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• TELL YOUR FRIENDS IN PONTYPRIDD. TELL YOUR FRIENDS IN SWAN#SEQ. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AT LLANELLY. TELL YOUR FRIENDS IN ABERDARfc TELL YOUR FRIENDS IN NEWPORT. Tell all your Friends that ú4 /1 /1 n CASH CHEMISTS, f JA Havc Opened Branches Chemists In the world., L/ Cx Have Opened Branches at Pontypridd, Newport, Swansea, Aberdare. IMPORTANT NOTICE. There are some shops where cheap drugs are sold, but where the quality of the goods is inferior in proportion to their cheapness in fact they are cheap and nasty. We, however, are establishing first-class shops, under the supervision of fully-qualified Managers, to retail the newest and best drugs to the people at reasonable prices. We commend the following facts to your f attention Don't buy Stale Drug's. We sell too fast to keep any, having such a number of outlets in different towns that quantities melt away like snow, and we are always having fresh supplies. We can beat any other chemists' prices in the kingdom, for the following five reasons :— 0 1. We have an immense turnover in other towns, which lightens expenses ail round. 2. We buy very large quantities at one time to supply ail our shops"' 1 { 3. We srtMsi get on selling, and, therefore, mark prices down to the lowest t -v poarttT I 4. We give the public the benefit of our discounts. i 5. We buy direct from the makers and thus save intermediate profits. All Goods Guaranteed Fresh and of Standard Excellence. All the advantages of co-operation may be secured without trouble by customers dealing with Boots, the Cash Price Dispensing Chemists, J who prepare Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Recipes with Pure Drugs > at about one-half the usual charges, or equal to an immediate dividend of 50 per cent. on the outlay. Each branch is under the management of a fully-qualified Chemist. u Itilillo BOOTS, Cash Chemists, Dealers in Perfumery, Patent Medicines, Pure Drugs, and Toilet Articles. Boots do the targest trade direct with the public in England, and can, therefore, sell at the cheapest rates and also guarantee the perfect freshness of their stock, which is an important consideration where drugs are consumed. 675 CASH CHEMISTS, Local Branches: 83 Tafl Street, PONTYPRIDD 2 Oxford Street, SWANSEA; 42 Commercial Street, NEWPORT; 66 Stepney Street, LLANELLY; 12 Commercial Street, ABERDARE. Boots, Cash Chemists (Western), Ltd., Proprietors. JESSE BOOT, Head Offices-Nottingham. Managing Dlrector, 3210 ROBERT LANE, i HUMAN If AIR MERCHANT. "WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ALL KINDS OF HAIR WORK DONE on the PREJIISES. SINGLE SWITCHES AT WHOLESALE PRICES, FROM 3/6 XJPWAIlDS- TIOTE ADDRESS- 3, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. 3340 PONTYPRIDD & RHONDDA VALLEY MUSICALLY IMPORTANT TO PONTYPRIDD & THE RHONDDA MR EDWARD LAWRANCE, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, Of the celebrated Conservatorium of Music, Leipzig, Honorary Organist, Christ Church, Cyfarthfa, formerly (for many years) the Organist and Choirmaster of fH. David's Church, Merthyr, Honorary Local Examiner to the Royal College of Music, London, Councillor of the Incor- porated Society of Musicians, &c., VISITS PONTYPRIDD AND THE RHONDDA VALLEY REGULARLY EVERY WEEK, and will be happy to receive additional Pupils for PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, HARMONIUM, SINGING, HARMONY, and COMPOSITION LESSONS, &c. EDWARD LAWRANCE, from his long praotice and GBEAT EXPERIENCE in the interesting twit dimcult art of successful teaching, is enabled to offer unusual advantages to Pupils placing themselves under his care. f f o mm J^^ABD LAWRANCE'S PUPILS have always been highly successful in passing at all KufflCiu^Examinations in Piano, Organ Playing, Theory, and Singing. Pupils are prepared for all For Terms, which are moderate, apply to Mr EDWARD LAWRANCE, Professor of Music, THAUTHEIM, 2, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. 