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— TOWN-HALL NEWPORT.—SATURDAY. COUNTY POLICE. [Before T. GUATKEX and G. LIOXIFUAY Esqrs.] RIDING WITHOUT REINS.—George Darrden and Wni, Williams were charge'! with having ridden on then waggon drawn by two horsed with no one to guide them in the parish of Lani/stune, on the 22nd ult. The Ruv. J. C. Lindsay proved the offence, and said the horses were going at a furious rate. The witness was driving to Llaavaches, and defendant's horse was swerving from one side of the road to the other, the carriage came into contact with it, thus injuring it sligtttly. They refused to give their names. Defendants pleaded guilty, but one of them said he offered to beg Mr. Lindsay's pardon. The Bench inflicted a fine of 10s. and costs upon each. ASSAULTING A POLICE UFFICER.-Thomas J limes was charged with having assaulted P.C. Hopkins while in the execution of his duty on the 20th of December last at Magor. William Hopkins said On December 20.h I was called into the Wheatsheaf, at Magor, to put out the defendant, I asked bim three times to go out. lie said he would not. I then ut him cut, and whilst the door was being opened he struck me. He was the worse for drink. He afterwards s'.ruck me twice on the road. He said "You -rook you tiieu to strangle me—it's only a catch case." By defendant: I did not catch you by the throat, nor take y 1\1 by the handkerchief. I did not receive any injury. Thomas Thoiuus corroborated the officer's evidence. The Bench said that the case had been fu ly born out by evidence, and it was their duty to protect officers while in the exercise of their duty. Fined 20s. and costs— £ 2 3s. 61., or twenty-one days' imprisonment. ASSAULTING THE POLICE. — William Bimett was oharged with being drunk a) d disorderly at Christchurch on the 30th of December, and with assaulting P.C. Rfes. He was very disorderly, and on being ordered home bv the officer, lie became abusive and pushed his fist in bis face. He was dismissed on payment of costs. CHRISTMAS AMUSEMENTS.—Isaac Williams and Charles Travers were charged, with three others, who did not appear, with riotously fighting and hreakirg the peace, on Christmas day, at Risca. PC. Hawkius proved the offence. There were about fifteen pet sons fighting in the street at one o'clock in the morning. Bound over to keep the peace for three months, and to pay 8s. 6d. each costs. Thomas RYII1 was charged by P.C. Trewartha with leaving his horses and cart laden with coal in the turn- pike-ruad, at such a distance as to have no control over them. Dismissed on payment of costs, 7s. 61. TRESPASSING IN PURSUIT OF GAME. William M organ Reece was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game in the preserves of the Rev. Augustus Morgan, at Machen, on the 22nd ult. Defendant pleaded guilty. Isaac Matthews, servant to Reece, was also charged with the like offence. The Rev. Agustus Morgan said that Matthews was deserving of the leniency of the Bench, inasmuch as he had acted under the directiou of his master. He had two elderly parents, his father was nearly blind, and he would not have committed the offence had he not acted under the direction of his master. He was also further charged with a like offence on the 24th December. In this case Mr. Morgan said that the lad's master had ac- cused him of robbing the lad of the gun, and using vio- lence, but this he denied. Mr. Morgan then detailed the circumstances of the case, from which it appeared he had been to examine some houses in the neighbourhood, when he caught the defendant with the gun. He asked the Bench to forgive him, as he was an industrious lad, and be hoped they would allow him to return—not as a convicted poacher—to his parents, and thus prevent the disgrace aad misery which must ensue if convicted. If the Bench would grant him this favour he would be ex- tremely obliged. The Bench, to defendant: After the strong recommendation and good feeling exhibited to- wards you by the gentleman who has spoken on your behalf we will discharge you, and we hope it will have a good effect upon your mind, and teach you to conduct yourself in a proper manner. Y^u have to thank Mr. Morgan for the manner in which he has expressed him- self, and we hope you will become an altered man, and not do wrong at the suggestion of any one. The gun was then produced, and Mr. Morgan told the defendant he would give him 30s., the price he paid for it, an keep it, telling him at the same time that he had no de- sire to injure him. Defendant was then discharged. Mr. Charles Lvne then said he wished to address a few remarks to the Bench in reference to the defendant Reece. He said, as agent to -Mi. Herbert, of Llanarth (on whose property the offences were