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-_u_ MACIIVNLLE, TH BOARD OF GUARDIANS, Wednesday, February 10th.—Present: Messrs M E Frances, chairman; Edward Hughes, E M Jones, Humphrey Jones, Evan Jones, Owen Owens, Edward Jon s, J Hughes, Richard Hughes, Mrs Mary Thomas, Messrs J T Jones, J Davies, David Morgan, assistant c.erk; and J Jono3, master. The House.—The Master reported that Major Bonsai, Galltylian, had sent eight rabbits for the use of the inmates, and on January 23rd entertained the children to t,i.-On the proposition of Mr Edward Hughes, a vote of thanks was accorded Major BomaJl iinr his kindness. Condolence.—The Chairman said that two members of the Board had lately sus- tained family bereavements. Mr John Edwards, vice chairman, had ;o,t his mother, and Mr Thomas Jenkins had also sustained the same affliction.—On the pro- position ot Mr E M Jones, a vote of con- dolence with both members was carried. Unruly Tranv>s.—The Master stated that five tramps had behaved in an unruly irianner in the cae-ua.1 wards. He had placed the matter in the hands of th '0 police. Three of them would be brought up at the police court later in the day. Alleged N-gect.A letter was read from a man in DyTue district complaining of the infrequent visitn paid by the Medi- cal Officer to his mother who was a pau- per and was ill.—After discussion, it was decided that the Clerk should call the Medical Offier's attention to the com- plaint. RURAL COUNCIL, Mr Edward Hughes presiding. Motors.—A resolution was adopted urging the infliction of heavier fines for reckless motoring and increased licence duties. Land Legislation.—A cirucular from the Central Land Association, of which Lord Onslow is chairman, was read and a resolution adopted requesting the Sur- veyor to give local taxation a prominent place in the legislation of 1909 with a view of relieving local rates. A Bad Road.-—Mr Griffith Williams, C'aerlloi, Fenegoee, wrote calling atten- tion to the bad state of the road leading from Melingerrig to Caerlloi.-Further consideration of the matter was deferred. Nantyreira Road.—After discussion, th? Council decided to offer a sum not exceed- ing £ 100 as their contribution towards the construction of the Nantyreira road, L/anbrynmair. Rliiwsaeson Bridg.Tlie Surveyor stated that pending an undertsanding be- tween Merioneth and Montgomery, it was necessary to make repairs of a temporary character. The framework was good, but the flooring was decayed and wanted replacing. Permission was granted the Surveyor to attend to the need at a cost not exceeding B8. A'ileg,d Encroachment.— The Surveyor reported that Mr John Evans, Brodawel, had erected a f?nce in front of one of his houses at Aberangell which was, in his opinion, an encroachment on the highway and likely to interfere with the conven- ience of the public. His attention had been called to the matter bv one of the users) of the road.—The matter was de- ferred Sanitary.—The Inspector (Mr Richard Williams) reported that a dwelling house at Cemmaes, occupied by Mr Lewis Lewis was too small for the large family now occupying it. The scullery was not pro- vided with proper flooring and was in- jurious to health. The sleetying accom- modation was inadequate. If the lower room was properly floored it could be used as a bedroom. Notice was ,3-rved on the owner, MR, Owen, Hengwrt, Dol- gelley, which had expired, but nothing had been done. The owner had once promised certain improvements, but was understood to have changed her mind and ordered the tenant to find another house. No formal notice to quit had been given, and the tenant could remain until May, 1910. He felt strongly that the Council should insist on having the necessary im- provements carried out or to have the cot- tage vacated.—The Clerk was instructed to forward a copy of the Inspector's re- port to th? owner.—Mr Francis said it Was difficult for the family to find another j house if ejected. He felt that, if the mat- ter was placed fairly before the owner, thb probability wavs that the necesisarv work would be done. THE SHO W (ADJOURNED MEETING'). The adjourned annual meeting of the Machynlleth Agricultural Society was held on Wednesday at the Vane Hall, Mi- Edward tlughes, Mataafarn, presiding. In reply to the Chairman, the Secretary (Mr Parsons) ;said the two collecting books referred to at th. previous meeting had not been returned. Writing from Hotel, Victoria, Biarittz, Lord Herbert Vane Tempest stated that he was glad to hear the meeting was adjourned to get the past and present subscribers together. He could <)iiv hope the meeting would take a harmonious turn and everything pass off favourably, in which care he would strain every nerve to ensure the success and welfare of the show.