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A site, five acres in extent, at Wrexham, has been offered free for the University College tor North Wales. A gentleman at Welshpool has kept a register ot the rainy days. He says that out of 106 consecu- tive days there were only eight on which no ram fell. A telegram received early on Monday morning states that a man, supposed to be connectea with the Phceuix Park murders, was arrested at Swansea OQ board the steamer Maggie Warranty, which lett Dublin on Thursday. „ot; Next September fro exhibitions, value 125 each, given by Mr L. Pugh Pugh, M.P., and his brothe;, the Hon Griffith Pugh Evads, Calcutta, w-11 be offered for competition to the students of th University College of Wales. k„a J In connection with the Royal Cambrian Aca- gemy of Art, a proposal to purchase » smt ,Me building for exhibition purposes at ^\andvidno meets with general favour. A subscription list has been opes el. the principal donors being Lord Windsor £ 25, and Lord Penrhyn £ 10 l°s A new stove, on the slow combustion pla ]ust been put up in Llangoed Churw11 ro g • kind liberality jf Mrs Massey and family, and few other Church friends. miners on At a mass meeting of Forest of South Saturday, it was decided to JPPea1 hourg per Wales men not to work more than eig During a south-easterly gale Samn'i of tte p;rtf oI Forth and Tay the of ■oeaumans, with cargo of iron, a tnf-aj east of CrailH.rbouf, Fifeshire, Wreck The captain, named John 1 nomas, anu one seaman bothtromPortdinorwic, were drowned. The remaining three of the ^^J^^nced that ie 4l io7agatoeo'nte»tBuckii.ghai^ tie »ame Jerney is a brother to Captain Terney, R.N., ^generafmeetfng of the members ofthe North WalScL Cattle lociety was held on Wednesday at the Penrhyn Arms Hotel, Bangor, LordHarlech Presiding Mr W. Dew, the hon. secretary, sub fitted the first proof of the herd book edited by W it was decided to close the entnesof cattle for publication in the book on the 24th Mar a Foot AND MOUTH DISEASE in, s oc. serious outbreak of foot and mou ]\ ff w where curred on Rhos-bodrig Farm Aberffraw w out of a herd of 58 head of cattle 18 have oeen attacked.. T„T TVIP NORTH WALES SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION. in committee of this association tave reaolved that the syllabus of objects for examination this^year shall be the same as that of las J nuniber of to secure the co-operation of a ■ fee schools, it is probable that theaffihationfee wj be reduced this year. Two girls and <me boy have just been added to the list of scholars on the foun THB* PROPOSED COLLEGE FOR SOUTH WALES. The Mayor of Cardiff on Saturday received a letter from Lord Carlingford to the effect that h had great pleasure in consenting to act as an ar- bitrator in conjunction with Lord u the Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education to settle the question of the position of the proposed college for South Wales, m ac- cord nee with the requests of the boroughs of Cardiff and Swansea.. LLANDAFF DIOCESE.—The Vicar-General, acting under his commission from the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, attended on Tuesday at the principal registry in Doctor's Commons, and instituted the Rev Edward Davies, M.A., to the vicarage of Gold- cliff, and also to the vicarage of Whitsox, both in the diocese of Llandaff. „ MAYORAL BANQUET AT WREXHAM. Mr Alder- man Strachan, mayor of Wrexham, gave a ban- <met on Friday night, when about eighty guests partook of his hospitality. Among those present were the Right Hon. George Osborne Morgan ji p judge Advocate-General and Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart., M.P., both of whom alluded to the altogether inadequate postal and telegraphic ac- commodation in Wrexham, and promised to do all that they can do to get a new post office erected in the town. „ NORTH WALB3 ELEMENTARY SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION.-The scholarships of £ 20 each, open to schools in Anglesey and Carnarvonshire, have been won by William Arthur Lloyd Owen, Upper Bangor, and Florence M. Ainscow, Dean-street Banfor, pupils of Mr Owen, St. Paul's Board Schools, Bangor. THE SUNDAY CLOSING ACT AND CHRISTMAS DAY. —At the Swansea Police Court on Thursday Mr Thomas Forsdike, of the ^Wind-street Stores, recently fined for keeping his house op^n on Christmas Day, attended before the stipendiary, With a surety, and entered into his own recognizances to appeal against the decision of tne learned magistrate. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMART.-At a meeting of the governors of tkis institution, on Wednesday, Mr W. 0. Griffiths, L.R.C.P., and L.R.C.S., was unanimously appointed house surgeon in the place of Mr W. Williams, resigned. Mr Griffiths has acted as locus temens for a little time. There were three other candidates. SUICIDE OF A WELSHWOMAN.—A horrible suicide was committed at Bersham, near Wrex. ham on Thursday morning, by a married woman named Pugh, wife of a labourer. At an early hour the deceased was found with a large cut across her throat, it having been done with the razor, which was lying close by. It is supposed she died almost at once, from the great loss of blood. Deceased, it is said, has been in a depressed state for some time. THE REV J. R. KILSBY JONES S SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY.