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Common Diseases '


Common Diseases 2.—THE LUNGS. Lung troubles in the British Isles are more common than any other disease. Simple ca- tarrhs or colds lead to bronchitis and inflam- mation of the lungs. In addition to these minor troubles the lungs are subject to disease 's due ir, germs, such as consumption. When at a mean sea level the oxygen is plentiful, all the breath- ing capacity of the lungs is not used; but ascend, say, a mile above sea level, and all the lung substance is called into play. That is how consumptives are sent to places a mile and more consumptives are sent to places a mile and more above sea level, where they are benefited and sometimes cured. Pneumonia is another disease due to germs. More care is required in cold, damp weather to keep them free from trouble than other organs of the body. The question of pure air is a vital one, and exercise in all weathers in the open air is of the utmost importance. But over and above all is the ab- solute necessity for keeping the body in robust health. See how quickly a weakly, anaemic per- son catches cold, and how soon it flies to the lungs. Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cccoa, with its pure Caracas Cocoa, Kola, Extract of Malt, and Extract of Hops, is not a medicine, but imparts nourish- ment, and comes to the rescue by building up strength and vigour. Mo liters who would keep their children in good health should give them morning and evening Dr Tibbies' VLCocoa made with hot milk. Delicate men and women who have weak lungs, to be hale, robust, and healthy should use Dr Tibbies' ViCocoa morning and evening, and all men who have to be exposed to the bleak uncertainty of our trying climate should fortify themselves before they face their daily toil with Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, and they can then brave the fury of the elements with equa- nimity. The writer speaks from personal ex- perience and from observation of beneficial effects on others. Tea opens the pores and temporarily excites, coffee stimulates the action of the heart, whilst Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa gives strength, stamina,and builds up and strengthenM the lung tissues. It is indeed a wonderful food beverage. Nothing has ever been discovered that can approach it in living lightness of heart joy of life, fleetnsss of foot, and that general feeling of comfort which only comes from a full capacity to enjoy every pleasure, moral, intellectual, aad physical. Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa is made up in 6d. packets, and 9d., and Is. 6d. tins. It can be obtained from all chemists, grocers, and stores, or from Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, Limited, 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill Row, London, E.C. Merit, and merit alone, is what we claim for Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, and we are prepared to send to any reader (a postcard will do) who names the "Glamorgan Free Press" a dainty sample tin of Dr Tibblas' Vi-Coooa.

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