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I NOTICE OF REMOVAL. E. A. HOOPER'S FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Is THE BEST FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. FURNITURE REMOVED To all parts of the KINGDOM. WINDSOR MEWS, SALOP ST., PENARTH PRIGE LIST ON APPLICATION. lullilin illilll Mil III Hill 11 1' D'-Á& m If iff m UQ £ L ViJvLy Og WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH Give Best Yalne in CJ IT C3 £ 1 S FOR CASH OR EASY TERMS. Inspection Invited Correspondence Solicited —— —— Cycles for Hire ]1f 'D: G. Cg 'WRIiIJ fROFESSOR OF MUSIC, Organist and Choir-Master of Windsor Road Congre- gational Church- Receives and Visits Pupils for INSTRU- MENTAL, VOCAL & THEORETI- CAL Tuition Pupils prepared for the various local Musical Examinations. -NUMEROUS FIBST CLASS TESTIJ40PIALS Prospectus may be had on application Address—Mozart House Windsor Road. WIlslslAM CAMPBElsL. Glass and nhina Burner & Riviter 65, SALOP STREET Ifeaartb. flem Springs and Guafds put in Gafviug ppks All l,inds of Cutlery ground and set. No connection with any other person in the trade. .> j ti, BBEAKr AST-SUPPEB. iP*' S EPPS'S j § a t'i GRATEFUL—COMFOBTSSTCk COCOA BOILING WATBB, OR MILK. ti BE ATT I 'I CELEBRATED ORGANS & PIANOS. For Catalogues, address, DANIEL F. BEATTY CHEAP POULTRY FOOD SOLD BY J. WHITE 44, Dock Road, PENARTH W. JEANS, Coach Builder Wheelwright Shoenig and. General Smith SALOP STREET, PEJSARlTi. Near the Plymouth HoU l.) to Ninnes DINIfiG and IJEfRESflfllEflT f^OOfflS, 2, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. not Dinners. Tea and Coffee. Cold Meats. Aerated Waters. 17 PHOTOGRAPHS RE-COPIED AND ENLARGED, ALSO PICTURES FRAMED All ork done on the Premises. —— R. TANNER, —— = Essex Cottage, New Plassey Street, i-), A Z SAMUEL GARWOOD, alop S&jpeet;, PRACTICAL Layer of Drain Pipes and W.Q. Repairer. Mason Work &c. undertaken Over 25 Years' experience. Excellent References given Horne-made 1B1.ead E. BISHOP, CONFECTION£H 4, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. ZD Sole Agent for L I P TO N' S TEAS. WOMAN'S FRIEND. RAYNE'S SPECIAL MiXTdRE" The most powerful and effectual medicine known. Quick, safe, and certain. Never fails to relieve and cure all irregularities, no matter how caused. Post free, with full instructions to any address 2/9 or 5/6 G. W RAYNES, 1 Cogan Drug Stores, 1, Penarth Dock. 1- J You can be Cared By a proper and timely use of the great Norwe^iin remedy, SKA WEED LUNG LIFE, which poS8esS marvellous Soothing, Tonic, and Balsamic Properties for all Throat, Chest, and Lung Complaints, it is the great cure for Sore Throats, Coughs, OoIds, Bron- chitis, Asthma, Hoarseness and Consumption Mr Andrew Wilson, of Middlesborough. has written of it as follows Sir,-Permit me to infoim you of the great benefit derived by me from the use of Sea Weed Lung Life." I suffered from a severe cold on the chest, but after using one bottle I was quite relieved- Immediate Relief- Prompt Cure. The European Medical Society recommends it as the most reliable for all Bronchial ami Chest Diseazes. Thousands are cured all over Europe- One bottle will relieve the most obstinate caSe. Let every sufferer give it a trial. Sold at 28 2d, and Is I d,; Post Free, 3s, and Is 3d. Wholesale Agents for Great Britain :-Sanger and Sons, 489, Oxford Street London P.S.-Send 38 or Is 3d iu Stamps to Sanger and Sons, 489, Oxford-street, London, for a bottle, which will be sent by return of post to any part of he County. Or to Jacob Hughes, Manufacturing Chemist. Peaartb Chief Donor. ° 1: ly/TR" & MRS. BUCKLAND, Wardrobe and Fur. niture Dealera. The Oldest Established Dealer in Penarth.-57 and 58, Salop Street. GOOD WORKSHOPS TO LET.—Apply Chronicli Office, Penarth, I ¡ I INSTRUCTIONS in Violin and Shorthand.-26, Ivy I Street, West Cottages, Penarth. A FAMILY'S WASHING Wanted. Good Shirt I and Collar Dresser. Apply-41, Pill Streetj Cogan. FOR SALb, a Paroquete and cage. AVill take 10/6 the lot. Apply-A. Maggs, 44, Phssey Street, Penarth. rff INVO Stall Stable and Coach House to Let- by week JL or lease.—Apply, H J Pitche. Decorator, Station Road. J: WANTEI) Apprentices to the dreSSDlaking.. Apply Misses Thorne and Davies 20 Windsor Road Penarth. especlable Boy Wanted, boots, knives &c- Also Girl for one-and-a-half hours every evening, and all day Saturdays.—Apply Sketch, 25 Hickman | Road, Penarth. | — — — E. RRAND BOY War ted to live in. Apply-John Hughes Grocers, Cogan Pill. YOU WILL NEVER I = GET WELL ( ^HUGHES'S- until BLOOD PILLS I Try what you may, the system will never be eradicated of Disease until the Direct and Specific Remedy for the Blood is taken. Hughes's Blood Pills For Bad Blood, contains the germs of all the Ailments which trouble the Human System, permeating every organ of the Body, dis- mrbing their duties, and bringing the Nervous System to that despondent state which often prefer Death to Lite HENCE HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS SECURE PURE BLOOD VIGOROUS DIGESTIOI; IEALTHY SKIN SOUND KIDNEYS )TRONG NERVES STRONG ART ACTIVE LIVERj and Happy & lively Spirits flUGIIES'S BLOOD PILLS CURE SCURVEY SKIN RASH TORPID LIVER INDIGESTION HEADACHE DYSPEPSIA BILIOUSNESS CONSTIPATION RHEUMATISM NERVOUSNESS PILES, FITS TEl A BOX OF titJGfIESS BLOOD PILLS THEY ILL BRING YOU HEALTH, JOY, HAPPINESS And enable you to follow your occupation with comfort and pleasure SEND for a Box from any Chemist or Dealer if Patent Medicines. They are sold at Iilk, 2/9, 4¡6 DON'T be persuaded to take any Substi- tute, but see that you get the Geuuine Sort, with the TRADE T MARK, shape of a Heart on a Red Label, on each Box, or send direct enclosing 1/3, 2 11 or 4 9 to the Maker, JACOB HUGHES. Manufacturing Chemist, Peaftrh who willluail them by return p .10 q 69 i; I el I&