorgan County Council Technical Instruction School (Ystrad Library). Her paper is described as being excellent. She is a pupil at the Porth -Couonty School. Ampng the latest converts to the camera it Mr Teddy Lewis, the popular secretary and moving spirit of the Glamorgan Football League. In future, football matches will have an added interest for "Teddy." The "Glamorgan Free Press- gave the first in- timation of the results of the Entrance Scholar- ship Examination for the Pontypridd County School. In the boys' list, Masters William F. Scale (Hawthorn Board School), with 378 marks, and Owen G. Jones, (Trerobart Board School), with 371 marks, run each other pretty closely. The place of honour in the girls' list is held safely by Miss Cissy Phillips (Aber Mill Board School) with 365 marks, Miss Clara Mabel Jones (Mill street Board School, Pontypridd), coming in second with 335 marks. When the difficulty of the papers is taken into consideration, the results are very encouraging to the head-teaohers and scholars. Our congratulations to Miss Cissy Pbillips and Master Willie Scale. Even the strike has its uses. A Cilfynydd grocer has issued a £20 challenge that he has given more credit during the strike than any of his rivals. The challenge has already been accepted by three tradesmen, who offer their books for audit. Adversity and advertisement fcere go hand in hand.—"Wales Day by Day." Doctors who attend execution inquests have a very long roundabout way of telling the cause of death. For instance, Dr D. Howell Thomas, the Swansea goal doctor, asked by the Coroner "What was the cause of Joseph Lewis's death, answered not "hanging' but "dislocation of the cervical portion of the spinal eolum." Fine language and true, doubtless, but it is long and funny to folks who like homely Saxon ways of telling things. Joseph Lewis, the Margam murderer, lived ior some time at Llantwit Vardre. That was about ten years ago, and even in those days Lewis was an inveterate poacher. The position in mbich a Porth shop assistant W.Is placsd on Thursday last at the Mumbles was not an envkftfe one-for the time being at least. Notwithstanding that he is of a happy nature, he was upon tais day complied to be otherwise, and this is how it came about. Na- ture having blessed tina with gifts, which lead to his being called "a nice-looking young man"— by the ladies, of course—he has succeeded in inducing several young female assistant from the Rhondda Valley to walk with him—they not objecting. These were all in attendance on Thursday, and he was thus placed in a dilemma. He attributed the source of his unhappiness to this, remarking "They are all here. I don't want to offend either, so I must be without one -to-day!" Those of his friends who were placed in a more favourable position sympathised with him. Ladies as adjudicators of bathing 1 This is, our picnic correspondent believes, the latest novelty, and was introduced at the Rhondda shop assistants' outing at Mumbles last week. Some of the male assistants disputed the right of one of their number to being recognised as the best swimmer amongst them. The matter was approaching a climax, when a few young lady assistants interfered as arbitrators. They sat upon the cliffs above the beach, telescope in hand, whilst the disputants plunged into the irater snzt fdught for supremacy. The trick worked well, and the victor was seen proceeding homeward well, not by himself at all events. We have received the following from a oor- respondent at Weston-Super-Mare: -Whilst lotuging dot Mb making for the <> • — „ Pnntv face or two, I the off chance of seeing a Pon y noticed a smart brougham coming m ^direc- tion. The horses' were caPPed m and driver and -whip were decorated wi w .ding favours. A small crowd soon collected to .see the happy couple pass through the twmstiles. 111 front, with the driver, were two large trunks and a lady's bite. The carriage came to a stop amidst a general craning of neeks. Imagine my astonishment when I saw two very weli-known and highly respected ladies of Pontypridd get- ting or* of the carriage. The first to alight was dressed very becomingly in a dar skirt and striped jacket. That, I thought, eouldn't lie -the bride! Then out came the other lady, who looked, as she smilingly alighted, the happy bride she evidently was. Her "going-away" costume was of a soft cream material, with hat to match. I am sorry at not being able to give you her name, as the bridegroom did not put in an appearance. Probably he preferred travel- ing by rail." Mr John Kemp, Ynyshir, is still actively en- gaged in collecting subscriptions for the Central Relief in various parts of thee ecountry, and we are pleased to state that his efforts are meeting with great success. Buritaaical Pontypridd sustained a severe shock last Sunday evening. A party of ladies cycled to ihurch. Attending service on wheels is a very general practice in some parts of the country, but will the innovation "catch on" at Pontypridd ? Many are the attempts which are being made to "dodge" the local relief committees. At a relief station in the Rhondda Fach tfiis week, four young lads appeared as colliers, their Saces having been entirely blacked. They were given provisions, but im another half-hour again ap- i peared, now in clean clothes and with washed fapes. By this means they endeavoured to cheat the guardian of the door. His keen eyes, how- ever, recognised them, and a severe reprimand- ing followed. The monthly meeting of the Pontypridd shop assistants will be held at Coombes' Restaurant next Tuesday evening. All assistants are re- quested to attend, as important business is to be transacted. Mr G. P. Roberts, the enthusiastic secretary o" the Pontypridd Shop Assistants' Branch, has been transferred from Messrs Masters and Co.'s shop in Taff street to the head establishment a; Cardiff. We understand that he will not sever his connection with the branch for a time, and trust he will be succeeded by an equally devoted secretary. Thanks largely to the or- ganising capabilities of Mr Roberts, the branch has of late made rapid strides, and it is to be hoped that the good seed thus sown will bear abundant fruit. Mr W. M. Jones, of the Maritime CoUiery, when not engaged in managerial or school-board duties, devotes his energies to the gentle art of gardening, a pastime of which he is very fond. He is now proud of having "licked creation" in the way of vegetable marrow raising, and this week a splendid sample from his garden is being exhibited at the well-known sEop of Mr Oliver Davies, chemist, Mill street. The scale of fines inflicted by the Caerphilly magistrates in their administration of justice is a queer one. According to Tuesday's proceed- ings one can indulge in quiet private assault at any price, from dismissal up to 2s 6d in costs, and being bound over; you can get drunk and create a disturbance at price ranging from a dismissal with a caution up to 10s; fishing with- out a licence will cost you 10s and costs; driv- ing with one light 2s 6d and oosts; using ob- scene language at railway stations will oeme to 11ffl and costs; furiously riding a bicycle runs away with 10s and costs, while for the same sum a policeman can be assaulted and nearly "strn,ngled. Scorching on cycles is, of course, a taost reprehensible practioe, and one to be put dowa, but it is doubtful whether it is so serious a matter as an unprovoked assault on an officer of the law which nearly ends in strangula- tion. At the monthly meeting of the East Glamor- gan Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Association held at Cadoxton on Tuesday, it was announced that the following candidates for the ministry had been accepted (with ethers) by the connex- ional examiners fon South Wales: Messrs David John, Bryrftirion, Llantwit Vardre; David Evans, Bethlehem, Porth; Richard Harris, Tre- orky; Thomas Williams Pontypridd; W. Jones, Treorky; W. Evans, Ynyshir; Ed. Price Cil- fynyda. "You can see with half an eye" that FRANK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. The abief characteristics of G. F. HACKKB'8 Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be Been at his Studio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypuddd.; 4219 ANY Photograph enlarged snd finished in Black and White. Crayon, or Oils by THOS. FORKEST & SONS, Cambrian Studio, Pontypridd.


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