1548c J. COOMBES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, I Arcade and Market Street, PONTYPRIDD. 9 MADAME JJ-JESMANE'S SPECIAL FEMALE PREPARATION "FEARLESS." THE above Preparation, now named FEAR- JL LESS," has been sold with the greatest success in South Wales since 1892. It is pre- pared to meet all cases at 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 10s per Bottle. In sending kindly use your own judgment and state which you desire, and I will send off immediately, carriage paid. If ALL OTHERS have been USELESS, do not despair, as "FEARLESS" will relieve after others fail. dctions speak Louder than Words." This is proved by the great successes that are daily taking place. N.B.-See that the Govern- ment Stamp is affixed to every Bottle none are my Special Female Preparation without. Do not delay, but write at once to MADAME DESMANE, 23, Station Terrace, Pontypridd (opposite upper entrance to Taff Station). Attendance Daily. Advice FREE and strictly private. 2374 TOWN HALL, I PONTYPRIDD. SUNDAY, AUGUST 1, 1897. Pregethir gan y PARCH. JOHN EVANS am 10.30 a 6 p.m. Ysgol am 2. CAPEL NEWYDD, Thurstan Road, Trallwn Garden. I 11 a.m. ENGLISH SERVICE 2 p.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL 6 p.m. ENGLISH SERVICE by Mrs EVANS I 350 PRINTING of every Description done at the FREE PRESS Offices, 22 and 23, Taff street, Pontypridd. LADIES' BEST FRIEND. LADIES 1 fAYFIELD LILLY'S FEMALE 1 LADIES JJUL MuiUlUISlS. A /C LADIES — o *T/V LADIES HEARTSEASE," No 1. 4/6; No Po s t LADIES (Strongest) 10/ Post Free. Free. LADIES -o— LADIES RAPIDLY REMOVES OBSTRUC- LADIES HONS. HOWEVER OBSTINATE. AfG LADLIL THE °N'LY POSITIVE REMEDY. p/ST L ADIES fllO my sex who require a positive Free. LADIES JL and never-failing remedy for LADIES all ladies'requirements, speedily re- LADIES moves all obstruct!ins and irregu- AtR LADIES larities, especially difficult and long- ^/U LADIES standing cases. Post LADIES —o— Free. LADIES Leaf Street, Tiverton, Devon. LADIES Dear Mayfield Lilly,-Having taken LADIES your medicine "Heartsease," the A/fi LADIES change returned again last Sat- TyV LADIES urday. The effects of your medicine Po s t LADIES was wonderful and it was so very Free. LADIES quick.—Yours &c., LADIES (Mrs) S. LADIES This lady has been benefited AIR LADIES twice beforeby Heartsease." "r/U LADIES —o— Post LADIES Can be obtained of most chemists Free. LADIES in this town or sent post from D.D., LADIES The Lilly Specific Remedy LADIES LADIES CO.. F08t LADIES > Free. LADIES 35, COLSTON STREET, BRISTOL. Ladies' Handy Illustrated Guide, free 2d. 2903 THE General Accident Assurance Corporation (LIMITED). Chief Office-42 to 44, Tay Street, Perth. London Offices-4, Abchurch Yard, E.C. Branch Office- Quay Street Chambers, St. Mary Street, Cardiff. Resident Secretary-F. S. HABBBIDGE. F. NORIE MILLER, Manager and Secretary. CAPITAL ;cioo,ow. PERSONAL ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. Policies include weekly allowance while disabled by Typhoid, Typhus, or Scarlet Fevers, Small- pox, Diphtheria, and Measles; also life Annuity for Total Disablement. