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Penarth Boat Club. : 't.--


Whitsuntide Holidays.

Weekly Notes by Quirkqiiepip.…




I might write more. I might go on telling you of joys and sorrows, of struggles and victories, of sun- shine and shadow—but I will refrain. If you think it nothing—the soft familiar tread, the rustle of the gown, the music of the bright greeting, the little tap at the door, the dear and natural caress, that for hours of monotonous labour or weary vexation is the desired reward; the sunny face opposite you at breakfast, the cheek which glows with joy when others praise, the feet that run so nimbly to meet you at the door, and the full and tender heart which never fesls shame though others detect its love—I say, if you think all this is nothing and worthless, then turn your back on married life; avoid it, pass by it, turn right away but if, on the other hand, you have faith in love, if ycu believe it still con- tinues to bind the hearts of youth, and that wedlock is the highest and most sanctified life you can live- then, I say to you, "Go thou and do likewise." My task is done. I have led you step by step along the perilous journey I have already taken. You shall judge for yourselves what my feelings are to- night, and whether I am happy or not. I will not tell you. Of the future I have nothing to say. Hitherto thou shalt come and no further. Here I drop the curtain. Adieu «