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« Pontypridd.


« Pontypridd. At a meeting of the Loyal Hope Lodge of Oddfellows, M.U., held at the Horse and Groom, Hotel on Monday evening, the Noble Grand Bro. T. H. Maddocks, the genial manager of the well-known Hepworth establishment) per- formed the interesting ceremony of formally presenting Bro. Hoard with a prize of £ 6 6s. This prize was generously offered by two local gentlemen to the member who would bring in the largest number of new members during the last twelve months. Bro. Maddocks, in con- .gratulating Bro. Hoard upon his success, said i.he recipient had been the means of bringing in 38 ordinary members and seven honorary mem- bers. (Applause). This, they would all agree, was a splendid record. He sincerely trusted that Bro. Heard's worthy exàmpk would be Emulated by many. (Hoar, hear). Bro. Hoard, who rose amidst applause, resj>onded. and in ^-e course of his remarks expressed his thanks :to the two donors of the prize for their gcner- •ous gift and the members for their kindness. in the past, he woulfl continue to try to do "is duty by bringing in a.s many new members *9 he possibly could, hoping, as he did, that the ~™ £ e would thus become the strongest- in the district. (Hear, hear). On the motion of Bro. **• Martin, seconded by Bro. Francis Roes, a heartv vote of thanks was accorded the two honors for their generositv. Bro. R. Martin as afterwards called upon to present his report delegate to the half-yearly district meeting. Bro. R. Martin read his interesting report ,whic.i Was received with approval. The Noble Grand having invited questions, several members rose and warmlv congratulated Bro. Martin en his very able and lucid report. We understand that several more prizes are about to be ottered for the largest number of new members intro- duced between now and December. The town rings with the nfws that FRAXK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. 2838 COOVBES' for best Bread Dr Allison A Brown Ðread; Cake of all kinds best and cheapest Muffins, trumpets, and Pikelets—fresh daily. Agent for Lipton's TeM. 8 LKWIS BROS, for Provisions—Pontypridd and Havod .°>2Clr UET.KRBATK the. "Diamond Jubilee" by trying BLECTTUC TEA-in learl packets at Is 8,1, 23, and Us 4d per lb. 2873 The members of the Hearts of Oak Benefit Society held their second annual church parade on Sunday. Although the weather was unfa- vourable, it was evident from the number of members residing in Porth, Ynvsybwl, etc., who attended the parade, that considerable interest is being evinced in the local organisation of the Country Members' Representative Association, and if inereascl activity may be anticipated undoubtedly some important and essential re- forms in connection with the Society may be realised. The members assembled near the Taff .Vale Railway Station, and, headed by the Pont- ypridd Town Band, under the: conductorship of Mr J. H. Foxhall, proceeded to attend divine service at Carmel English Baptist Church. The Rev E.E.Probert delivered an excellent discourse which the members greatly appreciated. He prefaced his discourse by an appeal to all mem- bers to unite together in the bonds of brother- hood, and advised uoung men not already mem- bers of Friendly Societies ,to make due pro- vision for their moment of affliction. We are pleased to learn from the remarks delivered by Rev Mr Probert the fact of his having been a member of this excellent Society for 21 years, has proved a strong argument, when counselling the young- to be provident in their early days, in order that they may secure the desired reliet when stricken with the innumerable complaints tnan is subject to. We are pleased to learn that the rev. gentleman, during his membership, has not had occasion to seek any relief from the Society. That he should still continue his sub- scription in order to assist others in more un- favourable circumstances is an example that inust be commended, inasmuch as it is convinc- ing- that what he preaches he also practices. Amongst the number present at the parade we noticed Mr F. Judd, president of the local branch: Mr D. Williams, treasurer: Mr J. T. Evans, hon. see.; Mr D. Thomas, Wood road; Mr W. Williams, as well as several ether promi- nent members from Porth and the immediate districts. The following members acted as mar- slialls: Bros. J. W. Coles (Ynvsvbwl), W. H. Harris, G. Mereditii. W. T. Jones, W. Marsh and D. J. Davies (Porth), W. Oliver. C. H Jacobs. W. D. Anstes, and D. Lewis and J. Mitchell. All members desirous of affiliating themselves with the local branch may do so at once on remitting the annual subscription (Is) with 3d. extra fee to the secretarv, at 135 Wood road, Pontypridd. A DAY AT THE SEASIDE Porthcawl Athletic Sports and Horse liaces. First-class, entry, 120 yaras. 1st prize, £ 10. 3373 Groceries, Best and Cheapest, LEWIS Blios., Taff street. 3261r ELECTRIC TEA S specially blenied for the water of this district-Is 8d, 2s, and 2s 4d per lb. 2873 WHY go to Cardiff for your Game, when FENNELL, Taff Street, Pontypridd, can supply you ? On Saturday, the employees of Messrs Brown Lenox, and Co., met at the works to thank Mr Lenox for the excellent outing given them the previous Saturday to Bristol. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Ezra Bloomer, seconded by Mr Da.vid Todd, and heartily carried by the men. The out in, was given by the firm, and the party consisted of 450, including the worknwn at Mackay's quarry and the Pont- ypridd Brewery, the whole of the arrangements being made by Mr Charles Penn. Among those who accompanied the party were Messrs C. Penn, Tom Morris, W. H. Preece, Arthur Thomas, T. Schontheil, VV. H. Todd and E. Dawkins. LEWIS BROS. sell the Finest Dairy Butter. 3261r PONTYPRIDD SCHOOL OF MUSIC,—For terms apply to B. P. MILLS (Professor of Music), Court House Street. 3295 LEWIS BROS. ls'7d Tea, Pure and Fragrant. 3261r All Connoisseurs with this fact agree, [2348 Harris, of the Central Stores, for splendid tea.







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