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ASSURANCE at Non-Tariff Rates. INDEMNITY ASSUBANCE for Injury and Damage caused by Horses or Vehicles in Streets to the persons or property of third parties. FIDELITY GUARANTEES for all positions of trust, at rates from 10s. per cent. The Bonds of the Corporation are accepted by Her Majesty's Goverment. BURGLARY ASSURANCE. All Householders should cover this risk. Country Houses, 8s per LIOO. Tgmn Residencee, 5s per £ 100. Combined Fire and Burglary Policies. Premium, 7s for JE200 Insurance. Applications for Agencies invited. Liberal terms for Commission. Prospectuses and full particulars of all Departments free on application to above Offices. 2899 Enjoyed 11,1/ Tl/Ou3ands Daily. HARP BRAND AND EISTEDDFOD TEA. Drunk by the great songstress, MADAME ADELINA PATTI, and His Honor, JUDGB OWE*. Sold in Lead Packets only, by Agents in every Town, at Is. lOd. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Wholesale only of :— DONALD BROTHERS & CO., Southwark Street, London, S.E. 2549 CAERPHILLY AND DISTRICT BILL- POSTING. BEST Hoardings in the district. Contracts 1 made with any town in the United King- dom. Circulars distributed promptly and care- fully. For terms, &c., apply to H. ENOCH, CASTLE-SQUARE, CAERPHILLY. 2496 1 STEAM CARRIAGE WORKS, MORGAN STREET, PONTYPRIDD. lll" 11 -L- j1@; !I "/l -C-Lî;iJ-¿'T,Ji¿'#¿,, The above Works is one of the Finest in the Principality, having no less than 10,500 square feet floor area, all under cover, and well arranged for the purpose of turning out the Best Class of Work with!! the Best Finish in the Trade. The Manufactured Stock jfi one of the Largest in Wales at present, and the Premises being over-crowded, the same is offered to the Public at greatly Reduced Prices, as follows f ¡£ 8, d. J X s. d. 10 Pony SiTraps (New), with Cushions, I 6 Second-hand Carts (no reasonable offer Lamps, &e. from 10 10 0 refused) 15 Full Size Traps (New), with Cushions, 110 Heavy Hauliers' Carts (the Best in the Lamps, &c. from 13 5 0 Trade) from 11 15 0 t 10 Business Carts with Lamps „ 9 10 0 4 Coburgs and Confectioners's Van from 15 0 0 2 Neatly-finished Governess Cars, 1 Splendid Gig, a Well-finished and Stylish Waggonette, 1 Brake, 0 1 Crank-axle Cart or Float, 1 Milk Cart, Flat Coal Carts, Hand Trucks, Sack Trucks Garden Wheelbarrows, Navvy Wheelbarrows from 8s. 6d. the Trade is supplied with well-seasoned Timber, viz. Oak, Ash, Birch, Mahogany, Waifcut, Stocks, Spokes, Felloes, &c., &c. Also a splendid line of Carriage Lamps. A good selection now in Stock. Painting, Lettering and Varnishing attended to by Competent and Experienced Hands. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS TURNED OUT PROMPTLY. Please call and see the very conveyance you want at the STEAM CARRIAGE WORKS, Morgan Street, Pontypridd. 3032 THE PONTYPRIDD FURNISHING COMPANY (ABOVE THE FOUNTAIN) ARE THE BEST AND CHEAPEST COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. ital pRiOD 56 58 THEY HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK & GIVE BEST VALUE, AND INVITE INSPECTION OF THEIB PARLOUR SUITES AT £ 5 17 6 Padded Backs and Guaranteed Quality. Best Value in the Trade. BEDROOM SDITES 3 17 6 A Popular Line. WALNUT LOO TABLES 22s 9d & 27s 9d WIRE MATTRES, From 118 9d KITCHEN CHAIRS 2s 8d, 3s 3d TABLES 6s 9d, 10s 6d, and 14s 9d CHEST OF DRAWERS 21s, 30s LARGEST SIZE MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS £ 3 17s 6d This is Special Value. COUCHES 18s 9d and 21s Our own make and are Good Value, and every Furnishing Requisite. FURNITURE REPAIRED & SUITES RECOVERED AS NEW. ESTIMATES ON APPLICATION. 