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I ¡. !0 hit-Chat.


0 hit-Chat. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. Who was the young lady who was threatened to 3 locked out at night if she kept such late hours, and plied I,' Never mind, it won't last for long-" She is ) be married some time next month. 0 0 0 He proved that he read the Penarth Chronicle. A :-Did you read -1 Tirrotliy Slick" in last week's homcte ? I wonder who he is ? I go to town daily ther by the 8'80 or 8-45 train, but I don't know, or iven't seen anyone answering to his description. B;—Well, yes; of course I read the Chronicle 'ery week, and have read "Timothy Slick appear- g therein, but I hadn't noticed that anything was id about him going to town daily. B I don't believe you see the (jhronicle at all, Iy you don't like to own it' Half-an-hour later, after saying good-night- A Here, B half a minute. 'I B- returns. A: Where would you have been by this time if I idn't called you back ? BFurther away from a fool than I am now here, I told you I read the Chronicle. The paragraph referred to appeared in these Columns last week. 000 A unanimous verdict :That Mr Porud's Concert last Wednesday evening was much the best of the season." All who missed it. missed a grand treat. 000 A certain gentleman, who knows what music is, 1 was in ecstacies over the quartette The sea hath its pearls," and the singing of Miss Annie Va vies, who received a double encore. 0 0 0 I greatly regret that so few were present, the hall not being half full. This is surprising, when it is remembered bow willing Mr Proud has always been to assist every sect and party in the town. The. patronage he received was, in truth. but little encour- agement to him to render assistance when required in the future. 000 I he Penarth Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars, was honoured with a visit last Wed- nesday, from the Grand Chief Templar of Wales, Bra Stanford, who provided a splendid entertainment, which was as miscellaneous as it was interesting. The attendance here, also, was small. 0 0 0 Perhaps the time .of the year has something to do With meagre audiences at Concerts and Entertain- ments ? POO I Next month will be noted for Church and Sunday School Anniversaries, if for nothing else. On May 19th the Presbyterian Chapel Anniversary will be vheld, the preacher being the Rev W. Boss, M.A.J of Glasgow, who visited Pemrth twelve months ago, and so delighted his hearers. Mr Ross will also con- net a week s Mission in the Presbyterian Chapel. On the seme date, the Tabernacle Baptist Church Anni- versary will be celebrated. The pastor, Rev W- Q. a vies, will officiate, On the 26th May, the Anni- versary of (Jogan Methodist Sunday School will take pfcce, the preachers being Mr Baker and Mr Morgan. O Ccuu and on the same day, the Rev J, Hod-son late of Penarth, will preach 0D the occagioa » Trinity school anniversary, 0 0 0 Our local poet, Mr D. T: Morris, wrote the follow- ing lines in honour of the marriage of Dr Joseph ,] Parry's daughter, and as they are so good I cannot 'I resist the temptation to insert them in this column J although a week or two behind hand.


Original Poetry,

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„„„,„„„„„, Penarth District…

IGood Templp-Ty.