—The letter was received with cheer- ing. Mr Richard Gillart wrote regretting enforced absence from the meeting owing to the funeral of Mr Wynne, Peniarth. He had communicated the gist of the previous meeting to Lord Herbert Vane Tempest who replied that he was glad that a meeting of the past and present subscribers of the show had been con- vened. He most earnestly hoped that matters may be brought to a successful issue and that the local gentry and farmers may work shoulder to shoulder in furthering its success. Of course this could only be done with no allusions to the past and allowing the hatchet to be buried. The show has already been the source of tho greatest interest to him, and he was prepared to do everything in his power to promote its success, provided it he worked on a harmonious basis. Mr Gillart hoped that his Lordship's views would be made known to the supporters and subscribers of the show. Major Norton also wrote regretting ina- bility to attend and promising his support. Mr J J O'Sullivan also wrote regsetting absence. Major Bonsall, Galltvllan, in proposing that a. show be held this year, advocated unity and eo-operatfon amongst all in- terested. They should adow bye-gones to be bye-gones and strive togethi r to make the .show a record one. Major Taunton, in seconding the pro- position, said it was a thousand pities that any friction was allowed to develop. Now that thev re-started with a e'ean ;ate, let them do all in their power to make the show what it ought to be, one of the best in Wal:.s. (Cheers.) The motion was carried unanimously. On the proposition of Major Barry Taunton, seconded Mr R-ichaed Jones, Towyn, Lord Herbert Vane Tempest was unanimously re-elected president." Major Barry Taunton was unanimous"y e'eeted vice pr sid; nt on the proposition of Mr R T Edwa-ds, secolidod by Mr D Evans, Gwerniago. Mr Matson proposed Mr John Jones, Glanmeherin, as chairman of the Commit- tee for n"xt ye;ir. remarking tha-6 Lord Herbert Vane Tempest wa^ desirouf. of seeing a practical farmer in that position. Major rfonsal1, in said Mr Jones had all the qualifr ations nrces: ary for dischnrering the dutie. and had taken a deep interest in the show from its in- fancy. The pronm-ition adooted. On th? proposition of M" Richard Jones,,Towyn. it WJ;"1 derided to qnT-f ? vioe cha'rman of t'he Committee. Jr Kvar- Ow»ruisgo, being elected "d takinr* ■'he chnir, conducted the mct- iu £ r to Dr Dp v i smgrrested th° annoirit of a- treasurer who would briIHr out anruel h-\hrce -sheet: List N". n'1d p. acted treasurer Mr Jenkins did th" wO""{ in hi. n-i-T);i-ify or Tvsimsrer, but the Secreted for- ward the balance He rvropoped t: anointment of Mr Jenkins this year pro- vided he was willing to act. Richard Jones said the rulers were altered for certain reasons latt year and tee Bank made treasurer. He thought the arrangement worked well. The Secretary said Mr Jenkins declined io act in his personal capacity last year. Mr R Jones said that was not quite the fact. Mr Jenkins was not asked to act in his personal capacity. It was decided to continue the present arrangement with the Bank. Mr Parsons was" unanimously re-elected secretary. The following were elected to act on the General Committee :■—Messrs Richard Gillart, Hugh Jones, Henry Lewis, J Matson, John Evans, and Dr A 0 Davies, Machynlleth M sstts J H Evans, R H Buck worth, Isygarreg; J Jones (Dol-^u) R T Edwards, F M Campbell, Uwchvgar- reg; Major Bonsall, Mr Hughes and l\1r Lewis, Penegoes Messrs M E Francis and Colonel Norton, Cemmaes; MJSSOJ Jervis and L Pugh, Llanbsynmair; Mi Pugh, Abtrgwydol, and Dr Edwards, Darowen Mr Evtans, Aberffryd an: Mr E Hughes, Mathafarn Messrs C R Kenvon, ° Mr r Parry, Pen llyn Richard Jones,' Towvn I Henry Evans, Escusn Dr James. Richard Jones, Ynyshir: Mr Williams, Tynll ech- wedd; Mr John Jone-F, Dolfonddu; and Major Walton. Mr Richard Jones remarked that the rule alloting seats on the Working Com- mittee to men representing different dis- tricts had worked very satisfactorily. It WélS decided to hold the show on August 25th this year in order to obviate o^shincr with Llanilar show, providing the date will suit the President It was further decided not to compile a further list of patrons this yar. 8mW1

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