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.I Just I Look Eore) ol HA PATENT lit PRICE lS. I Hi SoidttyProprictar: |R 1 11 ST. HfiLEHS /I MANCAsny Now Fancy This! 6,000,000 BOXES YEARLY, WHICH MEANS THAT EVERY TIME THE CLOCK TICKS BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE REACHED THEIR DESTINATION. FOR HALF A CENTURY BEECHAM'S PILLS Have been globe-trotting," and have worked their way into the innermost parts. It's Well to know a Good Thing when you see it; It's Better to have a Good Thing when you can. Beecham's Pills should always be handy, and handed down to posterity as WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. Life is Too SHox*t; Then we should do our best to prolong it. Sufferers will a "trump card" to "put down." THEY "SWEEP THE DECK" of Bilious and Nervous Disorders, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Weak Stomach, Constipation, Impaired Digestion, Uncomfortable Fullness, Liver Complaint, And they Regulate the Secretions. Argraphwyd a Chyhoeddwyd dros y PERCHENOG gan DANIEL REES, yn Swyddfa'r hemld, Caernarfon.-Mehefin 2,1894,