-On Sunday afternoon lastthe Rev R. Kilsby Jones, of Llanwrtyd, completed hisJOth birthday. The rev. gentleman, who is weii- knowa throughout the Principality, remarkable bodily vigour, and is m perrec* possession of every faculty OB Sunday ev g he preached a special sermon on the occasion the Coagregational church, Llandrindod Wells. SCHOOL BOARD PROSECUTIONS IN ANGLESEY- On behalf of several school boards In Anglesey, Mr W. Thomas (Llangefni) has communicated With Mr Richard Davies, M.P., respecting the fees charged on summonses against parents for Neglecting to send their children to school, ihe justices at present compel school boards to pay &s on each summons before the case is heard, and in many instances a fine of only sixpence is imposea. The resu't of the correspondence with Mr K. Navies, M.P.. has been a requisition to the cleric the peace (Mr Lloyd Griffith) to summon the Magistrates the county aud the clerks ofthe school boards to a meeting at Llangefni, to discuss Matters, with the view of arriving at some decision that may be uniform throughout tne COOL BURGLARY AT OSWESTRY.—A re^r,kab^ef burglary occured at Oswestry on the night of Sunday. The scene was a small semi detached house, occupied by Mr Thomas Jones, in ParK- atreet, and on the night of the burglary Mr and Mrs Jones occupied one room, whilst the curate of the parish, the Rev W. T. Davies, who lodged at the house, occupied another of the bedrooms. The burglar attempted first to get in by a back Window, and then appears to have gone to tne front window, which must have been unfastened. After upsetting the sitting-room slightly, he m turn visited both of the occupied bedrooms with- out disturbing the occupants. He there ran- sacked the drawers, in one of which he found 9 Purse the whole of the contents of which he took With the exception of a £5 note From Mr Daviea's room he took a silver lever watch, which had been placed on the dressing tabJe, some Money, a suit of clothes, and a pair of boots, the total amount of the money he took from the bouse being between M and £ 5. A pair of the Missing trousers was subsequently found in an adjacent field, but no trace of the burglar has so *ar been discovered. T Mr H RICHARD, M.P., AND THE BURIAL LAWS.- °u Friday afternoon an influential deputation Waited upon the Home Secretary, who was accom- panied by Mr Osborne Morgan, M.P and Mr phamberlain, M.P., to urge the necessity for 'Urther amendment, and also consolidation ot tne *aiious burial laws. The deputation was intro- duced by Mr Henry Richard,M.P wno stated that comprise<j representatives of more than M"" and expressed the views of the great ol Norcomlormist*. Sir William Horcourt, I replying upon the various points set before him, Sfdnoper,™),^ more ha*m know that the state of the law was -like He thought b"th Churchmen and Di-^tuters HKe Wd h?gW to remove -Jtbi^ caused controversy over the grave. As to th- .• ground, they mustoba? existing law « portion of the community attached val.e to bnml in con- secrated ground, that sentiment should be respect- ed, and, upon the dosing of a church yard, other r ted srround should be provided. Remem- berng this, they should beansi«us to remove all I other obstacle, The objections did not applv to chapels. One building might be available to persons of all creeds. The question of fees was not a sentimental one, but vest-d interests must be respected. At Birmingham burial f.-es had been bought up, and if the method could be Revised for getting rid of fees with compensation it would be agoodtliing. Astothecontrolof church yards being transferred to persons elected by the ratepayers, that was practically disestablishment, and| ^hey Would not expect him to include that in a bill for amending the burial laws. It would be desirable to put an end to the painful, and often scandalous, friction at funerals, and the Goverment could not bemdlfferent to the subject THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER AND WELSH Mti- CATION.—The Duke of Westminster has siguified his intention of placing two scholarships—one for boys and one for girls -at the disposal of the North Wales Scholarship Association, to be competed for by children in elementary schools within the juris- diction of the association SNOWDON DISTRICT TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION.— The quarterly meeting was held at Cwm-y-?lo on Saturday, February 10th. The president (Mr T. M Jones, Llanbers), after remarking upon the apathy shown by many of the members as evidenced by the small attendance, referred in his notes io the percentage craze," the practice of keeping in H after the ordinary school hours, school attendance in the district, and the work of the association in its relation to the public Arrangements were made for the next P. T.'s Examination; on the suggestion of the chairman it was decided to give prizes to those who stood highest in the examinations in their respective years, as an incentive to them in their work. It was next resolved that a deputation, consisting of the chairman, secretary (Mr G. E. Jones, Nant p ria) and Mr J. S. Morris, Carnarvon, should wait upon the Rev E. T. Watts, H.M I., to ascertain his views with regard to several matters appertaining to the New Code. The secretary then introduced the Newcastle Purse Scheme and expressed a hope that the teachers of the district would give such a deserving cause their hearty and substantial support. As the ^district is a scattered one, several lady members were appointed as collectors, and it is ant'eipated that a goodly sum will be realized towards the Teachers' Orphan and Benevolent Funds. Im- portant communications from the executive bearing upon the Easter Conference, school attendance, &c., were then duly considered. A paper by the secretary on the "Teaching of Music" had to be postponed until the next meeting. A capital tea was provided by Mrs Roberts, Cwm-y-glo, and the remainder of the evening was spent in social enj oyment.










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