committed), he need not tell them of the difficulty of protecting the land at a distance. There had been a considerable amount of trespass from time to time. The Rev. Augustus Mor- had the exclusive right of shooting and preserving game on the property. Proper notices had been put up in reference thereto. He believed a great deal of the in- juries done to the woods had been done through the in- strumentality of Ree:e. His reason for obtruding these remarks was to ask the Bench to deal rigorously with Reece. He said nothing about Matthews- although he thought he ought not to be let off—as Mr. Morgan had kindly asked him to be dismissed, but he would ask them I to deal rigorously with Reece. The defendant replied that he never was on that pro |erty before. Mr. Gratrex told defendant that Mr. Mor- gan had the exclusive right of shooting over those lands, { and defendant must bo aware that in such a case he (defendant) had nc right to shoot rabbits even on his r own lands. It was very grievous to see a respectable a man brought up for thus annoying his neighbours and j bringing another person into trouble which might have been his ruin. Tie (.Mr. Grairex) thought if a man once j took to poaching, and could not take game, he »nu, take Something else, and it led to idleness drm^kennes^ t and no man calling hiniseif respectable i-hou,d b„ gi.ilt} Of such a thin^. Ti<e Bench- would inflict the highest penally the law permitted, and be hoped that it would be a warning to him. Fined 40s. and cos-,s.— £ 2 8s. -)1- ] ANOTHER TRESPASS.— J.s-ph Lepscombe was charged ] with being on the lands of William I homos, Mnchen, in search of conies on the 24th of December. Moses Thomas said on the d,y mentio ,»d be saw thre-- person. on the land ferretting. He ran after them a' a; pre- hendtd them. Prisoner was one of them. or four raboits in b is pocke. A. :\J O. > said round the ."uj but kept a :'erret. The W;1S continually i&feWi'; i. <«, ti r* • «*•iL »• Tro,? ready to give rabbits to any one who would a?* for them, Se Lad given no fewer than 1,000 rabbUs l«s season, and if defendant or any one else had asked him t o b a* lowed to ferret on the lands he would give them the b^ 'were glad to bear sueh k:f1d expressions on the part uf Mr. Morgan, but at ti.,e saii)e tinle they felt it to be their du'y to put a stop to thesj ounces. j fore fine defendant £ 2 including costs. MONDAY. [Magistrates present-HENRV SHEPPAUD Esq., Mayor, L Alderman EVANS, and L. A. HOM^Y, H-Q.] Charles Stock was charge d with fighting an g order'T on Wrfn«d., night l»«t. C.« ANNOYING FOOT-PASSENGERS. — John Jon.s was rhar^ed with being drunk and annoying persons in the streets on Sunday evening last. The Superintendent lid he saw defendant in Commercial-street, very drunk, tumMine against persons. He went into two or three ^ofons but was turned out, and ultimately went into IJ '.fields, and exposed himself. He had been >eg- j thp dav. The Superintendent took him g!ng dui• .g D f dant denied being drunk, and said ke came from S°w-hill, Pontypool. Committed for Beveuuaj- INCAPABLE.—J osepii uomt.y was £ DRUNK k and incapable on Sunday morn- charged with bang e gup(;r;Dtendent said ing, at half-past wo o ci.c^ h.(iisfc]f Me,Wa_ he was so drunk that r -,lirtobed. Defendant said bank and thought be was g geven duy3. impii. he was "numbed with onmsnt at Usk. (-barged with stealing a FELONY. —Robert WQIIAMS, landlord of ghawl, the property of Defendant, who is frefru"! was wleUed0at t^ho'sein Ja^aid loathe »»i £ £ • K The landlady insisted upon seeing wha be ha<J upon Lim, whereupon the produced the shawl. Harlow was sent for to appreheod the prisoner, who was very violent. to 23 imprison- J^OES-Pat. hk W-Uh, <0i«. ■»' moned Captain Hempfleteogel, a Prussnn for 17s. wages due for services rendered in selling vvood &c. "Rpnch had no jurisdiction, and dismissed the cas TWAULT — Mathew Tcomey was charged with assauk- Djj. i srsu aPE"Seth Morton, Sarah Hughes, William Hughes and Patrick Riley, were remanded until Fnuay, on Jolm0I>aa"was°summoned°lby John Elliott for an Jonn A-a M» due for thirteen days labour, at £ T« auted that Ellbtt b»d *ork«d .W.J S»« UJ ""d l,i° 5l' per day. He coatended that was due to Tbi The Magistrates'ad vised defendant to settle the ■/hi naying plaintiff os., or at tue rate of 3s. a- dupu.e y P y Settled accordingly. day, without cost charged with stealing ftom Ih. Ewins, jun. Mr. Ewins did not press the charge, and the Bench discharged the prisoner with a caution. Thomas Jones was summoned for wagesduet.) Edward Williams. The defendant did not appear, and the service of the summons not being proved, the hearing of the case was adjourned until Friday.









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