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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. BANK HOLIDAY- — THE morning broke dull and lowering- with intermittent gleams of sunshine which presaged a mixture of weather. Happily, weather-acres were out in their reckonings, for the day proved an ideal one. The attractiveness of the place was more accentuated than ever, as an unusually large influx poured into the "city on the bill the live-long day. It is com- puted that no fewer than 40,000 persons visited our bon ton suburb. Of course, beacbward they trended, the pier proving a strong I; draw" Captain Evans, pier-master, avers that at least 16,000 or 17,000, irre- spective of ticket-holders, took the air" on the pier that day. Variation was provided the visitors by the Severn Sub.Marine Volunteer Divisional Band, under Bandmaster J. Matthews, playing a brilliant selec- tion of up-to-date music both in the afternoon and evening. The beach watermen reaped a golden jharvest, only one mishap, in no way attributable to any negligence of the boatmen, happening. This mischance was due, if the truth be > known, to the oc- cupants of the Tulip .1 catching a crab." A meed of praise is due to Mr Sherman and the four men who so pluckily put off to the rescue, thereby losing nearly three hours' valuable time. In the afternoon the various Sunday Schools paraded the principal streets of fbe town before iepairing to their respective fields for the 11 treat." That nothing untoward happened on the promenade, the road, or elsewhere is indica- tive of the administrative ability of Beach Inspector Morgan, Mr Jones, Bus Office, and Police-Inspector ■Roberts, and Sergeant Lewis-

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