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Presentation to Dr. Kay, Trekerbort


t Commoi] Diseases


t Commoi] Diseases 3.—THE KIDNEYS. Next in order of importance to the liver the kidneys play a most important part in the inter- na! economy of the excretory organs. Their functions are sole purifying or excretory, by getting rid of effete products contained in the blood. Should they from any cause become in- efficient the uric acid which sould be excreted is retained in the circulatory system and gives rise to urinic poisoning—ending fatally. There is no doubt that errors in eating and drinking give rise to all kidney troubles. When the X or Rontgen rays have been turned on to these wonderful organs, the high liver will be able to see what his excesses have led up to. He will see either the small shrunk kidney caused by excessive indulgence in spirituous liquors, or the large fatty kidney, degenerating as the result of over-eating and highly-flavoured flesh food,with- out having taken the necessary (exercise to counteract fatty formations. These few re- marks are mainly due to the fact which has been demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Kola, and Hopalin, from Hops, both ingredients in Dr Tibbies' VLCocca, exercise a most beneficial effect on the structional tissues of the kidneys, and so on its excretory functions. Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa it not in any sense a medicine. It is simply a nourishing beverage, and in that respect it plays a most important part in the prevention of functional disorders. In these important organs and others, Kola ha& a wondeful faculty of giving power to he in- vol-untary muscles of the body. By involuntary we understand those muscles not controlled by the will. Those muscles which carry on the work of life without our consent, and unless looked at carefully, in many instances, without our knowledge; such as the beating of the heart when asleep, the breathing of the lungs, the action of the kidneys, and the digestive process. Kola acts on these in a nourishing and strengthening sense, conserves the strength ot these involuntary muscles, prevents undue waste and by its beneficial action gives health and vigour to men and women. As people become more intelligent, they see that they should try and prevent disease. It seams strange, when one comes to consider it, that the effort of medi- cal science are directed to curing, when prevent- ing would seem to bo a more rational proceed, ing. The unique vitalising and restorative powers of Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa are being recognised to an extent hitherto unknown in the history of any preparation. Merit, and merit alone, i& what is claimed for Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, and the proprietors are prepared to send to any reader who names the "Glamorgan Free Press" (a postcard will do) a dainty sample tin of Dr Tibbies' VLCocoa free and post-paid. Dr Tibbies' VLCocoa is made up in 6d. packets, and 9d. and 4s 6d tins. It can be ob- tained from all chemists, grocers, and stores, or from Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, Limited, 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill Row, London, E.C.


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