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Exciting Scene off Penarth…


Exciting Scene off Penarth Beach. TWO PLEASURE SEEKERS DRIFTING OUT TO SEA. COMMENDABLE PROMPTITUDE OF MAJOR THORNLEY, J.P. ,SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST UNKNOWN VESSELS. ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL." Two young men, employees of Messrs Howell and Co., Cardiff, requisitioned the Tulip, a beach pleasure boat, belonging to Mr George Evans, and went for a row on Whit-Monday evening about 6.30. They were, unfortunately, caught in the Rennie Race, where one of their oars either snapped or became lost -prooably in c'catchiiag, 'a crab." Singular to re- late, nobody on the Promenade observed their pre- dicament, but Major Thornley, luckily, looking down channel through his field glasses from his drawing- room window, observed this identical boat in distress. Atter further satisfying himself by using a telescope that the men were in dire danger, be, with commend- able promptitude, rushed down to the beach and in- formed Sergeant Lewis of the occurrence. Four watermen thereupon put off in the Maggie to the rescue, but after reachiug the Point it was seen that the Tulip could not be overtaken, and was drifting to Sully, where she might, if she kept this side of the island, be picked up off Barry. Subsequently, No. 5 Bristol yawl picked her up. and towed the helpless craft to the Flat Holm, wheio a Cardiff port pilot took her in charge, and brought the Tulip up to the Seven Sisters, whence she was given over to Hamil- ton, a licensed boatman, and eventually brought safely to the Beach at 10.30 the same night. The occu- pants aver that,although they flew signals of distress, two steamers—a Bristol trader from Cork, and a Car- diff yawl-passed quite close to them, but declined to render any assistance- This statement was in part confirmed by Major Thornley, who affirms that while he was watching the lulip through his telescope, a steamer, bound to Cardifi, actually passed them within fifty yards, but gave no help. This same steamer afterwards anchored in the Road* Major Thornley states that in his excitement he unfortunately forgot ..to cote the name of the steamer

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