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THE CAFE FOR WEDDING CHKES TRY WARNER'S HOME MADE BREAD v W. G. WARNER, Cc>o 1a);JrJld c Jnl.:rteeiö:R1l:It,, I be '>1tJ1:9 ]l;8JJ=c T -< • NEAYB'S aiHEATEH FflRlNE BREAD. THE BREAD' OF THE FUTURE! delicious, STutritious, and MigMy digestive. Sir CHAS. A. CAMERON, M-D. (Cambridge), F.B.C.S.I» M.B.O.FL, FXO,, Professor of Chemistry, R.C.S.1-, Medical Officer of Health for Dublin; City and County Analyst, SAYS— CITY Laboratory Dublib; I have a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE of fats, especially of these found in the seeds of plants* and I consider that the large percentage of the DELICATELY FLAVOURED fats of wheat present in Messrs NEAVE and CO/S FAR I Nig adds greatly to the value of their Bread,, It is RICH also in the ALBUMINOIDS of NITROGENOUS constituents of fOefL which are INDISPENSABLE to the formation of BONE and MUSCLE. "Messrs NEAVE & CO.'S Wheaten Meal and FARINE are WELL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGESTIBLE and NUTRITIOUS aliments." SOLE AGENTS FOR PENARTH- :Jr8 4Pomro Sons9 ARCOT STREET AND PLASSEY STREET,