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DREADFUL ACCIDENT AT THE POLYTECHNIC.—On Monday nisht, at the R iyal Polytechnic Institution, about half-past 10, just before the closing of the estab- lishment, one of the main circular staircases leading from the hall to the exhibition gave way. and ail who were on it fell into the space below. (he little girl named Mary Pike, aged 8 years, was killed, and about 50 persons were more or less injured. The staircase was thronged with the last portion of the audience, and gave way with a tremendous crash, amid a terrific cloud of dust and dirt, precipitating itself with a number of people on to an under circular or duplicate staircase of similar construction, leading to the well-known lower theatre. The sufferers were hurled from a height of some thirty feet, one upon ano'her, to the basenTent of the hall below, covered with stone and masses of debris. On being released by the officers of the establishment, and the police, who were clleJ. to assist, they were immediately cunveyed in cabs to the Middlesex Hos. pital. fhe staircases, which have two spiral flights from a centre, had been worn away by the continued traffic of years, and had been recentlycased over with an iron lattice-woik on the s irtace from top to bottom, with the supposed object of strengthening them but it is thought, from an inspection of the material, that the masons, in interweaving this iron lattice-wurk all over the steps, inconsiderably cut too deep into the stone, and that it is to this excessive incision that the calamity is owing. On Boxing-day, 5000 persons passed in and out of the Polytechnic over the same flight of steps without accident. EXECUTION AT LIVERPOOL.-At noon on Saturday, Henry Reid, aged 38, was executed outside Kirkdalegaol for strangling his wife, -usannah Reid, at Manchester, on the 23rd September. The unhappy man had passed the period since his sentence in calm and reflective quiet awaiting his fate with resignation, and not buoyed up with the hope of mercy. Mr. Superintendent Ride, with about 150 police-officers were ea ly on the ground. Cal. craft arrived at the gaol in the forenoon. At a quarter to twelve the crowd had vastly increased, the number on the ground at this time being about 3,000 persons who concentrated themselves more comfortably in front of tbe drop. The iron doors leading to the scaffold were opened at ten minutes to twelve o'clock -a circumstance which instantly hushed the low murmuring noise that run through the multitude, and a painful silence prevailed Th»t silence continued until twelve o'clock, when Calcrafi The expnit ma(fe their appearance upon Se scaffofd executioner was dressed in black He held the rot>e n one baud and the white cap in the other. Reid was florid in the face, but appeared to maintain his firmness. Cdlcraft placed the cap over the culprit's head, adjusted the rope, shook hands with the prisoner, stepped back and drew the fatal bolt. Immediately on suspension the back of the culprit turned round to the crowd and re- mained in that position. The sufferings of the poor wretch appeared to oB inters. His arm, shoulders, neck and head moved convulsively for the space of three or four minutes, and several porsons of the crowd audibly com- plained of what they considered to be the unskilful manner in which the rope had been adjusted Reid died without having made a confession. Thus practically asserting his innocence to the last. He had been eight times previously convicted-six times summarily, and twice at the Sessions.




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