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rl. ..& GO TO THE J 'CHRONICLE' OFFICE For your si It is the Best and Cheapest. Hign Class Work a Speciality A Cardiff Printer says :—u The Official Programme Of the Tabernacle Baptist Fancy Fair, and the Cogan Exhibition Certificates,' issued from the Penarih Chronicle office are the neatest specimens of their kinds I have seen turned out in the district r4 Jflps SftJUH & Go., Beg to intimate that they have added to their lbusiness as Grocers and Provision Merchants, that of FAMILY BUTCHERS & GREENGROCERS, AH Qidera will receive m0:5t careful attention. NOTE ADDRESS— JJLHfll) SJU 0 £ G&03 Grocers & Provision Merchants Family Butchers, Greengrocers &c. AMERICAN HOUSE, 68, MAUGHAN STREET, PENARTH. (Opposite Pilot Hotel.) 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment PENARTH DETACHMENT. Orders—V\reek ending Saturday, 20:11 April, 1895. MONDAY—C ompany Drill S p.m.-Plain Clothes. THURSDAY—Attack formation—8 15 p.m. Drill Order. By order, (Signed) SIDNEY COLEMAN, | (Commanding Captain, j tJJ J BURNS, &c. In every house children, and even grown people, are apt to get burned, apply at once, HOMOCEA, WHICH INSTANTLY TOUCHES THE SPOT, taking away all pain, and in a very short time working a perfect cure. Sold by all chemists, Is. lj^d., and 2s. 9d., per box, by post, 1/3 and 3b. EXANO (HOMOCEA PORT) Is the strong form of Homocea made especially for deep-seated rheumatic pains-more especially of the joints, and for pains in the chest, bronchitis, &c., but it is not to be used for open wounds, sores, or delicate parts of the body. We guarantee this ointment, and in every case when purchased direct ) from us, we will refund the money if relief is not ( obtained by the purchaser. Price, 2s. 9d. per box, 3s. by post. HOMOCEA SOAP. HOMOCEA SOAP. This soap contains the valuable properties of the Homocea ointment, and is certainly a perfect toilet Soap; but as a medical soap, it is of great value, especially in the nursery, and for all who have jelicate skins. Price, 9d. and Is. 3d. a cake, or ) 26. and 3s. per box postage, 2d. and 3d. extra. All the above preparations can be had from Chemists, Druggists, &«., or direct by post from the JlomoeeaCompany, 22, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, For Perfection in Quality of DAIRY PRODUCE and High Class GROCERIES, try lr-r H. HUNTLEY, GLOUCESTER HOUSE, MAUGHAN STREET Finest Home Cured Wiltshire Bacon and Hams. Devonshire Butter AND Fhesii EGGs. "-TV E. f GAnn, R.P.G., SAIITARY PLUMBER ancl HOT WATER EIGHEER, G &.S-FJTTER, BELL-HANGER, &c., Begs to intimare to the Residents of Penarth and Neighbourhood that he has commenced Business on his own account, and respectfully solicits a share of Public Patronage; ELECTRIC AND OTHER BELLS FIXED AND REPAIRED. All work will receive personal and prompt attention, and will be executed with: Despatch and at Moderate Charges. Note Address— 48, Grove Terrace, PENARTH. EIRE WOOD! FIREWOOD 1 i BLOCKS, BUNDLES, CHOPPED j STICKS at the Penarth Firewood Supply 57, and 58, SALOP STREET, Penarth, -I Prize Drawing. The result of the Prize Drawing for the benefit of the widow of the late Ed ward Taylor, are as follows 1— 545 8 932 15- 455 2- 257 778 16- 186 3— 447 10— 488 17—1091 4— 681 .11— 502 18- 672 5—1006 12— 509 19— 355 6— 216 ] 3 156 20— 848 7—1.082 14— 131 21-1039 G. P. LUEN, Hon. Sec. PENARTH URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE above Council are prepared to received Tenders for the laying of about 150 lineal yards of 9 inch pipe sewer in Stanwell Road. Plans, Specification and Bill of quantities may he seen at this Office on and after the 22nd inst. Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersigned not later than the 29th inst. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. EDGAR 1. EVANS, A.M.I.C.E. Surveyor. 11th April, 1805. District Council Offices, Penarth PENAETH UEBAN DISTEICT COUNCIL. nPHE above Council are prepared to receive tenders for the supply and orectioii, of about 100 lineal yards of Cast and Wrought Iron Bailing for Ferry Lane and Hill Street. Plans, Specification and Bill of quantities may be seen at this office, on and after the 22nd inst. Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersigned not later than the 29th inst. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any r. EDGAR I. EVANS, A.M.I.C.E. Surveyor. I 11th April. 1895. District Council Offices, Penarth.

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Euneral of Mrs Ware,

. Opening of Penarth Pier.