56 & 57, TAFF ST., PONTYPRIDD (Sa™e) See the Name over the door before entering the Shop. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN OUR OWN VANS. a3187 [BROMIEYS I EXTRACT OF HERBSi H Made from British-Grown Herbs, by an entirely New Process, BH and is unequalled for ft PURITY! STRENGTH!! FLAVOUR! JK A Gel. Bottle makes 12 Gallons j^H ^0 SUPERIOR IN FlifiVOUK TO ALiIi OTHERS. jgggjBI Insist on having BROMLEY'S Every Housewife should use it I Sold by all Grocers and Stores in 6d. & 1/- bots. Facto;y—Blaomsbury Works, Leeds. JfiHnHgMS 3269 WILL IT RAIN? In case it does, examine your Umbrella, I and if it requires Recovering send it at once to JAMES NOBLE, 44, MORGAN STREET, PONTYPRIDD, Who has the well-earned repute of RECOVER- ING SUNSHADES and UMBRELLAS EQUAL TO NEW at Moderate Charges. P.S.—J. N. attends the Pontypridd Market, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 2509 THE I GLAMORGAN fiRE pRESS I IS THE BEST FAMILY PAPER. j Public Notices. THE DAILY DELIGHT OF THOUSANDS. THE TEA FOR ALL. ANCHOR TEA Our great success having brought many imi- tations of our packet into the market, we trust that consumers will see the Trade Mark is on every Packet. TRADE MARK LWA The Winged Anchor Trade Mark will be on every packet if the Tea is genuine, and con- sumers may rest assured of the quality by noting this. T ANCHOR TEA Is 4d, Is Oil, Is 10d, 2s, rd 2s 4d per Found. SOLD BY AGENTS EVERYWHERE. 40* CAUTION.—Beware ef spurious and un- scrupulous imitations of our packets by small local houses throughout Wales. For Agencies apply to the ANCHOR TEA COMPANY, 41, Great Tower street, Lon- don, E.C. 2734 -THE- SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., No. 31, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF. SOME OF THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR SYSTEM OVER OTHER FIRMS:- All ur GOODS are of a RELIABLE and SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURE, and can be Guaranteed. We have a LARGER STOCK to SELECT FROM than any similar Establishment outside London. All our Business is conducted in a STRICTLY PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL MANNER. We do not require our Customers to sign objectionable Hire Agreements. No labels or tablets are affixed to the Goods, and no indication is given that the Goods are on Hire, the hirer enjoying the use of them as though it were a Cash transaction. Being nafide Manufacturers of most of the Goods we sell, and having a very large capital at our command, we are enabled to SELL COiNalDERABLY CHEAPER on our Hire- Purchase System than the majority of those firms who sell their goods for ready money only, as a comparison by a visit to our establishment will conclusively prove. There are no additional expenses or charges of any kind, and the Furniture becomes the absolute property of the customer as soon as the stipulated amount has been paid. TERMS: — We give our customers the privilege of ar. ranging their own terms of payment, as they best know the amount they can afford to pay each week or month. All goods delivered FREE in PRIVATE VANS. The fair and equitable manner in which we transact our business and deal with our cus- tomers is so well known as to render further comment unnecessary. CAUTION. Owing to the very great success of our mode of business, and the high commendation our sys- tem has received, we deem it advisable to notify that our only place of business is Op- posite the