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-A_¡ .t';f\:[Ä,'I\; ;IQ A 1IIi _m=- -'l'f S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS THE MEWS, GLEBE ST., PEIARTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Commuiiica'- itb Chief Offices, Cardiff ■vaastmeninBmswmasaiM&'i.MHMPimvBSISWnm*- TS ESTABLISHED 1888 :PeJt1t 8Lh. Potato &FruitStores (Anchor House) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN TrI!UIT always kept in Stock. Goods Delivered Daily to all parts of the Town. H. MATTHEWS, Proprietor _i————————— PiPa^tir'Q ORGANS, 27 stops, 22 dollar* JOOJJUJ 0 pIANos, 150 dollars, catalogue Free 0 '<miel F. Beatty, Washington, New Jersey >ATOHWORK. Patchwosk. Patchwork. Agents Wanted. Ladies, Families, and others to try our reels, containing- about 200 assorted pieces of beau- 111 prints, suitable for aprons, cushions, quilts. One nple parcel, Is 6d two, 2s 6d four, 4s 9d carriage d. Also velvets, Bilks, sating &c., o 2sd; 3, 4s 6d; four, 6s 3d.-J, BLACK, 71 Burlington eet, MANCHESTER- Z, I t As merrify As windmill saRs go round, So goes A Washing dav, Where HUDSON'S SOAP is found. ■A Fine Powlei-iii Packets, all Youttryg Poultry! BHLiPiSED WISE JETTOHi, I IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 2-Îf\. mesK, 2ft 4s 3ft 6s 4ft 8s. ( GRIiVAJilSED CORRUGATED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft, 1s 7d. 7 fMs 10d. 8 Jt, 2s Qd. Patent ROOFING FIiATS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Best, Medium. Common. Bs 5s 4s. per roll. J. PHILLIPS, & CO., Manufacturing Ironmomonger, G £ D0X$9]S. 20/. ORDERS DELIVERED. „ ,¡: "r.r. J..d: -4" -r.Øit' AN AMEI-IRICAN ORGAN IOOK FREE. Send yoitf address c.n. a ilosfc-card, and you -will receive the < finest anot most elaborate Catalogue of American Organs Pianos ever published. It j| M jjshb »— Q will show you the latest and W A If gm K| 1 < best styles, and how to W Km" /o t Satisfaction guaranteed before you pay. Write to us, mentioning this paper. You_will be more than pleased at the result, if you t do it at ones. S, carriage paid, from £ 10. References specially permitted to J. K, OSBORNE, ESQ., •532, FLEET STREET, LONDON, B.C., of whom catalogues may ho had free on application, and information obtained as to where i fc&S Organs can be seen and tested io. London, or write direct tQ CORNISH & CO;, ;WASHINGXON,JERSE^^nSliI1™OT :V'Vt THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. f ^WENTY YEAR S RESBARCH has brought to light a guaranteed Remedy for SightBladder fiS SSl™ T'! Yout l'.Lost Manhood, Weakness, Dimness of Organs Ilus PmscriS on i %1VeJ c^'U),.aints» and all Diseases of the Urinary organs, .nus Prescription is in the hands of a Minister, who will befriend any one suffering irom these enervating diseases. It has f CURED THOUSANDS. from these enervating diseases. It has f CURED THOUSANDS. Merely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. DAVID JONES, Ray Villa, Lewes,, hen the Prescription will be sent JlREE OF CHAJiQE. Najm this Per.

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