Castle. SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, No. 31, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF. 3114 < Public Notices. W. T. RICHARDS, (Late Managing Clerk to Councillor J. W. Evans, Aberdare), A CCOUNTANT, A UCTIONEER, AND v AL U ER, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, 50, HANNAH STREET, PORTH, 25 WELL-BUILT COTTAGES FOB IMMEDIATE SALE. Locally situated. Particulars on applicatiOD BALANCE SHEETS AND ACCOUNTS PER- SONALLY ATTENDED TO. 2819 THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO. MANUFACTURERS OB WATERPROOF GARMENTS IN ALL THE .LATEST STYLES AND MATERIALS. LADIES' WATERPROOF MANTLES. GENTLEMEN'S WATERPROOF COATS In Single and Double-Breasted. PADDOCKS, SCARBORO S, ETC, Waterproof, Tweed and Leather Leg- gings, Carriage Rugs, Loin Cloths, Cart. Covers, Indiarubber Water-beds, Pil- lows, Waterproof Bed and Crib Sheets. FOOTBALLS, TRAVELLING BAGS, &c. OILSKIN COATS, LEGGINGS & WESTERS in Great Variety. WATERPROOF GARMENTS, Made to Special Measurements. Full Particulars on Application to The SOUTHERN RUBBER CO. TRAM: ROAD, HIGH STREET PONTYPRIDD. 7c SPECTACLES & FOLDERS, IF you are near-sighted, or your sight failing you, send us a post-card and we will forward you a Test Card, which will enable you to find correctly, in j a very simple manner, the sight you require. Upon j receipt of the number indicating the sight, a Postal Order for 2s 6d and 2a tn stamps to cover postage, we j ■will send you a Pair of Axis Ground Crystal Spec- tacles, which are cool to the eyes and equally good- for day or night reading. ADDRESS :-H. FREEDMAN AND SON, 13, COLLEGE STREET, SWANSEA. — ESTABLISHED 1864. t) Should we be unable to suit you, Money will be returned in full. FIELD GLASS (very powerful)—10s 6..1, post free 3174u.c. f\RE O/v SUN I INSURANCE OFFICE. 0 —— *ded n Sum insnred in 1896 £ 388,952,80$ For all particulars apply to the following Agents:— PONTYPRIDD: I Mr W. D. HODGES, Metropolitan Bank. j Mr W. WILLIAMS, Market Square Chambers. 2702 (},E ORGE Ct>LLE> LADIES' TAILOR AND HABIT j MAKER, STYLISH TAILOR MADE GOWNS AND COSTUMES FOR PRESENT SEASON. RIDING HABITS, COVERT COATS &,c., GOLF & CYCLING COSTUMES. MAKER OF THE FIRST PRIZE SIREN CYCLE COSTUME. 4, HigH STREET, CARDIFF, Gentlemen's Establishment-7, DUKE ST. 3348 T. JONES, THE OLD BRIDGE STORES, I PONTYPRIDD, j Keeps the BEST SELECTION of | ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITS- j In Town. < Also all kinds of FISH in season at Lowest Possible Prices. All Orders promptly attended to. 1456 MAEINE HOTEL, BARRY ISLAND. FIRST-CLASS HOTEL WITH EVERY j ACCOMMODATION. | Billiards and Good Stabling. [ Good Bathing on Sandy Beach at Whitmore- Bay. Large and Small Parties catered for. A Large Refreshment Room has now been added. PROPRIETORS EVERSHED VINE & COr 2007d WOMEN'S AILMENTS. IHHEQULARITIES, &c.-A Lady, having tried iw vain every advertised remedy, has at last dU- covered a Simple Cure, which will act in a few hour*, no matter how stubborn the case. Bona-ftde sufferers can get it FREE OF CHARGE by enclosing envelope. Don't experiment with Worthless Pills,, Mixtures, Coces, and other injurious nostrums. Write at once with full HOPB and CONFIDENCE 00' Mrs E. E. ST. CLAIR, 46, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. 3099 BOOKBINDING BOOKBINDING; LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, & CASH BOOKS Made to Order on the Shortest Notice. PERIODICALS BOUND t IN PUBLISHERS' CASE, ANY PATTERNS with Neatness and Despatch. FREE PRESS OFFICES; 22, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. j